Top earning BPO companies in the Philippines

Top earning BPO companies in the Philippines

Are you planning to start a career in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry this 2014 but don’t know yet which company to work for? This list might help. Here are the top earning BPO companies in the Philippines.

Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo, an industry supporter, has released a list of the country’s top BPO companies based on on their revenues generated in 2012.


1. Accenture Inc. (Php28.104 billion in revenues)
2. Convergys Philippines Services Corp. (Php17.281 billion)
3. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A-Philippine Global Service Center (Php10.805 billion)
4. 24/7 Customer Philippines Inc. (Php7.711 billion)
5. Telephilippines Inc. (Php7.241 billion)
6. TeleTech Offshore Investments B.V. (Php6.978 billion)
7. Sutherland Global Services Philippines Inc. (Php6.805 billion)
8. Stream International Global Services Philippines Inc. (Php6.738 billion)
9. Sitel Philippines Corp. (Php6.364 billion)
10. Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd. (Php5.754 billion)
11. Sykes Asia Inc. (Php5.617 billion)
12. IBM Daksh Business Process Services Philippines Inc. (Php5.516 billion)
13. Aegis PeopleSupport Inc. (Php5.445 billion)
14. TeleTech Customer Care Management Philippines Inc. (Php5.402 billion)
15. IBM Business Services Inc. (Php5.211 billion)
16. Telus International Philippines Inc. (Php4.962 billion)
17. Shell Shared Services (Asia) B.V. (Php4.821 billion)
18. HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines) Inc. (Php4.700 billion)
19. ePLDT Inc. (Php4.147 billion)
20. SPi CRM Inc. (Php3.501 billion)
21. ACS of the Philippines Inc. (Php3.492 billion)
22. VXI Global Holdings B.V. (Php3.266 billion)
23. Emerson Electric (Asia) Ltd. (Php3.230 billion)
24. StarTek International Ltd. (Php3.094 billion)
25. IBM Solutions Delivery Inc. (Php3.019 billion)
26. Sykes Marketing Services Inc. (Php2.760 billion)
27. SPi Technologies Inc. (Php2.626 billion)
28. Genpact Services LLC (Php2.552 billion)
29. Macquarie Offshore Services Pty. Ltd. (Php2.522 billion)
30. Thomson Reuters Corp. Pte. Ltd. (Php2.265 billion)
31. AIG Shared Services Corp. Philippines (Php2.357 billion)
32. Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. (Php2.194 billion)
33. Lexmark Research and Development Corp. (Php1.956 billion)
34. ANZ Global Services and Operations (Manila) Inc. (Php1.869 billion)
35. Maersk Global Service Centers (Philippines) Ltd. (Php1.859 billion)
36. Manulife Data Services Inc. (Php1.745 billion)

The BPO industry remains as a popular source of employment among young Filipinos with college degrees. “Based on sectoral projections, we are confident that BPO firms will be able to add an average of 124,000 well-paying jobs annually from 2014 to 2016, or a total of 372,000 new posts over the next three years,” Romulo said in a statement.

Sources: ABS-CBN, GMA, Inquirer

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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71 Responses

  1. Aspergers says:

    LOL!!! HP Phils Enterprise Services was not even included..

  2. Jules says:

    #21. ACS of the Phils, Inc. now Xerox Business Services

  3. Michael says:

    so the merger of NCO and APAC which is now EGS (Expert Global Solution) didn’t make it on the list? What a failure for Bong Borja.

  4. Brett says:



    pag usapan na natin dito and NET INCOME, ALIN SA MGA ITO ANG MAKAKANETO KA NG 20MIL O HIGIT PA SA ISANG BUWAN?(for 0-2 yrs experience)

  5. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    so is this in pasig only?

  6. Gj says:

    if only this translates to the company’s internal politics and treatment of the workforce.

  7. ExUHG says:

    Curious lang ako sa author netong article na to… Anong team mo sa UHG? Hehehe!!!

  8. HGSbulok says:

    avoid HGS lalo na ung main site at sa libis..kupal ang management …forced OT araw-araw,iba-iba rin sched mo araw-araw (literally) at may bond na 30k for 1yr tas wala namang signing bonus!! FU** HGS!! kupal na BPO!!

    • Former/current employee ka po ba ng HGS? For what account? Di kasi ganyan ang experience ko eh. Di rin apektado ng bond yung mga kasama kong nag-resign/AWOL.

  9. anonymous says:

    ang tanong? are they the best employers? one can belong to smaller companies but offers great benefits and makes you feel your worth to them.

    • samantha says:

      Agree with your comment here. The list of these Top Earning BPO’s may tell us the stability of the company however this doesn’t mean if they are the top earner companies they are the one who provides great benefits for their employees.

  10. ttbulok says:

    Accenture is not a BPO,it’s IT Consulting, DKS and JP morgan is shared services..should not be even in the list..
    Make a list, kung sinong BPO ang me pinakamaraming labor case sa NLRC hahahah

    • 'em says:

      BPO po ang Accenture. Chairman pa nga ng ExCom ng Business Processing Association of the Philippines yung isang executive ng Accenture.

    • Reader says:

      Any company that primarily does work for its overseas counterpart is a BPO. The ‘O’ there stands for outsourcing afterall. IT Consulting, shared services, offshore accounts…name it, all BPOs. Besides, not all BPOs are call centers.

  11. Caprica says:

    FYI: Accenture is BPO and IT Outsourcing. And a small portion of consulting.

  12. Ayun says:

    Our company may not be here but we have two of the biggest financial institutions in the US as clients for a long time. Hah!

    • Nakerrrr says:

      Edi cge inyo na yang 2 biggeat financial institution ng US. Eh ang tanong ano ngayon? Maliit paren yang company nyo. Pagnawala yan wala ka na din haha

  13. Cindy says:

    Revenue generated back in 2012 ba talaga ito? Walang pang 2013?

  14. hyprmanic says:

    I have a problem with this list since it doesn’t take to consideration two things:

    – the comparison isn’t fair since the list contains both in-house service centers and vendor centers. Vendor centers normally push their prices down to become competitive, so mixing in in-house service centers doesn’t make it an apples-to-apples comparison.

    – route comparisons based on revenue is a bit misleading. I’d rather they use scaled comparison based either on revenue per FTE

  15. TotoyBrown says:

    Considered as BPO pala talaga ang JP Morgan Chase? Hahaha.. sabi kasi samin Bank daw kami.. or I should say MegaBank.. Lol..

    Proud to be JPmorgan’s employee here. ????

  16. TotoyBrown says:

    Considered as BPO pala talaga ang JP Morgan Chase? Hahaha.. sabi kasi samin Bank daw kami.. or I should say MegaBank.. Lol..

    Proud to be JPmorgan’s employee here. ????

  17. ahem says:

    maryosep yung eh yung company namin jan top earner pano hinohoard nila sa taas! hindi nagtritrickle down sa mga empleyado… kaya kamusta naman diba? mga empleyado halos pang dayjob na ang sweldo!

  18. goodha67 says:

    Being on the list does not guarantee a high paying job especially if you are just the typical call center agent of these listed companies. Ang magsasabing proud sila ng nasa listahan ay siyempre yung mid to top management like OM and Team Leader and yung mga nasa Tech Support. Obviously matataas sweldo nila.

    Teletech ka nga eh forever ka naman 15k sweldo as an agent. Kahit nga senior agent eh 15k pa din, yun nga lang less calls na mararoute sa iyo… (based on my experience with a hotel account years ago).

    Convergys…mmmm. Talo pa ako ng security guards nila mag english. English policy kase on all floors. 16k lang ang typical customer service agent. Nadadala lang sa pangalan.

    Walang masabi yung dati kong kasamahan when he applied sa JP Morgan. 21k ata starting for collections. After 3 months, naregular na siya at umabot ng 27k.

  19. mario says:

    I’m working for one of the top 2 on this list, I just hope salary becomes more competitive, compared to other countries like Singapore, which is like twice or 3x the salary you earn here, Net na yan after all expenses/cost of living. Malapit na rin mag level ang salary ng BPOs & Minimum Wagers. So advice ko, think again kung better ba talaga option ang BPO as your profession. Darating ang time na hindi na sya competitive.

  20. poppy says:

    Accenture is number 1, both in earning… at pagiging BARAT…

    • JEROME says:

      Barat nga yung Accenture kahit ung HR nila may contractual din. Kaya malaki ang kita eh. Tipid sa empleyado.

  21. haruka says:

    Taga accenture ba un nagsabi ng hindi bpo ang accenture? ACCENTURE PO eh Bpo at I.t outsourcing. Best people po ang empleyedo ng accenture.. hindi lahat ng project mataas ang sahod,hindi nmn ibig sbihin lahat ng project mababa magpasuweldo. Bilang empleyado ni accenture masasabi ko na ngmula ako sa mababang sahod pero nagustuhan ko ang sahod at yong benefits dahil nakikinabang ang pamilya ko. Hindi ko masasabing best employer or best company pero bilang nagsimula sa iisang skill dahil kay accenture dumami ang kaalaman ko mula data analyst, i.t at problem and change management. Sa una mahirap pero kung like mo ng challenge sa career ensure na hindi ka tamad at reklamador tutumbasan nmn yan ng benifuts at salary dahil sa my perf.

    • troll1 says:

      I guess you will have better chances of getting promoted (and earning more that your family would really appreciate) if and if only you learn how to type and use punctuation marks properly.

      Just saying.

  22. rfg says:

    Well, yun nga advantage natin over other countries eh, cheaper labor..Feeling ko ang in-house BPOs na to earn their income based on a cost plus markup system… The more expenses they incur the more revenue they generate so basically impossible sila mag karon ng loss unless may unusual transactions… Kaya dapat hindi maging KPI ang revenue for this types… I don’t work for BPOs pero I do audit for some… Lalo na sa shared services…

  23. komar012 says:

    Pag na-hire po kayo sa Accenture, malalaman niu po kung anu talaga ang ginagawa nila.wahaha. Tatlo po ang fields (hindi ko maisip yung pinakatamang term wahaha) ng Accenture. Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing. So yung BPO mag fall xa sa Outsourcing. Yung Technology yung mga programmers/developers naman. Tapos yung consulting wala daw sa pinas nyan. Yan yung sinasabi nila sa NJO nila. Yung mga kakilala ko sa BPO kadalasang reklamo maliit daw yung sahod.

  24. Jake says:

    My company is not included in the list but pays way above the industry standard. Just how high might one ask? Well for an entry level tech support rep like me the starting salary is 50K.

    Yes 50k! I demanded for a salary of 25k but was given 50K on the contract signing. We support our own product which is an online accounting software.

    Best of all stocks are given quarterly which you can sell anytime.

  25. Anti-INC says:

    Ang intindihin nyo yung ranking ng companies sa Fortune 500. Yun talaga ang basis ng stability.

  26. Anti-INC says:

    Company Rankings ha. Baka naman yung ACCOUNT nyo ang hanapin nyo. Yung CALL CENTER nyo mismo hanapin nyo sa Fortune 500. JP Morgan lang makikita nyo dun. Ingram Micro kalokohan na wala sa list. Fortune 100 sila, rank 76.

  27. BPOHopper says:

    Shared Services ang Ingram Micro. Hindi call center.

  28. BPOHopper says:

    Shared Services ang Ingram Micro. IT company ba yun? Parang hindi naman call center.

  29. BPO says:

    BPO companies nga ang title not call center companies. Ingram Micro is included kasi outsourcing din sila

    • lee says:

      i think Ingram is not BPO kasi sila mismo ang client kung baga inhouse sila. kaya siguro di sila nakasama tsaka philippines lang naman ito.

    • lolwut says:

      Lee, I think you misunderstood the meaning of the acronym BPO. To refresh you, BPO means business process outsourcing and it doesn’t necessarily mean na call center lang you. Take note that call center is a business process and so as accounting, logistics management, and data processing. All these business process can be outsourced to an offshore office and could still be considered as part of the BPO industry.

  30. ChachaRyz Peramid says:

    Baket po wala Infinit-O dito sa list? I think is good company. Facility is high-tek and building is state of arts. Human Resources and Recruters is excelent in hiring. We even ate hotdog for new year!

  31. Accenture employee says:

    Sorry but I think off topic when we are talking about the facilities and the benefits etc… Don’t deceive guyz.. It’s like investing in a bank..mas mataas na INTEREST mas mataas ang RISK.. simple to attract PEOPLE to join them..
    and the TITLE of the article here is Top earning BPO companies in the Philippines it not about the benefits or what so ever right…

  32. Eyevergies says:

    Accenture is not BPO- ask your top executives, during an interview for one of your top positions, this was cleared by your recruitment team… :) just sharing.

    Accenture and TeleTech has the worst facilities as my friends say since they outsourced…convergys has the best :)

  33. Grammar Police 2 says:

    Eyevergies – did you get the post? I don’t think so. Better brush up on your grammar skills especially when to use “has” and “have”. :)

    On topic: These are based on earnings and not facilities.

  34. zoiera says:

    I think yugatech should revise their disclosure. People are getting confused with the rankings because of incomplete disclosure. The list may be correct however it simply states ‘revenues’ . The question is, what revenues are we talking about? Is it the segmental revenue or the consolidated revenue of the company as a whole. Though segmental revenues make more sense it is still better if the readers won’t have to assume anything. If these list is based on revenues generated only within the Philippines then this list is most probably accurate. Being in the in the fortune 500 does not really guarantee being the highest earning company in the Philippines because fortune 500 looks at the company’s global operations and not just the Philippines.

    And FYI- accenture is actually a BPO, any company providing call center services, managed services, audit, finance and other services for another company which is outsourced by that company (the requiring the service) could be classified under this bracket. Apparently, Accentire is one of those.

  35. honey says:

    Convergys sucks! paganda nang pangalan bulok naman ang nasa loob. pagdating sa facilities; Accenture & TeleTech is the best. If you’re looking for a stable company and you really wanted to focus on your Career. These two companies are the work place to be…

  36. john says:

    I say that’s overrated .Accenture may be top I.T business or technology but not with solutions or consumer business. They’l let you take their stupid Berlitz and if you pass they will still give you what 11-16 basic or all in pack. Not so fair right.. i got all their junk j.o made it a origami. All am sayin dont post this junk revenue and company tiering … like this as people would be deceived and would not know which company offers competitive salary. Ingram micro, ADP,UHG are not on this list. There a lot to company out there good company that people should know about way better that what you have on this non reliable list. Do us favor remove this and do a couple more research i been in this business for almost decade.

    to Zoerie – You stupid i bet your not from accenture right so u dont know anything about their solutions and technology and what issues they have now and that their people from solutions suffer because salary disputes and how they were not given an equal opportunities compare to technology

  37. The list is indeed helpful. But if you really want to start shaping you BPO career, try going for BPO companies that are still starting up. Joining this type of company will help you understand deeper what BPO is all about.

  38. These are the top 3
    1. Accenture Inc. (P28.104 billion in revenues)
    2. Convergys Philippines Services Corp. (P17.281 billion)
    3. JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A-Philippine Global Service Center (P10.805 billion)

  39. togs says:

    please check your data, Thomson Reuters is not a BPO.

  40. NAH says:

    ‘Tong mga BPO employees na ‘to ayaw ma-equate sa call center industry. BPO is a broad term kasi. UGH.

  41. NUMBER FOUR. We made it, guys! To God be the glory! :-)

  42. Ricrico says:

    Come on guys, please refrain from claiming your company is not a BPO like Thompson Reuters and Accenture because whether you admit it or not the nature of their functions here in PH is BPO. B-P-O: Business Process Outsourcing, not necessarily a call center, BPO involves contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider.

    I’m with JPMorgan, a giant bank in the USA & they are not definitely a BPO technically but we don’t complain because that’s what we do here in the Philippines.

  43. IcedTee says:

    I don’t think the list should have the BPOs and captive SSCs together. BPO is 100% revenue generating while captive SSCs may not be. I am a part of a global SSC which is not a part of this list because we’re not revenue generating rather a support for our global organization.

    I also don’t think that you should celebrate if your company is on this list unless this translates to some figures in your paycheck.

  44. angela says:

    personally ang laki ng tulong ng mga bpo dito sa bansa natin. nakapag-provide ng maraming work and nakatulong lalo sa economuy ng bansa natin

  45. christine says:

    mas malaki pa sana matutulong ng mga BPO comapnies sa bansa natin kung lahat ng mga politicians natin ay magiging malinis at hindi corrupt

  46. paolo says:

    dahil sa mga BPO dito sa bansa natin ang daming nagkatrabaho at mas guminhawa ang mga buhay ng mga pinoy

  47. brian says:

    sa daming BPO companies dito sa Philippines, tayo na ata ang capital ng mga BPO businesses

  48. dante says:

    sa daming ng na contribute ng bpo industries sa bansa natin, kahit papano nakatulong sa pag unlad ngekonomiya natin.

  49. travis says:

    we should be thankful to all the BPO companies here in our country for without them, we would really have felt the economic crisis whay back 2008

  50. jake says:

    ganun na pala kadami ang mga BPO dito sa Philippines, sa lahat ng gma revenues I’m sure ang laki ng natulong ng industriey sa economy natin

  51. ericka says:

    mga sidewalk vendor natin nagka dagdag kita ng dahil sa mga call center employees

  52. Alannah G says:

    More and more BPO companies are investing in the Philippines because it’s worth. And also a lot of factors are considered that makes the Philippines a top choice for BPO companies. Considered as the tiger economy in Asia and a lot of reasons are also stated in this reference.

  53. anthony says:

    saludo ako sa mga nag tratrabaho sa call center, at sympre salamat din sa mga malalaking company na dito sa Pilipinas pinili mag bukas ng BPO nila

  54. charles says:

    galing talaga ni kuya, kahit may kapansanan siya still nag wowork padin siya and at least mga BPO companies nakaka help dn sa mga PWD person dito sa bansa natin

  55. grace says:

    sila sila pala ang mga tao sa likod ng pag simula ng bpo industries dito sa pinas

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