Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes official!

Samsung has finally revealed its new smartphone — the Samsung Galaxy S3. The official unveiling was done here at Earl’s Court in London.

The handset not only packs a better hardware than the Galaxy S2 but it also comes with a lot of software features in it — including face and voice recognition, eye-tracking, behavior-tracking and a lot more.

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 specs:
4.8-inch Super HD AMOLED screen @ 1280×720 pixels (306ppi)
1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4 Quad processor
16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage
HSPA+ up to 21Mbps
8MP rear camera with LED flash
1080p @ 30fps video recording
1.9MP front-facing camera with HD video recording
Bluetooth 4.0
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with WiFi Bonding
2,100mAh Li-Ion battery
Android 4.0 ICS with TouchWiz

There’s an option for a wireless charging dock which is really cool.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S3 in Europe on May 29, 2012 long with several other countries in South East Asia. The handset will be available in blue and white colors.

Check out our first impression review here.

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  1. girlaloo

    OMG, I’ll be paying Php 20++ para sa mukhang China Phone?!

  2. chris

    I’m greatly disappointed with the design and the screen technology.

  3. TechnoPuppy

    Yuck! super amoled nga, pentile naman. at hindi ceramic, talagang pure plastic lang. ang pangit pa ng home button.

    • vinvin

      You will not see the difference between pentile and RGB unless you have a microscopic eye. It’s not plastic, it is polycarbonate plastic. Stop boasting around without knowing some facts.

    • dTech

      Panget talga pag min lang ang brightness, greenish ang screen, like yung motorola Droid Rzr. Kailangan imaximize ang brightness.

  4. U G L Y .

  5. kraft

    Ugly design. Mediocre camera. Pentile screen. Quad core nga pero for sure laggy pa rin. Hindi kagaya ng ibang OS na buttery smooth sa single core.

    • agree, i was waiting para sa phone na to pamalit nang lumang phone ko, pero the 8mp camera, and pentile screen na kita daw ang pixels sa malapitan as per other websites. for me ayun pa naman ang talagang tinitignan ko sa phone. this turned me off, guess i need to see it personally na lang to appreciate.. kainis sana ginawang 12mp yung camera at ginandahan yung screen. pero kung ka price siguro to nang xperia s or mas mura pa. then i have to reconsider..

    • vinvin

      another brainless man who doesn’t know anything about screens, cameras and processors.

    • whats wrong of wanting to have the best possible tech out there? ndi naman ito barya barya lang eh, kung magbabayad ka at bibili nang phone, why not go for the best possible tech, yung bang for the buck? you want the best for your hard earned cash right?? now tell me it didn’t make sense?

  6. nakakatawa naman mga comment dito! kng makapagsalita parang alam ang sinasabi! sabihin nyo, wala kayong pera! o ayaw nyo lang maapawan unit nyo! magpakakatoo kayo hoy!

    • hahaha! agree!! tama ka dyan. yung iba naman hindi pa nga nahawakan yung phone, kung mkpag comment..wagas! hehe

  7. donskie

    Yes its true… S3 is quite a disappointment, since ang S2 is a very good phone I am thinking that they would bring it a notch higher. I think they made this design to get rid sa patent law suit ng apple, kasi sabi ng apple ginagaya ng samsung ang kanilang design.. pati na ang home button so maybe this is their way of evading the patent lawsuit but they did not make a good job… and right on dapat sa mga designer ng samsung mag aral muna ng mga bagong design… this will not be a flop production as what others are predicting but i think it will not be as well received as s2… what do you think?

    • donskie donkey

      Ayun oh! Kung makapagcomment akala mo kung sinong napakagaling sa design ng cellphone. Why not make your own design and propose it to samsung. Magaling ka eh.

  8. Janice

    Super excited ako sa paglabas nitong phone na to. one thing thats really good about having a “plastic” phone that others don’t realize is that kahit plan bases mo mabagsak to di nasisira. touch ko may case na nabagsak lang isang bases wasak buong screen. sg2 ko walang case plan bases na nahagis ng baby ko walang scratch pa din. oo plastic but durable.

  9. In overall specifications. I would say SONY XPERIA S pa rin ,kasi i had saw many videos na talo nya ang HTC one X sa browser speed renedering, I dont know why,because one x is quad then the XS is dual core. Tingnan ninyo sa youtube HTC one X vs Xperia s.

    • lol, outdated na yan, tapos gingerbread parrin, how pathetic,…

    • devilmark

      yan ang pangit sa android e.. pag may new mobile unit na-oout dated ung old unit mo.. need mo bumili ng bago if gus2 mo mkuha new features nung Android OS.. unlike sa iOS kht 3Gs lng gmit mo up-to-date ang Phone mo.. hahah.. u can play all the games u want kht mga new games n pang vr.5.0 gmagana pa sa 3GS.. i got S2 b4. ung ibang games laggy masyado. and hnd compatible sa ibang android phones. kht same vr ng OS.. yup durable ang samsung kc plastic.. hahaha.. un lng advantage nya pra s akin.. now im satisfy for my 4s(jailbreak) many apps many games.. themes.. and madali itago sa bulsa… hahah.

  10. asdlfklfj

    maganda nga ang plastic casing e..para pag nahulog, soft ang impact.. and ang polycarbonate(kung saan gawa ‘tong s3), nagagasgasan, PERO hnd nababasag..

  11. asdlfklfd

    tsaka bakit kelangan mo pa ng higher megapixel?..research mo nga pls ung megapixel myth, para maliwanagan ka.. bobo ka e!!

  12. asdlfklfd

    tsaka bakit kelangan mo pa ng higher megapixel?..research mo nga pls ung megapixel myth, para maliwanagan ka..

  13. asdlfklfd

    kahit janitor lang ako, bibili pa rin ako nito…

  14. asdlfklfd

    at ibibili ko pa ung kapitbahay ko…

  15. finally launched… hope soon ‘ll come in Pakistan

  16. Anonymous

    what is the estimated price range of this phone?
    and dun sa last picture iz that screen see thru?
    oh and hindi naman sya mukang china phone ah …
    galing niyo naman makapag sabi ng mukang china phone,halatang halatang gumagamit kayo ng china phone eh :)

  17. still love my s2… (wala na kasi pambili ng s3.. hahaha)

  18. xaeron

    still the best phone in the market… i but to set of unit one for me and my baby XD… i am excited for the release of this android phone on may 29!

  19. luvmytoys

    Migrating to a smart phone (finally) and was waiting with the idea of getting the S3, but I finally settled with my 1st love, SGN :) It may be a bit bulkier (hands-free needed) but the screen and the speed is not bad.

    Correction the S3 works on ICS not GB. The older models can be upgraded to ICS but there’s a technique to back up apps first before reboot.

    I think the S3 price is not as high as when SGN was launched. S3 is already out in Manila, isn’t it?

  20. Fazi Khan

    ’m greatly disappointed with the design and the screen technology….Mobile Price in pakistan


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