Pinoy Big Blogger "Experiment"

Pinoy Big Blogger “Experiment”

Yeah, everybody’s calling it an “experiment”. Why experiment you say? Because it’s all about “wanting to see, learn, and profit” from search engine traffic for popular keywords. And Pinoy Big Brother is the word these days, and so is Ang Panday.

Manolo came back with a vengence to all Pinoy Big Brother bloggers out there, wanting to help political blogs like his regain the top spots in the Philippine blogosphere. Mikey surely did gave him that impression.

Benefitting from search engine traffic is not about how good you write about a certain topic, how passionate you are with the issues or how aggressive you are with your principles. You get ziltch in Google for that.


It’s all about how many times you wrote the popular keywords (and its permutations), how many times you stuff universal themes such as “sex”, “scandal”, “nude”, “videos”, “pictures”, and “sexy” with each and every popular name you see on TV, and how often you write about them.

While very good and popular bloggers are generally known/discovered thru “blogrolls”, the more popular blogs are discovered thru Google. Yes, Google makes it possible for an unknown bloggers to have a popular blog. If you get the drift. Just ask Big Brother.

P.S. Just checked. is still available. Anybody want to own it for a blog project?

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  1. Fleeb says:

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