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Apple iPad officially released in the Philippines

Apple today officially released the iPad in the Philippines. The Apple Philippines Online Store are now selling them, starting at Php23,990 for the entry-level WiFi model.

You should see units on display on local Apple Resellers as well with the same pricing as the online store (Apple’s very strict about pricing).

However, if you’re looking to get some educational discounts, the iCampus Store in Ateneo offers them a bit lower.

If you order them online, it will take 3 to 5 days shipping. However, you also have the option to have it laser-engraved thru that channel.

We did a little survey here asking readers if the local release of the iPad in the Philippines was a good timing. It’s probably one of the “most delayed” Apple device to officially hit the country from the time it’s announced (the iPhone 4 even beat it to the line).

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31 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    > the iPhone 4 even beat it to the line


  2. Karl Mac says:

    I wonder how much it would cost in the black market considering they made a killing when it is not yet officially available.

  3. ilovedigitalhub says:

    philmug members can get the 16GB wifi only iPad for only 22K at digital hub branches. now that’s a bargain if i ever saw one!

  4. islacom pilipinas win na win says:

    I think even though the release of the Apple iPad (Official Apple or Mac Stores) is very late by 9months, this is still a good sign, because the 2nd Gen iPad might be release here the same months as it was released at HongKong and Singapore. I only do hope that the Retail Market for those future iDevices won’t be far off from the Singapore and Hong Kong Apple Store Prices Online.

    With that said. It could be a good choice now to wait for the release of the Next iPad if it will be around June, July or August 2011, same with Previous Official release at Singapore and Hong Kong this 2010.

    Let’s cross our fingers for all the good things to happen soon with the Local Apple Stores here.

  5. Edwin Arceo says:

    I am one who were patiently waiting for it be officially be available here. Last week I took the plunge and I asked my sister to buy me one in the US. The combo I asked will cost me $667 and is cheaper by more than 2000 pesos at current rates. But then, Apple launched today. Bugger.

  6. Jeff says:

    its probably smarter to just wait for the 2nd generation iPad (April 2011)with improved features, specs and hopefully better prices

  7. mr. bogus says:

    @jeff: correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. talakero says:

    @jeff: correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – mr.bogus

    hmmmm correct if i am right or wrong sa pagkaintindi ko….. so you mean bibili ka din ng 2nd generation APPLE iPad?

    kewl! so magiging convert ka rin pala eventually. ngayon palang wine-welcome na kita to the APPLE fan club :-) i am sooooooo happy for you :-)

  9. dr baba mirwani says:

    looking iphone 64 gb for singaqp-ore use without sin lock for export 100 pcs please call me 65-67438236.Thank you
    regards Dr. Baba Mirwani

  10. Ian says:

    Just wait for the 2nd gen iPad. Same price at 32GB.

  11. Andre says:

    how long do you think it will take for the iPAD2 to launch in the Philippines? maybe another year and then there will be an iPAD 3 coming :)

  12. Opiumopinion says:

    I don’t really understand the idea of waiting for the iPad2 rather than buying right now. If the iPad2 will be release sa State ng april, then we will have the official iPad2 by last quarter of 2011. By then rumors of iPad3 will be hovering the tech world, then the waiting game for some will start again. Buy the iPad now, then buy iPad2 once it is released. People who keep on waiting for the upgrades are just rationalizing for inability to satsify their wants.

  13. nimo23 says:

    Hey guys, whats the difference bet iPad 1 & iPad2?

    PageRage.com ask apology due to sucking Facebook themes in Response to Bennix Computer Tips post :

  14. fr0stbyte says:

    Rich dicks rants again. Wew.

  15. mr. bogus says:

    @talakero: sige talak lang…

  16. talakero says:

    @mr.bogus, nahawa na ako sa ginagawa mo :)

  17. Jeff says:

    I’m kinda disappointed with iPad. Well this is expected because this are the first versions of iPads. It’s laso a bit pricy pa.

  18. jumblebee says:

    no flash, bummer. =(

  19. leadpack says:

    those waiting for the next version. are the same people who wating for the last version.. by the time new one comes out, they’ll wait for the next next one.. good idea.. let it stay that way.

  20. leadpack says:

    As they saying goes. “there is no price cheap enough for people who cant afford and no price high enough rich people cannot afford”. so while one is always ranting and waiting for the next version, the other one is enjoying his ipad 1.0 to the max! try the demo in the stores. it might just quench some of the thirst while waiting..

  21. Silverlokk says:

    Judge for yourself: A Huawei E5 pocket mifi (reviewed here, at http://www.yugatech.com/blog/daily-dose/huawei-e5-%E2%80%9Cpocket-mifi%E2%80%9D-review/) is less than P6,000 whereas the diff between the WiFi and the WiFi+3G is P7,000. A separate 3G access may be a disadvantage but one I for one am willing to live with.

  22. silverlokk says:

    Sorry, I meant a separate 3G access *device*…

  23. Jetti says:

    How Much Do I buy because the iPad. +639273780818 Text me out, Where to buy in Manila

  24. adam says:

    Just in case you want to buy ipad china made. Try to check this out Ipad China Dual Core looks cool but I’m a bit brand conscious so I’m not going to buy for myself.

  25. mimi bartolay says:

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    12 units of apple ipad 32gb 3g. i would appreciate
    if you offer me a good price. I would like to have a
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