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Mark Z asks Suze Orman if he can buy Twitter

I’ve been following the Suze Orman show thru her podcast for some time now and one of my favorite segment is the “Can I Afford it?”. There’s this one episode where a certain Mark Z. calls up Suze and asks if he can buy Twitter for $1.5 Billion.

So you think Mark Z. can afford to buy Twitter?

Just check out this 2 and a half minute phone call and see if Suze approved or denied Mark Z to buy Twitter. You’d be surprised.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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19 Responses

  1. LMAO. I think he should plan on buying followers with his money.

  2. koki_motok says:

    hahahhah.. hilarious..

  3. choosypinony says:

    i don’t understand the show. really, what’s the point of calling in and be denied of purchase? was that even mark zuckerberg on the phone?

  4. Extremely funny…
    @Choosypinoy: it’s how the show run.

  5. hehe i want to buy foursquare…
    mark z. has too much time on his hands, go fix something on facebook :)

  6. onealberto says:

    hahahaha its funny.

  7. @bi3L says:

    feels like scripted!!!

  8. aldwin says:

    nahaha…scripted for sure. nice set though. LOL

  9. L.R. says:

    He should buy Yugatech… magkano na ba Abe?

  10. BrianB says:

    Hoaxy, I think. Three hundred mil liquid, 4 billion in Facebook. You don’t even have a degree!.

  11. BrianB says:

    Oh, OK, it was for an award. The caller was Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. I guess Facebook is not buying Twitter anymore.

  12. wow no revenue for twitter???

  13. Adrian says:

    hahaha nakakatuwa naman.

  14. Paolo says:

    That is freaking crazy.

    why someone wants to buy twitter?

    why not facebook? haha

  15. Franz says:


    Duh… Why in the hell should he buy facebook when he already owns it for real?

  16. Jonha says:

    Could that Mark Z but MarkZuckerberg? He doesn’t needto buy Twitter though because it’s integrated in the status portion, lol

  17. Jonha says:

    @Paolo: Because Mark Z is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (but since I’ve been listening to Mark’s voice lately and the way he talks, I don’t think it was genuinely him).

    It’s funny how he tried to “how about four squared then other little sites”. The usual Mark Zuckerberg, always wanting something he doesn’t have. Always always wanting to be ahead of everyone else.

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