iPhone 5 Drop Test from 50 feet high

iPhone 5 Drop Test from 50 feet high

Over the week, we’ve been doing some video shoots of iPhone 5 tips for our @GeekyNights podcast and right after we finished all 12 clips, we decided to do something crazy with the iPhones. Drop it off the 2nd floor of the building just to see what happens.

Turns out the iPhone 5 is a very, very solid and tough device to break.

But break it we will! So here’s the result.

We tried it with two iPhone 5s actually. One of them survived. We had a little fun with the challenge so we tied ours in a makeshift parachute, just for kicks. Here’s the short video.

Surprisingly, one of the iPhone 5s survived — without a scratch!


So what we will do is give it away to our readers/viewers of GeekyNights to they can do their own drop test. You folks game with that?

Here’s your chance to win the iPhone 5 (a new one, not the smashed one):

On Twitter:

WIN A #GLOBEIphone5 by watching (http://youtu.be/Cx8PYZ87EHk). (answer either geeks or beckies) won! Protect your #GLOBEiPhone5 with #GadgetCare only from @EnjoyGlobe

On Facebook:

WIN A #GLOBEIphone5 by watching (http://youtu.be/Cx8PYZ87EHk). (answer either geeks or beckies) won! Protect your #GLOBEiPhone5 with #GadgetCare only from @EnjoyGlobe

Leave a comment with the link to your entry.

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552 Responses

  1. Mj says:

    Weee giveaway!! Let me try that!!! :)

  2. emignatius says:

    For the moment there I thought you got hold of the rumored iPhone 5s, lol. I suggest placing a separator there like “iPhone 5’s” to avoid confusion.

  3. Ric says:

    I really don’t get the logic behind doing a “drop test” for any device. What does it prove? Or to what benefit can we attribute it to?

    • Ram says:

      It’s the “adrenaline rush” that you get without bodily harm. You should try it.

    • Digest says:

      Alam mo na sagot sa tanong mo. Alam mo kasing magkakalat lang smartphone mo kung eto ang mag drop test.

    • garz says:

      I agree with you Ric. These tests are pointless. Every gadget breaks when dropped, even if equipped with Gorilla Glass and Kevlar. These tests prove nothing and are total waste of money.

  4. iMaaliw says:


    I’m sorry Von dom if I caused you a problem in twitter … if there’s any.. :)
    I’m not familiar in twitter…
    I don’t know what to do eh…
    But I just want that iPhone5… :D

    I don’t know if this entry is correct… :(

  5. Jay says:

    Not fun in my opinion. Could’ve just auctioned off those iPhones and donated proceeds to typhoon Pablo victims.

  6. jeff says:

    Sayang nung isang iphone 5 tsk tsk tsk. pero panalo talaga mga beckies ASTEEEG!!!

  7. Fuck thats just stupid. You’re really raffling off a device that you threw? You’re totally retarded you asshole.

  8. Justin says:

    Why the heck would anyone want a phone that’s already been dropped???

  9. notjoiningthecontest says:

    hmmmm not really a drop test since there was a parachute involve.. remove the parachute then let’s call it a drop test

  10. Paul Matthew Alonzo says:

    ang tibay naman pala ng Iphone5 bagya na bagay sa akin hahaha

  11. Lea says:

    yey! tweeted about this 7x; I will just post my latest tweet. I also posted about it on FB


  12. Leomark Villacarlos says:

    Keeping my hopes so high that you can #GiveMeThatGlobeIphone5 this Christmas! More power Yugatech!

    Facebook Post:

    Twitter Post:

  13. NemOry says:

    Akin nalang yan. sayang naman kung e basagin ulit. :)

    Facebook Entry: https://www.facebook.com/nemoryoliver/posts/572448689438053

  14. Alou Cordova says:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dr.barney89/posts/10200132521538467
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/danemyr/status/279277737137561600

    Sadly but the beckies won.haha. Goodluck nxt time geeks.:)))

  15. rome says:

    This phone is awesome. Tnx sir Yuga for sharing blessings,Godbless


  16. verly says:

    Love this phone so much,hope to see this on my hands, tnx

  17. Guian Mangali says:

    my fb entry WIN A #GLOBEIphone5 by watching (http://youtu.be/Cx8PYZ87EHk). (answer either geeks or beckies) won! Protect your #GLOBEiPhone5 with #GadgetCare only from @EnjoyGlobe

  18. Kenth says:

    My entry thanks to Yuga and Globe for this contest


  19. Kimz says:

    may winner po ba to?

  20. kma says:

    Wala ba panalo d2?

  21. Jerry Culala says:

    BAt wala pa kayo inaanounce na winner dito helloooo?

  22. Culala says:

    Hello YUGATECH,

    atleast announce the winner? Is this bogus?

  23. I think the admin of this web page is really working hard in favor of his web page, because here every data is quality based material.

  24. steve Usti says:

    Announrf the winner !

  25. Jerry says:

    never nyo na inaanounce ang winner. Kahit na december pa to, sana ginawa nyo…. Ginagawa nyong tanga ang mha sumali

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