Apple Patents "Active Stylus", Possible Future iPen

Apple Patents “Active Stylus”, Possible Future iPen

When the iPhone was first introduced, Steve Jobs rejected the idea of a stylus. Digital devices were said to be designed for the touch. However, the present Apple seems to be thinking of bringing it back by patenting the Active Stylus.

According to Patently Apple:

Unlike conventional styluses which work passively by blocking electric field lines between the drive and sense electrodes of a capacitive touch sensor panel, the styluses disclosed in this patent filing can either act as a drive electrode to create an electric field between the drive electrode and the sense lines of a mutual capacitive touch sensor panel, or as a sense electrode for sensing capacitively coupled signals from one or more stimulated drive rows and columns of the touch sensor panel or both.

This patent, when released as a final product, will improve responsiveness while using a stylus. However, it’s hard to imagine using a stylus on an iOS device.



If this patent is not really for production purposes, it could be that it was only made to improve their patent portfolio – after all, Samsung has their very successful Note line that features the S-Pen, and you know what could spawn from this.

This is not the first time Apple took back its words. The company once said that smaller tablets won’t compete well, and yet here we are with the iPad Mini.


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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64 Responses

  1. Mica says:

    How is this “revolutionary” haha I can’t wait to see how they would market this!

    • mico says:

      they are counting on the stupidity of man. which is about 90% of the population.

    • frhw says:

      Stupid? before pa lumabas ang iPad stupid na ang mga tao na mahilig bumili ng cellphone na super mahal eh call and text lang naman mostly ang features na nagagamit.Buti pa ang iPad really useful I use it everyday halos ayaw ko ng gamitin ang laptop ko.

    • Jojo says:

      @FHRW: Pen ang usapan dito wala paki ang IPAD mo

  2. thecorrescode says:

    There you have it iSheeps, Apple being a patent troll.

  3. unggoy says:

    pati inidoro pa-patent nila.

  4. johnonli e says:

    Apple’s golden age ended when steve jobs died. Innovation is a thing of the past… Nangongopya na lang sila at dinadaan sa technicalities ang lahat.. Apple fantards are so gonna hype this, not as original, but better daw, for the lack of logical arguments. :-)

  5. Mr. Curious says:

    is it really that pointy? like a ball-tip point ballpen?

  6. ChrisP says:

    Apple is trying to catch up.
    3.5″ to 4″ iPhone screen. Then a smaller iPad to compete with 7″ Android tablets.
    And now the stylus.

  7. talak! says:

    as expected, naggers attack! hahaha

    sige talak lang ng talak!

  8. muntanga says:

    ewan, kaya never akong bumili ng idevice, hirap na nga sa files, kasi kailangan pa ng itunes, bapti buetooth transfer kailangan daw idevice to idevice lang. edi kayo kayo nalang. isa lang gusto kong may tatak ng apple, yung lighter ko, kasi useful, nakakasindi ng idevice.

  9. Zayne says:

    its just sad that the people that call iOS People iSheep and etc… are just looking for fights……..

    Correct what i said… People that gives a badname to the iOS Community are just fucktards that are looking for a fight or simply wants to get noticed

    Going Back to the topic Yes Apple Has patented it First of all its just a patent No one knows if apple will produce this just like apple filed a patent for a projector that light bounces off the wall and emits the image directly into our eyes to produce a 3 Dimensional Image. And Yes Apple Has Sued Samsung and Samsung Has Sued Apple using each others patents dont other tech companies do the difference with other companies is Samsung and Apple are right now the star of the show just like when everyone blamed apple for foxconn undesirable events but its not just apple several companies use Foxconn to Manufacture their products (Went a little of topic there).

    BTW Apple IS Doing their best to innovate just like Samsung and other companies And dont say that because Steve Jobs is Gone Apple Stopped they are trying the best they can same with samsung and LG and sharp with their Low Power IGZO Display

    Just a reminder These patents are not 100% going in the market or will be available to consumers any time soon

    • Name: says:

      bet you are using ios…

    • what says:

      that’s the longest sentence i’ve read so far.

    • Zayne says:

      I used my Laptop -__-

    • La+ says:

      You don’t criticize people for name-calling and retort by name-calling. It’s HYPOCRISY, a step towards IDOICRACY.

    • frhw says:

      sa totoo lang gaya gaya lang ang iba sa apple, before iPad marami ng lumabas na pocket pc, digital assistant but hindi nagclick, ng lumabas ang iPad bigla na lang dumami ang tablet sa market at yong iba halos same ang design.
      Bakit ba yong iba sa apple lang galit bakit hindi din sa ibang brand.
      It shows lang na sikat talaga ang apple at really functional amennnn!!!

    • Jojo says:

      one or another ganun din mga IOS sa Android… :)

      @fhrw: i doubt your system multi tasking… masisira lang home button mo oops may update pala sila may soft touch hahahaha

  10. Santibanez says:

    yan may magandang magagaya na naman ang samsung. paglumabas yan for sure magbabago look ng s pen hahahah. MGA PANG ALIPIN LANG KASI ANG ANDRIOD DEVICES, KAHIT SA MUSLIM MERON. KACHEAPAN!

    • marlon says:

      Think first before you post. You’re saying derogatory things against our brothers in defense of a brand?

      Samsung already has an implementation of a mobile device with a stylus way before Apple so who’s copying who? Where the f**k is your brain man?

    • Ryan says:

      Mas maraming mayaman na muslim sa buong mundo kesa sa pilipino. punta ka middle east.

    • Ryan says:

      You know naman how patents work db? so this move is just to be ahead. kc kung patagalin pa nla bka maunahan pa cla. same as samsung an other companies.

    • Tabletz says:

      Etong si Santibanez ang classic example ng isang iSheep, all talk, all insult, no brain, kaya naman iPhone hawak-hawak nya, credit card purchased naman, utang hahaha, kasi insecure sa buhay. Feeling mayaman, dukha naman hahahaha!

    • eric says:

      baka girahin ka dyan ng nga bandidong muslim…

    • jojo says:

      mag-rosario ka na bata hahahaha, ingat ka sa post mo. mataas ang sale ng android ngayon sa IOS mo :) what do you think?

    • Ryan says:

      @jojo you cant really compare the sales of IOS and android. Free ang android at maraming company ang nagpoproduce ng devices na pang android. IOS isa lang. Swapang kc. you can compare Company vs Company.

  11. thecorrescode says:

    Kaya nababansagan iSheep eh kasi di malaman kung saan nakalagay yung utak.

    Anyway, anong gagayahin kung wala pa namang product si Apple na inilabas using that patent. Malamang isa na naman to sa madaming patent na inaapply ni Apple na wala naman actual implementation. Apple has a patent for mobile payment using NFC, but do they have product na may ganun. They even applied a patent similar to Google Glass, pero asan yung product nila? A patent for facial recognition? Again, asan?

    Obviously Apple has gone from being revolutionary to being patent troll. Evidence dito is yung second case na nafile nila against Samsung. They sued Galaxy line of products especially Note kasi daw it can detect a stylus. As in, anong product nga ba nilabas nila na may stylus? Wala.

  12. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    *facepalm* when will Apple ever learn?

  13. anonymous says:

    I recall Steve Jobs calling stylus “yuck”….

  14. anonymous says:

    Not so long ago, Steve Jobs called stylus “yuck”….

  15. PalmPilot says:

    Off topic: Natawa ako sa advertisement ng Samsung Galaxy S3- “Designed for Humans.” Hahaha, kasi daw ang iDevices designed for iSheep, mga bobo, matatanda, at mga pasosyal kuno wala namang alam sa technology hahaha! Ilang bilyon na uli ang ibinagsak ng Apple sa stockmarket lately? I rest my case.

  16. JB Samson says:

    What’s with all the hate? It’s a matter of preference. No need to bully people just because of a phone. You don’t like Apple products don’t buy them, no need to call those who buy the products stupid. Not everyone is a techie and some just prefer using a simpler device, and some compare buying phones to buying a watch. A Casio and a Patek both serve the same purpose, which is to tell time. Some just prefer the Patek because they can afford it. It’s their luxury.

    • Crocodile says:

      Tama, iDevices are luxury, nothing else. In Tagalog, LUHO. And those low-income peeps who go after luxuries beyond their means are plain stupid.

    • Zayne says:

      agreed its the people preference you dont need to bash each operating system. they both have pros and cons so those bashing have nothing else to do with their lives

  17. clone says:

    I guess that there will be a time that Apple will patent the production of humans. Scary.

  18. Mark says:

    I wonder if Apple is also interested with leapmotion.

  19. Edwin C says:

    Nako po, ito na naman ang mga Noranians!

  20. Mensa says:

    It has been proved that iSheep have lower IQs than the general population.

    It figures, they just buy the most expensive phone just to follow the herd, not for its usefulness.

    • Zayne says:

      you said its proven wheres the reference then showw me the DAMN!!! Reference and theres no need to call the people using iOS Devices “stupid”. maybe…they just prefer the application ecosystem.

    • cutipie says:

      Di na kailangan ng proof, read mo lang yung comment ng isang iSheep sa taas, si Santibanez, and you will know na low IQ nga kayo, low sensibilities pa.

    • Zayne says:

      Thats your proof. Your basing every IOS Device user on just 1 person. Then my friend i am sorry thats not evidence thats what you call “stereotyping”. the fact that you think every person is just like “Santibanez” is wrong, its like your saying that you met a blond chick that is dumb and now stereotyping all blond chicks are dumb (just an example, not what i think)

      In general your evidence/proof/reference has been denied and thus the statement that “It has been proved that “iSheep” have lower IQ’s” is false and not proven unless you have another reference to the statement.

    • Ryuuji says:

      One more characteristic of iSheeps is that they fail at grammar. Look at Zayne’s post, haha!

      “then showw me the DAMN”
      “Your basing every IOS Device user”
      (the classic Your and You’re usage)

      Naku, Zayne! Malala na yang sakit mo ha! Kulang na lang bayaran ka ng Apple para mag-defend ng iProducts. Haha!

    • Zayne says:

      i used an SIII To comment that hehehe

    • Ryuuji says:

      I’m using a Samsung Galaxy SIII to post as well as well but I can definitely churn out intelligent, grammar-oriented sentences. Not to mention that I observe proper punctuation, capitalization, and semantics. Why can’t you? :)

      Gosh, Zayne! Please keep in mind that even if you think you’re cool and all with a flashy phone, never abandon the use of comprehensible English.

      Kakahiya naman kung ganun, may iPhone ka nga, pero boplaks ka naman sa English. Paano ka na lang makakasabay sa mga sosy conversations with your peers? :)

    • Ryuuji says:

      [Uunahan na kita sa dumobleng “as well” haha!]

    • Zayne says:

      I May not have the best grammar skills and who the fuck gives a shit about it. My Peers don’t care, they like me for just the way I am. I’m not putting into much effort as others. I just defending the people who uses iOS from the people who call them iSheeps and Stupids cause some are stereotyping them just being based by 1 User well you cant based every iOS user just by 2,3,4,5 or even 10 because that ain’t right.

      BTW just because I’m an iOS user doesn’t mean im sosy neither am I a Social Climber as like others would say being stereotypes to Apple fanatics or Apple users. SO F Off my grammar and stick to the topic of the Effin’ Article. its not like what im commenting is being graded for a school project…

    • TorrentialRain says:

      Off topic lang.


      We do, at least some of us give a damn about proper grammar practice. You are in a publicly accessible website. If you can’t practice grammatically correct sentences in English, then use Tagalog. Magmumukha ka lang trying hard. That is in the future tense by the way.

    • carloxy says:

      woah woah woah! yabang much ng tao dito pati grammar inuusisa? Anung masama kung subukan ni Zein magingles, hinde ba dun sya mga katulad nyo kaya madaming nahihiyang magingles eh.. sarap kuhanin yung pinagyayabang nyong “talino” at isampal sa mga pagmumuka nyong mayayabang kayu.but anyways, meron akong HTC Sensation, pero kita ko parin yung ganda ng iOS. App Store palang eh panalo na. Kakahiya kayung Android user kayu.. you guys are giving us a bad name.. tsk3

    • La+ says:


      Basa muna bago pumutak ha? Hindi matututo yan mag ingles kung pati mga kaibigan nya hindi siya sinisita sa mali maling grammar nya. Andun ang problema. Mas nakakahiya kung lalabas sa public forums na naka ingles tapos mali mali pa, bakit hindi nalang nga gamiting ang tagalog?

      At hindi pwedeng isampal ang talino sa taong meron nito. BOW.

  21. paul a. says:

    hay… i have both samsung and apple products, and even window based os… problem ko lang nalilito na ako pag inter change ng mga gadgets…HEHEHE

  22. JohnRoyCruz says:

    Simple lang. It’s a matter of choice. I prefer IOS because of some reasons. It suits my needs. And i have my preference. If others want android or windows, then i respect that. Whatever i buy, it’s my money. Whatever they buy it’s their money that they are spending. So kahit pa bilhin ko basta pera ko at may pambili ako, it is my choice.

  23. Ty says:

    It all boils down to preference, android o ios pa yan basta gusto mo at yaka ng budget mo.. Go lang! Wala namang perpektong gadget may kaya ang ios na di kaya ng android and vice versa…

    Kung follower ka ng ios no need na awayin at hanapan ng bugas ng android
    Kung android user ka dont say bitter lines bout ios device, its business guys kung anu yung wala sa isa pupunan na is at other way around..

    And for the stylus na to, kung totoo man ito, anu kaya say ni steve jobs kung gnawa to nung buhay pa sya. Kasi nung panahon nya he innovate touch technology like never before..

  24. lupin says:

    nice apple, your innovation is really one of a kind. iphones, ipads,itune,ipen,ihouse,icar, etc.. and of course this is for all ihumans or isheep maybe.

  25. kit says:

    yey a stylus for iOS!

    pero sana lang di magfile apple ng patent case against those who have it already lol

    i also heard that they will have the iwatch and iglass idk..

    • Zayne says:

      iWatch is the next rumored project due to the death of the iPod Nano Watch Design. “iGlass” Haven’t heard of that maybe your talking about google glasses but no rumors have come out of CNET, 9to5Mac, Engadget, Cult of Mac about the iGlass

  26. Anon says:

    My iDevice has no Launcherzzz, no Widgetzzz and no NFC, and it cost me lots of moneyzzz.

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  28. lolwut says:

    Typical Apple. Another testament that Steve Jobs is dead. I wouldn’t be shock if they sue some stylus accessory manufacturer over this.

  29. fat internet guy says:

    uy nice, parang note 2 na..baka mapabili na rin ako! :D

  30. juniper says:

    Haha!! Jeeeezzzz, Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave by now…. just the thought of having styluses. He woild be bantering and having a hissy fit when he learns of what happens to his beloved company. What products are gonna be out. He is a perfectionist…… go read his biography “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson.

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