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Guess the Globe iPhone 4 Price Winner

Last June, we did a small contest for people to guess the official price of the Apple iPhone 4 32GB on Globe Telecom. Last Saturday, Globe announced the iPhone 4 price and release date. So here are our winners.

The price of the prepaid kit of the 32GB iPhone 4 is Php43,699. Over 1,100 entries were sent and we have an exact guess.

Our winner is — F.C. (entry #905). He/she got the exact price correctly!

Here are 10 winners (Globe Tattoo) who guessed it with-in Php1,000 of the official price:


  1. Jestoni Obice – Php44,500
  2. Pinoy Technology News – Php43,050
  3. Majai – Php42,699
  4. jongskie721 – Php43,895
  5. kirsten urtal – Php44,400
  6. jobeck – Php43,300
  7. Niel Villacorta – Php43,500
  8. Magneto – Php44,444
  9. Sol – Php43,100
  10. Lalah – Php42,699

Here are 10 random winners (Globe Call Card 500) who joined the contest:

  1. Felvir Ordinario (Php42,500)
  2. allan (Php55,200)
  3. JDA (Php34,500)
  4. Helen H. (Php46,475)
  5. felicitas fernando (Php39,250)
  6. suj (Php44,250)
  7. Manuel (Php43,350)
  8. Donskie (Php45,500)
  9. Regina Anne D. Dimaano (Php42,250)
  10. frehll (Php42,600)

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the rest who joined in. We’ll have more of these soon (actually, one more this week).

How to claim your prize?

Fill out this form. Make sure to use the same email you used when you left a comment/entry in the contest post so we can verify you. Please make sure to have your complete name, contact numbers and address correctly.

P.S. Follow me on Twitter, add us on Facebook, or subscribe to the RSS feeds and/or daily email alerts.

Special thanks to our giveaway sponsor, Globe Telecom. Follow them at @talk2globe. If you’re on Twitter, do let them know by saying thank you.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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45 Responses

  1. sylv3rblade says:

    Talk about a lucky guess, congrats to F.C. and his new Modu Phone :)

  2. Joshua M says:

    Random picks ba to?

  3. mark says:

    weeeeh! nice contest sir abe, sayang hindi ako nakasali, penge na lang free globe tattoo. haha :)

  4. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Looking forward for the next giveaway!

  5. frehll says:

    yehey! i won! but what if i forgot the exact email i used during the contest? got 3 working emails and i forgot which one i used.
    can surely say that the post was mine since i attached my twitter account.

  6. Magneto says:

    woohoooo! nice one..

  7. Joshua M says:

    Sayang di ako nanalo. I was close though..

  8. Congrats to all winners! layo ng guess ko. haha. sali ulit ako sa next contest mo sir yuga this week!

  9. sylv3rblade says:

    I had the same problem when I won a tattoo way back :)

  10. Jamby says:

    Yan ang p-contest!!!

    Up to date! Sakto sa deadline!

    Di katulad nung nakaraang storage contest…FAIL…

    congrats sa winners!!!

  11. Jamby says:

    Posted my guess a little too late…

    “Jamby replied on Sep 2nd, 2010 at 1:23 pm (1133)

    i’m just one number different!!

    sayang,..kasama sana sa top ten na may tattoo…

    Sir, Wala bang kahit 30 pesos Free load sa 1 digit na pinagkaiba??? Hahahaha.. :D

    congrats to everyone!

  12. John says:

    Guess I was a bit late too!

    Well done to the winners though!

  13. frehll says:

    so was your entry still considered sylv3rblade? :)

  14. epsr82 says:

    to all the winners congrats
    kelan kaya uli contest :)

  15. JayL says:

    congrats! i own a Modu Phone din, sayan nyan

  16. vinz justin v. lazaro says:

    my guess was 42,950 within 1,000 un dba, random ba un or 1st ten? sayang..

  17. Winziph says:

    congratulations to all winners.

  18. jobeck says:

    nice! thanks abe!

  19. Jec says:

    Hi Sir Yuga,I’m still waiting for my globe tatto!!! Almost two months na ata. Peace

  20. Galwin says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

  21. ellen says:

    Onti na lang ang difference, sayang… I guessed PhP 43,495 (comment #439)… random po ba pagpili ng winners? Sa dami ng comments, baka you just missed mine :) – I wish. :)

  22. chira says:

    is this random? cause i guessed 44250, im the 5th person to answer, and i didnt won? :( how come? :( for what i see, there were people who guessed more than what i guessed.

  23. yuga says:

    @chirac – winners were picked randomly.

  24. chira says:

    ohh, ok. thanks sir! ill try my luck next contest :D

  25. hi says:

    i am one of the winners of globecard and did not receive email yet.the form prompt up says 48hours.. lumampas na..

  26. manuel says:

    Ako din po sir yuga..di ko alam kung ksali tla sa winners..pero sure din ako sa post ko…paupdate naman..

  27. crashd says:

    still on-going pb?? =)

  28. crashd says:


  29. arneng says:

    well, i am not expecting to get the prize. :(
    i won a contest from globe in twitter.. did not get it. no message from them.

    now, in this contest. okay..

  30. yuga says:

    First batch of prizes were sent yesterday via courier. Expect to get them today or tomorrow.

  31. manuel says:

    ano pong courier gngmt..pano
    po pag wala ako nung dinala

  32. Magneto says:

    Thanks Yuga and Globe, as expected i got my Globe Tatoo delivered via Air21 this morning kahit wala ako -very nice! :D

  33. felicitas fernando says:

    thanks for the globe phone card!!

  34. iPhone says:

    Nice post and congrats to the winners too!

  35. jongskie721 says:

    whew, ayun na naman ako oh, nanalo ako ng globe tattoo :)

    jongskie721 – Php43,895 – – >ang lapit na sana ng sagot ko eh:)) kaso di pa tumama :))

  36. jongskie721 says:

    sir abe, kakatingin ko lng nito last night. kala ko kasi d na ako manananalo, filled up the form last night:) sana hindi na mawala ang mgdedeliver nyan dito:)

  37. Helen H. says:

    Good day po. Follow up ko lang po sana ung prize kong 500 Globe call card. Nkita ko po n nanalo ako just last Oct 18 so I filled out the form na pinapafill-upan nu. Sabi don within 48 hours I will receive an email msge but until now wla pa rin pong dumarating n msge sa akin. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks & God bless.

  38. Helen H. says:

    Good day po Sir Abe. Makukuha ko pa po ba ung prize ko na call card kc nga po nung Oct 18 ko lang po nkta na nanalo pla ako. Wla pa rin pong dumarating n email msge sa akin until now. Thanks po & God bless.

  39. Helen H. says:

    good day po. kailan ko po b mrrcv ung prize kong globe call card. thanks & God bless. Pls reply po pra mlaman ko kung kailan po drating call card n prize ko…

  40. kits says:

    At first glance I though iPhone yung price :) haha. Congrats to the winnders

  41. Helen H. says:

    good day sir! as of now d ko pa rin po natatanggap ung globe card 500 n prize ko. pls reply naman po kung kailan o kung ano na po ang nangyari. thanks and God bless

  42. Helen H. says:

    Sir hindi ko po alam email add nu. Thanks po 4 giving attention to this request. Excited pa naman po ako sa prize ko. Thanks.

  43. hindi ko po alam na nanalo ako. void na ba ung prize ko? wala kasi akong nareceive na kahit anong email about this na nanalo pala ako.

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