DepEd allegedly bought Pentium 4 PCs for PHP400,000 each

During the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Department of Education (DepEd) had malicious over-priced deals with its suppliers. What caught our attention are the supplied PCs that cost PHP400,000 each unit for an obsolete configuration.

According to the exclusive report of News5, three suppliers of books and PCs had dealings with DepEd officials that expect million peso kickbacks from these overpriced supplies. Books are priced around PHP200-PHP300 but actually they should only cost around a hundred. Now the more surprising part, Pentium 4 PCs with Windows 98 are priced at staggering PHP400,000/unit.

Here is the PC configuration:
1.8Ghz Intel Pentium 4
1.44 Floppy Disk Drive
52x CD-ROM Drive
56 kbps internal modem
GeForce 4 w/ 128MB DDR
Windows 98 SE

A 21″ CRT monitor is also included plus other accessories like keyboard, mouse, microphone, speakers, and AVR. Well it’s a complete PC set but not for almost half-million even during the 2008-2010 era.

If we are to put it in today’s setting, PHP400,000 can give you four 27″ iMacs, three top-of-the-line gaming notebooks, two 6-core with dual GPU Mac Pro, or even a decent automobile. What would you rather have for education with PHP400,000?


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  1. aileen

    Grabe na talaga ang korapsyon sa bansa natin .. kung sino pa sana ang aasahan ntin sya pang gumagawa ng kalokohan .. dapat sa government ntin totally palitan lahat at mas tindihan ang parusa sa graft and corruption dahil milyong tao ang ninanakawan nila at wala dapat special treatment .. kawawa na talaga lalo ang mga Pilipino at mas kawawa ang bansa natin dahil mas pipiliin n umales n lng dahil sa mga anomalyang ganto

  2. Mark Isidro

    With 400,000 you can have 16 units of i3 computers with 8gb of ram, monitor, and other peripherals. I3 processor is like equivalent the processing power of four Pentium 4 processors, so imagine how much electricity you can save with modern components. It’s really sad to know about this news. Instead of going forward, our government officials are buying old technology which makes are progress go slower.

  3. Sa corrupt government natin hindi na yan bago sa publiko. Pero sana lang bumili sila (mga korakot) ng medyo hindi halata na specs. Garapalan moves na to haha. Nasobrahan na kasi sila na kahit wala silang alam sa specs2x na yan kinukurakot pa rin kaya ayan medyo busted sila (mga korakot sa gobyerno including politicians if involved). Whistle blower would be whistle blower at hanggang diyan lang sila maging sa mga kurakot at hanggang walang mas magandang systema at mabuting gobyerno, mananatiling engot ang bansa natin. Matagal ng kawawa ang pinoy, sana lang wag nila pananatilihing kawawa.

  4. nakakabwisit talaga gobyerno natin. mababaqasan pa sana galit natin kung high end specs ang binili, eh tangina sinagad talaga pagkaganid win98 pa ung binili.bwisit talaga.

  5. Benjamin V. Espina

    kaya ba battlefield 4 dito? wahaaha

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