GMate: Turn your iPod Touch to an iPhone

Yup, that’s true. You can even turn your iPhone 4 to a dual-SIM phone too. Got this GMate by SkyRoam the other month but since my 4G iPod Touch and iPad2 have not been jailbroken, I wasn’t able to use it.

Since yesterday’s release of the jailbreak for iOS 5, I’ve been using the GMate with my iPod Touch 4G.

What GMate does is provide cellular functionality to an iPod Touch, iPad or even the iPhone. The cellular service includes phone calls, SMS and mobile internet (just EDGE though).

The GMate connects to the iDevices via Bluetooth, has it’s own internal battery which lasts about a day and a regular SIM card slot. The device charges via a micro-USB port.

Once your device is jailbroken, you will need to add the GMate App and connect both devices via Bluetooth. You then tuck away the GMate in your pocket or backpack while using the cellular functions. The device will still work fine even if you’re 10 feet away from it.

If you don’t any other Apple products, you can still use the GMate with an Android device (same principle and similar Android app is used).

This is great when you have a spare SIM you want to use but don’t have a spare phone. I’m thinking of using this during my 2 week seminar in Germany this March. I’d buy a local SIM, insert it on the GMate, accept SMS from my Globe number on the iPhone and send SMS via the GMate. Should be less expensive in the long run.

When used on an iPhone or an Android phone, the GMate’s cellular functions are attached to the app. That means the app needs to run in the background all the time and uses a separate contact list you need to populate (it can import SIM card contact numbers though).

My only issue with the GMate is that it only supports GPRS and EDGE mobile internet connection so using a data SIM with it will be impractical and slow.

Could be more attractive to people who have or can only afford an iPod Touch but not an iPhone. The dual-SIM function for the iPhone 4 and 3GS also makes it a worthy buy.

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  1. Hi Abe!

    I hope your still checking in on this blog!

    I have one question :

    If my Gmate has been used for an iPhone, do I need to reprogram it to work with my Ipod Touch 4?

    Please please holla back . (:

  2. hello. may i ask how much does this gmate cost? and do i need to jailbreak my device for this? thank you :)

  3. Does gmate work on itouch 5. ?thank you and can this be a permanent attachment to the itouch for it to serve as a phone?

  4. Lon Lyhong

    I have problem with Gmate, is can’t refill balance, it’s unknown my balance code, how can i refill it? i use it with my Ipad4

  5. how much will it cost if i turn a ipod into a phone?

  6. joaquin torres

    hi there.
    idk if this is already been raised, but i want to know if i can use my data on gmate?if so, can you provide a step by step guide?

    thanks so much.

  7. utkarsh ladhani

    the latest gmate sim device full name and its generation

  8. my i ask when i using gmate to my iphone4…when they calling they cannot hear my voice buy i can hear them?voice record to my iphone is working…who can help me about this prob….

    • Yes i have the same probem!!!! it isnt work when someone calls u!! give us an solution for this we pay for your produucts!!!!

  9. Is there any os upgrade of Gmate. They cannot hear me when I’m calling.

  10. Gino Punsalan

    This product is discontinued and no longer supported. Gmate is now offering Global roaming service with its product. It is just like a mifi now.

    My Gmate is now a paper weight. My new iOS doesn’t support it.

  11. I have a problem in terms of calls, when I tried calling someone, they can hear my voice but I can’t hear them. Is there any solution about that? I’m using Iphone4 Verizon


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