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YugaTech Giveaway Winners Round 2!

Congratulations to everyone who joined. It’s been fun looking at all the entries submitted. So here are our best submissions and dozens of other lucky winners. Check out if your photos are on the list of winners below.

To those who blogged about the giveaway, here are the 10 winners:

1. imkleber
2. Jonathan Lee
3. blankPixels
4. Joanne Gonzales
5. Rem
6. NemOry
7. JeffZ
8. Don
9. Glenn
10. The Teknisyan

To those who tweeted about the giveaway, here’s another set of 10 winners:
1. @gadgetmeister
2. @eguar51
3. @pehpot
4. @dailyfind
5. @ilovemaru
6. @rowell_lee
7. @WebAlerts
8. @2itterist
9. @imajoj
10. @jhayrocas

Those who submitted via Globe PixLink:

1. Sanctuarian06
2. Lalaine
3. jepoy
4. sylv3rblade
5. miharu

Here are winners on Facebook with the most “Likes”:

1. Colwin Tanhehco (66 Likes)
2. Irish De Leon (11 Likes)
3. Ronnel Vergel de Dios (44 Likes)
4. Rowell Bacongco (11 Likes)
5. Ann Saturno (22 Likes)
6. Ria Malonzo (40 Likes)
7. Lalaine Orozco (30 Likes)
8. Randie Rana (7 Likes)
9. Denise Marie Cruz (6 Likes)
10. Kai Molina (3 Likes)

(Note: I might have missed an entry or two so just email me with the link if you think you made it to the top 10 Likes.)

Those who blogged about their photo entries:

1. Mike Mamaril
2. daddynator
3. Vivian
4. eonzerimar
5. Ai-Ai
6. Josephine Bahala
7. Lodessa Velasco
8. Fedhz
9. Sahara Moralita
10. Richard Mamuyac

I tried the Google Image Search but nothing came up. I think it needs more time to be indexed by Google. So, I have extra prizes and I’m still giving them away. Here are the entries I thought that were the oddest or cutest (Php500 Globe Call Card).

Underwater in Boracay. During a plane flight. On a huge projector during a student gathering.


Wallpaper on all PCs in a net cafe. The Predator at the MRT. Top of the hat.

Tattoo on the MRT and Inside the operating room.

Note: Just like before, we only give the higher prize to those who won with several entries. We’ll then pick more winners from the extra prizes. The more winners, the merrier. =)

Here are our Top 5 Finalists:

And the winner, as selected by our guest judge @tjmanotoc, is:

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to everyone who joined! Don’t forget to thank @talk2globe for sponsoring our giveaways!

How to claim your prize?

For the lot with 10 winners, first 5 (#1-5) gets the Globe Tattoo and 2nd 5 (#6-10) gets the Php500 Globe Call card.

Just fill out this form and we’ll inform you once it has been shipped.

For our grand prize winner of the MSI Wind U123, we’ll have a short formal awarding so I can hand over the prize.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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123 Responses

  1. jpzante says:

    abe, any contest in mind? how could have I missed this!

  2. imajoj says:

    too bad i only won a call card. but better than nothing still. WHee! THANKS!!

  3. Edgar says:

    Whoa! My tweet made it. Thanks, sir Abe.

    Seemed Twitter is lucky for me this year. I’ve also won in another contest via Twitter. Hehe!

  4. daddy joey says:

    the winning photo was on my list because of the banner. hehe! congratz to all winners!

  5. Calvin says:

    mukhang busy sa kabibilang ah. congrats sa mga nanalo.

  6. Therese Panganiban says:

    the photos are so funny!!! brilliant! clap clap clap!!!

  7. congrats! :) Want to win more, visit my blog. ^_^

  8. whew.. CONGRATS sa lahat ng nanalo kasali na ako. yeepepeepepepepepe

  9. Reste says:

    Thank you po sir Abe…

  10. Irish B. de Leon says:

    Wow! 2 of my entries made it to the top five..2 of my entries sa cutes/oddest..and isa ako sa top ng most likes..

    nice, thank you!

  11. Irish B. de Leon says:

    3 pla entries na nakasama sakin sa cutest/oddest! wow talaga.. hehe


  12. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Oh Em Gee I thought I will made it because of my hat! Haha. Congrats to me. I did’nt expect my entry at PixLink to be 1.

  13. Sanctuarian06 says:

    @abe sir I made also to the top 5 with most likes in Facebook. Check my email: [email protected] or I will give you the link. Thanks po. God bless! Thank you so much!

  14. fedhz says:

    nakakatuwa naman mga entries. congrats! ang kulit tlaga! hehe

  15. JeffZ says:

    Thanks sir abe!

    Pwede bang Globe Tattoo na lang din prize ko?.. haahaha

  16. JeffZ says:

    Congratulations to all winners!

    Looking forward to ROUND 3!.. hahaha

    Thanks again Sir Abe.. :D

  17. Wee..first time ko manalo sa ganito..

    I’m so happy!

    Thanks YugaTech and Sir Abe!!!

    More powers! (and more contests to come! hehe)

  18. Yehey! I won! I won! and we made it to the top 5… salamat po….

    And god bless us all

  19. salamat po sir Abe and @talk2globe

  20. yuga says:

    Hello Guys!

    Those who have multiple entries that made it and won, you can pick which of the prizes you want to get — Globe Tattoo or Php500 Globe Call Card.

    We’ll then give the slots to others para meron din sila.

    Thanks to all!


  21. AloofKid says:

    Congrats to all who won =] Thanks Yuga for making this contest =]

  22. ann says:

    wow, this is really great… thanks sir abe!

  23. Sanctuarian06 says:

    @sir abe, Globe Tatto na lang for me, hindi po ba pwedeng 1 Globe Tattoo and 1 500 Load, panggift ko kay kapatid, birthday niya nung March 9 eh, siya po yung nasa TOP OF THE HAT. Hehe, sige na po. Please. Please. :)

  24. may price po ba pag kasali sa top 5? hehehe :D

  25. nanayMo says:

    I’m uncomfortable with the word “friggin'” at the sign of the winning entry. What does it mean really?

    If it is a contraction of the word “frigging”, then it is a word most foul by any means, and should not be tolerated anywhere. And to think that the entry is the top winner! Ugghh!


  26. yuga says:

    @lodessa velasco – yes, meron. Globe Tattoo.

    @sanctuarian06 – naku, kung pagbigyan kita, dapat pagbigyan ko din yung iba. don’t worry, dami pa susunod. ;)

  27. yehey…. thanks po… am excited na with the globe tatoo… salamat po ulit..

  28. lolipown says:

    Congrats to all the winners. The tjmanotoc’s entry really deserved the win

  29. Jad says:

    yay! first time ko may mapanalunan sa mga ganitong contest, salamat sir abe!

    sinong mag-aakala na may ganito kang makukuha sa pagbabasa lamang ng kinagigiliwan mong blog. :p

    may choice between P500 load and globe tattoo rin po ba yung nasa oddest/cutest category? :P

  30. YAY! I won! It’s my 1st time manalo sa YugaTech. Thank you Sir Abe! =)

  31. miharu says:

    Abe~ I forgot which of the two (of my emails) did i use to submit my entry. :| My bad.. Anyway, i have the original file :p

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  32. miharu says:

    Oh I get it! I used this email, thanks to the gravatar. Yey! Sorry Abe for spamming here. :D

  33. NemOry says:

    oi…oi…. 1st time to win..na excite tlaga me kanina sa mail ko nkta ko yugatech winners nkta ko NemOry….hehehe aus lg 500 load…guds na un..hehe….penge aman globe tattoo jan kung cnu bbgay…plz?hehehe tnx po tlaga sa YUGATECH ,sir ABE, sa SPONSOR NA GLOBE ABOT TLAGA ANG MUNDO SA GLOBE..hehehe….PTANONG pla po…sa CLAIMING dpat my landline?d ba yun optional?kc wla kmi nun..pd gamitin ung landline ng klala ko?mlapt nmn kmi..hehe

  34. NemOry says:

    @sir ABE? panu ba mabigay ang load?hehe papadala ung caed?ganun?hehe tnx po tlaga MORE POWER… i really love your SITE..very GENEROUS..hehehe

  35. Sanctuarian06 says:

    @sir abe. Wow you’re so generous and fair talaga. Hehe. Opo nga, magiging selfish pala ako pag nagkataon, but anyway, credit niyo po yung sa PixLink ko, ung Globe Tattoo Price po. Nga po pala paano po yung slot ko sa ODDEST/CUTEST? Pipili pa po kayo ng iba? Basta sir abe. Thanks po talaga sa inyo, sa blog site niyo at kay Bestfriend Globe, abot ko na ang mundo. Hehe. Hopefully ROUND 3 is not the FINAL ROUND! (Till what round po ba?) Yipee. Excited na ako. Godbless and more Power po. :) Cute po ng kapatid ko no? Mana sa akin.

  36. myian and menchie says:

    Didnt even won a globe tattoo. Sayang effort, Sayang tarp..
    Well.. That’s life.

  37. myian and menchie says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

    and to the grand prize winner, Swerte ka talaga ^^ Tamang tama sa event eh. Dito kasi sa province walang mga ganyang events e Fiesta lang pwedeng magkatao ng ganyan karami. At least we tried.. And we are happy for the experience at least. Congrats ABE for the successful contest.

  38. eonzerimar says:

    thanks sirYuga, i won! and my cohorts (my students) are asking me for a treat! parang feeling nila eh nanalo yata ako ng lotto :)

    anyway, great contest looking forward for another one, thanks.

  39. wow.. I won!???!!!

    I never expect to won.. but thanks!!!

    I’ll fill up the form now!!

    But for the winner? hmm… I guess that’s what they see fit to win… I sure want the boxershort guy/predator or the one under the sea…. to win.. but I guess they don’t have that enough… crowd in the picture and the magic word.. hehehehe…


    just my 2 cents!!!

  40. lance says:

    Many of those entries are very creative. Congrats guys! :)

    Technology Blog

  41. fuchi says:

    Congratulations to the winners!!!

    If I were the judge for the best “gimme your best shot” contest…I would base my judgement on the criteria and also on the title of the contest…

    ***for the most difficult, most creative that draws the biggest crowd attention or impact***

    There are some shots that really got the criteria like the guy wrapped in a white banner in the MRT-LRT bridge, predator in the LRT or the person with a red tarp in the century tuna, chinese new year and under the sea because you will see their effort and creative thinking.

    The judge may have overlooked the other criteria for the photos.

    Also, I agree with “NanayMo”‘s comment.

    Just my 2 Million cents. haha

  42. nanayMo says:


    I have voiced my opinion on the foul language used in the winning entry. Some things may have been overlooked obviously. @tjmanotoc and the woman brandishing that sign may find it amusing, but I don’t smile at profanity. Is this the language of the generation? Mr. Olandres is an educator too, but he did allow it.

    Some may perceive me as old-fashioned (as some quarters are wont to do) but for me, decency is never out of style.

    I presume that poster will be displayed in the lobby at the awarding night.

  43. NemOry says:

    @sir ABE my confirmation message ka dn ba esend kungnpadala nyo na ung prize?hehe tnx allot po tlaga

  44. Love says:

    Hey guys, tapos na ang contest dba? and the judges have already decided. Let’s just accept the fact that your bet didn’t win.

    I agree with most of you..

    the poster used wasn’t creative,
    the shot wasn’t difficult
    the person was in fact in a crowded place thought the people wasn’t looking at the poster but in the hot air balloons behind her..

    but like some of you might have said before, let the judges decide…

    and obviously they have decided to pick Ms. Kaye Arevalo.

    Let’s just be happy for her.. she’s lucky, she has those colorful balloons behind her and a nice camera to shoot the scene..

  45. Love says:

    Hey guys, tapos na ang contest dba? and the judges have already decided. Let’s just accept the fact that your bet didn’t win.

    I agree with most of you..

    the winner added some vulgar word in her poster,
    the poster used wasn’t creative,
    the shot wasn’t difficult
    the person was in fact in a crowded place though the people wasn’t looking at the poster but in the hot air balloons behind her..

    but like some of you might have said before, let the judges decide…

    and obviously they have decided to pick Ms. Kaye Arevalo.

    Let’s just be happy for her.. she’s lucky, she has those colorful balloons behind her and a nice camera to shoot the scene..

  46. Anne says:

    The winning photo isn’t good. Boo!!!

    It was just.. Ordinary.

  47. nanayMo says:


    Oh, you subscribe to profanity too. Yeah, you’re right in some points. It’s their contest and they have decided, no debate there.

    Such luck!

  48. nanayMo says:


    Oh you subscribe to profanity too, that’s so hip. Yeah, you’re right in some points. It’s their contest and they have decided, no debate there. I didn’t even have a personal bet, sorry to disappoint you.

    Thinking about it, maybe vulgarity have scored it for her. After all this is the 21st century, and it’s so fashionable to hurl expletives and sexual innuendos at every available opportunity.

    See? you’re nodding in approval.

  49. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Dont regret and move on, siguro may tamang basehan talaga why she is the winner diba?

    Pero hindi ako makaget-over ah. Hehe…

    That’s life. Unpedrictable.

  50. val says:

    Congratulations to all winner of round two! As usual, hindi na naman nanalo me, hehe. Better luck next round. :)

  51. Love says:


    yes, i am nodding..

    Good luck nlang for those who choose to join the next contest again… indeed, unpredictable ang magiging winner dito even though may mga criteria na binigay..

  52. nanayMo says:

    Yes, good luck to future participants. And hoping there’ll be no profanities allowed.

    – and –


  53. carlo says:

    Frack! No profanities allowed? You guys want to censor the Internet???

    Last time I checked, we don’t live in Communist China!

    Wait, you guys are from MTRCB, no?

  54. Sarah says:

    OMG. that’s my sister! i took that photo! we didnt know she won! haha! so happy here in the house! yeeeehaw!!!!

  55. Ai-Ai says:

    Sir Abe, thanks so much po. It’s my first time to win in a contest like this. I’m so glad na nakasali pa talaga ako sa top 5 to receive a globe tattoo. More power to you Sir at sa Globe!!! God bless!!! :D

  56. NemOry says:

    ano ba yung FRIGGIN?hehe tnx again ha visit my blog guys pd kya manalo entry ko?jk lg..hehehe..http://nemorys.blogspot.com/2010/02/yugatechcom-giveaway-round-2-gimme-your.html plz take alook para ma bgyan pansin nmn kht panget kuha..hehe

  57. myian and menchie says:

    Agree to username LOVE for her post Qouted

    “the winner added some vulgar word in her poster,
    the poster used wasn’t creative,
    the shot wasn’t difficult”

  58. francis says:

    Thanks sir Yuga!

  59. GadgetMeister says:

    It’s been a while since I won anything… It’s a nice feeling pala… hahaha! Thanks for choosing me, Yuga!

  60. hehe… this is getting no where… let’s just respect their winner!

    Let’s just be ready on the next round!!!

    Go! Go! Go! Go!

  61. daddynator says:

    wohooo!!!!!! thanks sir abe,
    got myself a globe tattoo now!!!
    looking forward to the next contest!

    congratulations to all the winners. i envy the grand prize though…
    =( hehehehe

  62. Lawrence says:

    @ nanay mo.

    Get a life.. There’s more profanity over the entire net that u might want to check as well.
    Dont take everythng so technical. Ths is just fun, and abe is not promotng negatve anythng by any means.
    Or maybe the net itself is not a safe place for an old hug like u.. Tago ka nlng sa nanay mo :)

  63. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Simulan na ang next round. Im ready just like a TALL NUT!

  64. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Hindi ako papayag na hindi ko makuha ang natitirang MSI WIND sa susunod! Yeah! Thats the spirit, hehe. Kapag hindi ko nakuha yun… Ahm iiyak ako! Haha.

  65. francis says:

    game, round 3 na!

  66. nanayMo says:


    I advise you to take a life, far from the scum that you are. Next time check your spelling, or did you ever went to school? If you’re such a sucker to promotions and contests, go ahead and enjoy your life.

    But please, have some decency and respect other people’s opinions while you’re at it.

    What person is a “hug”, may I ask?

  67. nanayMo says:


    Your reference to the word “nanay” as something derogatory is a measure of what’s inside your head. Why, don’t you love your nanay? What kind of an environment have you been raised that there’s a hint of disgust at the mere mention of it?

    For your info, the handle is for impact, not a physical one. Do you understand this?

  68. Mary ann says:

    Ui cat fights. Haha.. Cool lng kau. But seems to me that ur username ‘nanay mo’ is not so pleasing to the ears din. Like an expression of an 8yr old kid na inawy ng clasm8 nia.. Hehe. Peace. D ako kasali ha! :)

  69. Lawrence says:

    Well ur one of those who makes ths world a complcated place to live with. By ur statements, naicp ko khanay ka ni krs aquino. Haha..more words.. Less substance.. Wats hug? Ur age shows dude.. Generation gaaaap! Peace

  70. Lawrence says:

    Haha wat an OC person.. Of course I love my nanay. Mas disgusting ang pagkaphrase ng nanayMo.. It has a street appeal for some reason.. And I do understnd if net is ur ground for self expression, or intimidation I should say. i cant blame u. Ths world has been harsh all ths time!

  71. Lawrence says:

    Haha wat an OC person.. Of course I love my nanay. Mas disgusting ang pagkaphrase ng nanayMo.. It has a street appeal for some reason.. And I do understnd if net is ur ground for self expression, or intimidation I should say. i cant blame u. Ths world has been harsh all ths tme.whaha

  72. myian and menchie says:

    Lawrence Do you mean HAG? Instead of HUG? Hahaha! Empty shell!

  73. Emo22 says:

    Hug is actually a linggo. More of an acronym…h stands for hyper ata.. Jargon ba? search for it. Though tngn ko d pa uso d2 sa pinas un. Hehe

  74. Lawrence says:

    @ emo, i see they hvnt heard of it.. Haha, i ddnt even join ds contst. Im just pissed off by pple lke u hu use bg words n flashy statments to show off. I mean y take it wy undr by questionng d bloggrs crdbilty just bec of a word that s out of ur decency stndards? Just b hppy n my taong ganto k generous nowadys.. Mnasama p.. Dats so lame sir! Or mam, or watevr u r!
    Move on.

  75. Lawrence says:

    Old shells. I mean dried shells. Peace haha

  76. Sophie says:

    Statements ni nanayko prang sagot ng contestant ng gay beauty contest. Ang daming sinabe,isa lng namn meaning. At awkward ng pgkakaphrase. Mafeelng kang echoserang frog!

  77. Jkjuan says:

    @nanayko thats watchu call talkshit. Sugar coated talkshit. Wat year k pinangnk para makapagadjust kame. Lol.. Lets just respect sir abe’s decisions.ok.

  78. Sanctuarian06 says:

    What is happening?

  79. Joana C. Brusas says:

    I don’t know what’s happening… I just know that I’m so ready for Round 3! Hope for the best!

  80. By the way, congratulations to the winners. Y’all so lucky.. I didn’t get anything. But I’m alright ;-)

  81. blankPixels says:

    Hay nakoh. Let’s just respect their decision. Everyone who sent in their entries and made it to the top favorites did their best to be creative in their own ways. We’ve got different views on what’s creative and what’s not. It so happens that the winner was chosen by judges who think and look at things differently than you do.

    Thank you for the giveaway, Abe! Looking forward to Round 3!

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  82. sharkfins says:

    Chill out guys…

    BTW…let’s remember that Sir Abe did not judge the 5 finalist and chose the winner…It was TJ Manotoc…

    I agree with blankPixels…”winner was chosen by judges who think and look at things differently than you do”

    Let’s just wait for the next contest and wish that the best and creative shot would really win this time.


  83. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Wala pa akong confirmation na natatanggap? :(

    Yung sa iba ba jan? Thanks.

  84. eonzerimar says:

    sirYuga wl ba talaga confirmation kung ok na ung na fill up na form?
    i already filled my information about a week ago or would i need to resend the information?

  85. eonzerimar says:

    we all know kahit naman sa ibang forum we have the same reaction, they question the decision of the site owner/judges! but at the end of the day, it is the prerogative of the judge(s) who will win or not.
    the contest mechanic may have been objective but most of the time subjective ang judging (admit it or not) and we just have to accept it.

    just my thinking… cheers :)

    • yuga says:

      Hi Guys,

      I got 45 confirmed submissions. A few more and it’s all complete. Will email everyone this week-end and schedule the deliveries.


  86. NemOry says:

    SANA confirmed na ung akin?hehe at sir abe IMPORTANT QUESTION po…d ko alam panu ung globe load prize…card ba xa?na ipapadala tlaga sa bahay namin?ganun?o eloload sa number?plz…tnx hehehe

  87. Winziph says:

    congratulations sa mga winners

  88. woohoo tapos na ang contest wag na tayong mag away2 :D ako nga ewan kung nasali yung pic ko.. yung sa twin towers at sa kl tower :D lolz

  89. Sanctuarian06 says:

    OMG. Wala pa pa pong confirmation. Hehe. :)

    Panu yun Sir Abe?

  90. blankPixels says:

    I also didn’t receive any confirmation when I submitted my info using the form. Waah! Or should we wait dun sa email ni Abe over the weekend?

  91. NemOry says:

    narecive ko na po ing confirmation tnx so much to GLOBE AND YUGATECH AND SIR ABE>….

  92. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Thank you so much Sir Abe.

  93. josephine bahala says:

    thanks, sir abe! and to globe as well! hope you’ll have more contest like this! soon! :-)

  94. eonzerimar says:

    thanks sirYuga got the confirmation already….

  95. Edgar says:

    Got the confirmation this morning, thank you sir Abe. Have already DM’ed Globe last week for the prize.

    Would it be an LG LCDTV for the next round? 32-inch pwede na. Haha!

  96. randie rana says:

    Sir can you check the call card and the pin that was sent to me via email? I tried to load it this morning but it says it is invalid :(

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  97. NemOry says:

    sir yuga? can i ask?cause you emailed me and you said the 6-10 tweet,blog will get the tattoo…maybe you mis typed it?hehehe by the way thank you so much YUGATECH and GLOBE

  98. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Sir abe… Kailan po idedeliver? :) Am so excited eh… ;) Thank you so much.

  99. Sanctuarian06 says:


  100. ann says:

    Yey, I just got my Globe Tattoo today (this morning 9:30 am)!!!

    Thanks, Sir Abe and Globe!!!

  101. Irish de Leon says:

    Dko pa nakukuha globe tattoo ko hehe.. ok lang, la nman ako pagsusuksukan nun…hahah magiipon nlang ako or sasali sa round 3! game on!

  102. Just received my Globe Tattoo this morning!

    Thanks Globe and Sir Abe!

    Sa uulitin! :)

  103. Hi there!

    Already completed the form and will just wait for my Php500 Globe card prize.

    Thanks and more power!

  104. randie.rana says:

    Got it loaded sir abe!!!
    Thank you so much!!!
    Thank you globe!!!
    My friends arr waiting for the next round :
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  105. Sanctuarian06 says:

    @Irish akin na lang… :) Akin man wala pa eh… :) Malayo ba Bulacan?

  106. Ai-Ai says:

    ako din di ko pa natatanggap… sana by this week matanggap ko na! *excited! hehe* :D

  107. hi sir, i have yet not received my prize po..hehehe excited na rin ako…

    salamat po ulit

  108. yuga says:

    Hello guys,

    Another batch of Globe Tattoos will be sent out tomorrow. We already sent out 20 packages and I will try to finish the rest tomorrow.


  109. eonzerimar says:

    hmm sana ksama ako dun sa first batch anyway wait na lang din me sirYuga

  110. eonzerimar says:

    pati din ba sir ung call card wl pa din?

  111. Jad says:

    Sir Abe, for those who won under special categories and are asked to email the original photo, do they get any confirmation of some sort? Just making sure you got mine. :P

  112. Ai-Ai says:

    hello sir abe, natanggap ko na po. thanks so much sir and to globe!!! God bless!!! :D

  113. Hi Sir Abe!

    Ask ko lang po if the Globe callcard will be sent via courier or through email lang po?

    I haven’t receive mine yet kasi. Completed a form last March 25.


  114. Jad says:

    Got your mail Sir Abe, no worries, and thanks. ^^

  115. ako sir abe alam ko matatagalan pa kasi malayo ang s amin ehehe

  116. Irish de Leon says:

    Just received the globe tattoo.. thanks sir abe and Globe!

  117. sir Abe, please inform me or email me if na ship na ha :D thanks

  118. Edgar says:

    sir Abe, haven’t received the Tattoo yet. Regards.

  119. Sahara Moralita says:

    Good P.M Sir Abe…
    Ngayon ko lang nabasa na nanalo po ko September na po.. makukuha ko po pa rin ba yung prize…

    Thanks and God bless

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