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Western Digital & Real Leaf Contest Winners

We got two sets of winners today — one from our Western Digital Contest and the other one from the Real Leaf Word Master Challenge.

Western Digital Winners

First Prize: Nino Avenido

2nd Prize: Mark Verano

3rd Prize: Super Computer ([email protected])

Real Leaf Winners

Winner #1: Jam M.


If you’re stuck thirsty in an island with your mom and your boyfriend and you only have a case of Real Leaf Green Tea, how would you split the 24 bottles and why?

I will not. We’ll play hep hep hooray (we’re all good at it) and whoever wins gets 1 bottle. Then we’ll do another round and so on until all the bottles are divided (equally or not equally, it depends). How we missed wowowee, haha. At least, we’ll not get bored.

Winner #2: Twitter user @esvi_chloe_aven

Congrats to all the winners!


To the winners, please email me using the same email you used when you left a comment here. Use the subject “YugaTech Contest Winner” in the heading of your email and include your full name, contact numbers and address. We will need to set a date for handing out the prizes and have a photoshoot as receipt.

Watch out for the upcoming rounds of our Western Digital Giveaway. Our Real Leaf Word Master Challenge is still ongoing on Facebook too.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 Responses

  1. Mark Verano says:

    Uhm Sir… What’s your e-mail address by the way? Thanks!

  2. Mark Verano says:

    Ok, got it from your “contact me” link…Thanks again!

  3. Ian Villar says:

    congrats nino! keep up the good word with OBS! big fan here

  4. rjzero says:

    Congrats Sir Nino! Galing! \m/ Greyhoundz \m/

  5. Mac vs PC says:

    sabi ko na nga ba mukhang mananalo yang photo na yan eh hehe – kulang na lang ng matrix screensavers at props at nasa loob kana kasama mo si neo

  6. Eihdra says:

    Hey! Congrats to all winners..!
    Enjoy your Real Leaf Green Tea!

  7. Love the Western Digital winners! Well-deserved!

    Congratulations to all who won! :)

  8. congratz sa mga nanalo!

  9. maynard says:

    why did the first picture win? It looks like taken from a computer shop. Certainly did not look like he needs a 1TB HDD.

  10. Nino says:

    Thanks! :P

    And Maynard, thanks for the compliment. :P

    If you don’t believe it’s true, I’ll take you up on a bet. 1TB HDD wager? Game?

  11. jongskie721 says:

    ahahah so funny ng sagot nya! :) di na ako sumali, give chance to others tsaka super ayaw ko na uminom ng real leaf! ahaha

  12. Ugg coupon says:

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  13. Point received and well taken, when I disagree its not a reason to argue. No problem at all.

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