Weird customer service policy at Octagon Computer

Weird customer service policy at Octagon Computer

I’m sure everyone has had their share of computer store nightmares. I know I do. Here’s a couple of stories sent to me by a reader about his experience with Octagon Computer SuperStore.

Just like most PC retail stores situated in the malls, these storefronts are primary there to drive sales. The after-sales support, well that’s another thing altogether. Runel from Cagayan de Oro shares his story:

I bought a PC from them (Octagon Cagayan de Oro) last February and it runs good but then five months after the PC was slowly have problems. It came to the point where in the PC no longer boot. So I brought it to their store and and they run some test. After that they said that I have to used a power supply with bigger wattage and so I did bought one. The next day, the PC is back again which would not boot so again I brought to their store. This time they said they will test my Graphics Card and then they said it may be the cause of the problem. While I am not contended on what they say, I looked for ways to test it with my own. I bought another Graphics card to test it. But still the problem was never resolve. Finally they said, they will ship the motherboard to Manila to replace it as they say.

From the time of the problem till the time they said they will ship it to their main office was almost a month. And so, I let them brought the motherboard to their main office to replace it. They said they will call me if it will arrive. They haven’t gave me any service PC. One month and half later, the package arrived. When I got there they said that they have to send it back to Manila because the box is correct with the wrong Motherboard model. I was really pissed at that time. That was really a negligence of those whoever packed that box. Till Now they haven’t gave me back my motherboard. What a shame on them, a big company with a zero customer service attitude.

Here’s another story by a foreigner who bought a PC for his Filipina wife at Octagon Computer in Ozamis City.


I could understand that the PC retail industry in the Philippines is a cut-throat business and one way of streamlining their customer support is to centralize it. But, if all provincial branches have to send every defective parts to Manila to be serviced or repaired, then there is something wrong somewhere along the service chain. I will not be surprised if other larger PC chains are doing the same.

One technician from a PC store here in MOA once told me that a lot of distributors and suppliers have become stricter in implementing stock warranties that it becomes counter-productive and practically anti-customer service.

I would suggest to Runel that he send a letter to the management of Octagon asking for an explanation on how or why this kind of service policies are observed in their branches. The other advise, and this is generally what I usually do and tell others, is to charge it to experience and never come back.

What about you guys? Any similar experiences you wanna share?

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155 Responses

  1. I’ve had my share of problems with Octagon, if I remember correctly they were named Columbia o.O. The trouble was getting warranty for my wireless desktop (keyboard and mouse) but it got resolved after a month of constantly pestering them and a passive threat of a complaint to DTI. XD

    The lesson:
    Stick to suppliers that have great customer support like Villman, and PCXpress. I’ve heard problems with PCX from my friends though. Personally I haven’t had enough problems with them even if I am a warranty whore.

  2. minor says:

    same problem with me with my defective lcd screen

  3. leo says:

    and to think Octagon’s computers and peripheral prices are way too expensive..

  4. Tried using a rubber eraser for your graphic cards?

  5. SELaplana says:

    so, better buy PC from popular pc store….. wag na lang po kayong bumili ng pc sa octagon baka magiging octopus pa yang pc niyo.

  6. Dexter says:

    Good for me I am not in Philippines.. he he he..

  7. it’s like a scam. they may have setup that kind of process intentionally. delaying tactics. most of the customers tend to back off when they learn that it would take time to fix their PC’s. they will just try to find another service/shop that could probably help instead. in this case, it’s less work for Octagon.

  8. hezron says:

    Mahal na nga tinda nila ganyan pa service nila…suzzzz! Buti nalang merong ENIGMA dito samin. hehehe

  9. Any problems with Electroworld?

    I buy peripherals from them, all of them worked well so no need to approach for warranty. My entire Electroworld experience is still okay. They have friendly staff.

  10. tonyo says:

    Octagon sucks.

    I accompanied my mom to check and buy a Compaq laptop computer from their branch at SM Centerpoint Manila. It was June 30, I think. I asked them if they accept payments through EPS (Express Payment System) of Expressnet because my mom has a Landbank ATM card.

    The cashier and everyone there did not want to honor the Landbank ATM card despite my explanation that it can be used for EPS since 2005:

    If Octagon wants to generate more sales, the company must know and offer all the available payment gateways. The EPS, for one, is safe and more reliable than credit card. It is like cash! If it can offer EPS to BPI cardholders, it should know that it can also do so to Landbank cardholders which are in the hundreds of thousands since all government employees use them.

    Yun lang po.

  11. sasieboy says:

    If a customer is not satisfied with the product at the same time if the after service is very poor, he can return the product and demand for a refund.

  12. dodo says:

    That guy doesn’t need a new computer, he needs a good English teacher!

  13. Red says:

    I’ve dropped by Octagon some long long time ago. Probably 6 months ago. Yup, Runel does have some crunch on his stories and our stories.

    I live in Cagayan de Oro, bought my PC from EMCOR. I’ had my own share of problems as he did, so I brought my PC to EMCOR, had them service it as it says in their warranty, SO they did. It was a week, probably because we had to wait for the technician. Vhoalla, good as new. Then, the graphics card came to be crappy, brought it again to emcor, they said they needed to replace it. It only took another week. But there you have it, good as new!

    Any ideas?

    OCTAGON SHOULD REPLACE THEIR NAME IF THEY WISH TO CONTINUE THEIR SO CALLED BRANDED NAME IN INDUSTRY. Customers are always right, especially because we pay to do so.

  14. michael says:

    haha! yeah sobrang mahal ng tinda dito pero poor customer service nman pala.

  15. Ian says:

    Funny you would ask that, Yuga. :)

    I bought a complete desktop set a month ago from MicroValley (an Octagon subsidiary in Nueva Ecija). They only have a seven-day return and replacement warranty, and a six-month service warranty. No worries, I said, I could keep my PC in tiptop shape (our older desktop lasted for three-plus years before dying).

    About two weeks ago, the AOC 19″ wide LCD monitor started showing blurry screens. It wasn’t a connector problem or anything I could isolate, so I decided to visit the store. They said they had to return the unit to the supplier (AOC daw, but that’s the “manufacturer”, right?) in Metro Manila. They also said that it would take a month for the repairs. So I asked if they could provide a service unit in the meantime. They said they don’t do that, and they have never done that, and that vendors *do not* do that.

    Okay, that was when I started to lose my cool. I’ve been in IT long enough to know that it’s standard policy to provide a service unit when the store- or vendor-bought unit is out for repairs. Heck, cellphone vendors also do that now.

    Short story: I promised — in the strongest possible terms — not to come back and warned other shoppers in the store as well. I should have bought a unit from instead. :P

  16. dwek says:

    dati maganda service nila noong columbia pa sila pero ngayon na nagpalit na sila ng name naging poor na service nila… Kaya madalas sa Gilmore na lang ako pumupunta

  17. Carlo says:

    I once bought a SODIMM from Octagon Park Square and had to return it coz it doesn’t work. The sales man told me they have a No RETURN policy only exchange. It’s against the law , I told the poor man and he insists so I was forced to ask for their manager. The manager told me I can get my money back but in the form of check. I insist they give the amount to me in cash because I paid by cash. After around 30 minutes of argument, the manager then filled up a cash voucher and gave me my money. No Return No Exchange is against the Philippine law and these stores should learn their lesson.

  18. donald/cathy/roman says:

    hey guys!

    i bought many times in octagon branch all over the metro manila, and i think their service is doing well.and all their employees are doing good.

  19. agnes says:

    the octagon superstore are not weird!!

  20. jeffrey says:

    I never liked the services of octagon… tingin ko medyo mas mahal ung computer parts nila compare sa ibang computer stores… kaya lagi ako iwas sa octagon pag may binibili akong parts o kung ano pa man…

  21. cdk says:

    nagpareformat ako ng pc sa octagon san jose, nueva ecija kamahal ng bayad 500 pirated pa! tapos napaka tanga pa ng mga staff dun lalo na ung manager nila, di marunong makipag usap sa kostumer ewan ko ba kung baket naging manager un eh mukang wala namang pinag aralan!!! di na nga ako bumibili dun eh tsaka nagpapa repair, side line lang pala nila un as in bawal gawin sa store pero ginagawa nila para magka pera!!! after how many days ibabalik mo na naman kc sira na naman!!!!! huuuuuu ka asar talaga kayayabang pa!!!!!

  22. the destroyer says:

    wierd talaga cla

  23. Reckless1010 says:

    I agree with all of you,

    I have this client, he bought this Hp Desktop and it seems naman na its all running well… then nung inisntallan namin nx XP NAKU!! wala ung mga drivers, then i asked him kung saan ung mga cd drivers nya sabi sakin walang binigay!!! NAKUU ANO BA NAMAN YAN!!! box lang daw at ung manual ng hp!!! NAKUUU!!! sabi ko dapat pag binili ung set lahat ng kahon ibibigay bg OCTAGON!!! BAKIT GANUN WALA KULANGKULANG!! ANU UN COST CUTTING!!!!!

    KAYA I TRUST PC EXPRESS!! sigurado ka pag nasira papalitan nila, take it from me bun ako anbili!! mura pa!!!

  24. Erick says:

    Sino pa po may comment sa OCTAGON????

  25. Erick says:

    Para po sa mga branded computers hindi po tlaga kasama ang recovery cds and drivers…Kahit magtanong po kyo sa mismong supplier ng HP..Download nyo n lng po yung mga drivers kung nagpareformat kyo..Dapat bago nyo gamitin ang branded computer na binili nyo eh dapat nagback-up or recovery disk muna po kyo…ganun po tlaga ang HP.. ^_^

  26. Walter says:

    overpricing d’yan sa Octagon….ang high-end video card sa kanila Php 36,000! samantala sa gilmore ay Php 18,000 lang…ang sungit pa d’yan ang cashier sa Robinson-Ermita branch nila, akala mo pinaka-beauty na s’ya sa buong mundo, pwe!

  27. Erick says:

    Bka naman po sinusungitan mo yung cashier..hehehe

  28. Walter says:

    hindi pre, hindi lang sa lalake ang word na antipatiko..

  29. Arjay Bautista says:

    That’s why I didn’t buy my lappy in the Philippines..dito ko na sa singapore binili. Aside sa mura (got the latest thinkpad model for only 73k), mura din ung mga PC accessories. At kung may problem ka sa pamimili, aasikasuhin ka nila. Sa Pinas kasi, I noticed, not only are they selling quasi-new models (akala mo bago pero pag tiningnan mo yung specs 1-2 years ago na pala yung PC), sobrang mahal pa ng patong nila.

    If I were you, if you have relatives outside the country, especially sa states, dun kayo magpabili. Not only fully customizable yung PCs and notebooks na mabibili niyo, sobrang laki pa ng matitipid niyo. :D

  30. dumah says:

    check nyo website nila pinka mura & reliable mga pc parts and accessories nila…hehe

  31. kkvnaga says:

    i’m from naga city.may octagon branch dito, ang mga staff nila matataray, kaya di na ako bumibili sa store nila

  32. Rick B. Robles says:

    also have the same experience with their branch here in Cebu.

    After a few months of using my combo drive it suddenly stoped from reading and buring cd’s.

    Knowing that has 1 year warranty, I returned it to octagon and they promised to have it replaced. It took months before the burner was sent back here in cebu (they sent the burner to manila). Unfortunately, to my surprise, the device was not replaced and the warranty sticker that was in the device was not removed/replaced (you could notice it by its color). When I tried to test drive the device, the previous problems that I used to have are still present. These led me to a conclusion that it was never reparied.

    I returned the device to octagon and they sent it back to manila. When it was returned to me, the warranty sticker was already replaced. I test drived the device yet the problems are still there. The bad news is, the 1 year warranty has already expired. It was consumed when the device was in octagon’s service center, yet, the burner was never repaired.

  33. tequimasteREN says:

    Hello peeps!

    Ganun talga mga computer shops na yan!

    Buti na lang I know a good shop who really understand what the customer wants.

    Please try nyo po ang PC Chain. I bought a lot of stuff there and what do i get? very good service.

    Friendly, professional and really customer service oriented personnel.

    Nice computer store.

  34. Nico says:

    Wow..!!Isa lang masasabi ko dyan sa mga warranty ng octagon..Sa supplier nila mismo pinapadala mga under warranty na items na yan..If i were you, try to contact them and report your problems..I know one company of their supplier..Here’s the technical support of neo company..(02)635-5553, (02)635-9474,(02)635-9460, (02)635-9509..yung ibang brand try nyo na lang puntahan ang website nila..And one more thing, kaya matagal ang servicing ng octagon kc mula branches papunta sa Head Office nila tapos ipapadeliver pa yun sa mga supplier..Depende na yun sa supplier kung gaano nila katagal ayusin yung mga products nila..Sa dami ng mga Branches ng octagon, sa tingin nyo ba maayos agad ng mga supplier yung mga under warranty items??More than 80 branches ata yung octagon kaya matagal dumating yang mga warranty items nila..Try to understand them.. ^_^

  35. Why dont you guys shop at Interpace? Michael Sia, the manager, will be more than happy to welcome you. Best service guaranteed!


  36. J KIlbo says:

    Im a foreigner living in the Philippines.

    Will be buying a wireless router next week and was planning to get it from the closest store, which happens to be Octagon in SM North. Thanks to this thread I will find the nearest Villman because they’ve always treated me well.

  37. adv says:

    hay naku, thanks sa mga comments sa OCTAGON!!!! Balak ko pa namang bumili ng OS dun orig syempre!!!! Balik na lang ako sa PCXpress, ganda ng service dun, kahit closing time na very attended ka nila… PCXpress na ku…..Free ads na ‘to…!!!! he, he, he….

  38. ricky says:





  39. cathy says:

    Thanks sa comments nyo guys! I am saving pa naman to buy an new Toshiba Laptop sa Octagon Festival Mall. Baka sa ibang computer store na lang.

  40. From America says:

    We are a company in the US and are planning to purchase 50 computers soon for our office in Manila. Thank you for your comments, I will not use Octagon. I am getting quotes from Villman and other places but we will not go with Octagon. Thank you for alerting allowing the public to voice their concern, any company should know to take care of their customers if they want to stay in business.


  41. kurokoto says:

    I don’t have bad experience with Octagon. Because I don’t buy from them. Their items are hilariously overpriced. There are cheaper stores with excellent after-sales support (i.e. warranty, RMA).

    To name two of these stores:
    – RSUN Computers (
    – PC Express (

    With regards to claiming warranty, sometimes it’s in the manufacturer’s side. I for example returned a Palit ( video card. It’s almost two months now (as of this post) and I haven’t got the replacement nor the repaired unit yet.

    Don’t double the headache, I will not buy Palit products again. Hands down!

  42. Rod says:

    What do you guys expect? Of course a mall-based enterprise is primarily motivated to promote sales.

    I bought an HP Pavillion from Octagon in February and this morning it refused to boot. At lunchtime I returned to Octagon with my computer and explained the problem. Two engineers stripped the Box and proceeded to run tests – in front of me!

    As it happened it was a trivial memory problem and the computer was fixed there and then.

    I went away from the store a ‘Happy Customer.’

    Now – I’m a foreigner and if this happened in my country I would not have seen my computer for at least a week, so to be able to type this blog is a pleasurable surprise.


  43. maris says:

    hay naku pati mismo ang admin policy nila hindi maganda. kaw ba nman regular na tpos wla pa rin mga benifits like vacation leave,13th month pay, ETC…. DOLE INVESTIGATE THIS COMPANY…..

  44. Ken says:

    I just bought an ASUS notebook today. Octagon SM City Cebu was an option in where I would have bought it, but one staff just spoiled it. Terrible and “bastos” customer handling skills. So I went out of their store, bought a laptop on the next computer store stall and went back to Octagon and raised concern w/ this bald staff’s lousy customer service with their management.

  45. JENN says:

    Ei, hindi lang naman mga staff yata ang may masamang ugali pati rin mga customer. Once, I bought at octagon, may nakita akong customer over react dahil hindi nabigyan ng tawad sa speaker. Hello?!divisoria ba ito? galit na galit ang lola mo nang lumabas sa store. syempre ganoon naman talaga ang price noon dahil sa pagkakaalam ko HINDI IMATATION ang mga tinda nila. Sana naman isipin din natin na kung tayo ang nasa lugar nila…

  46. BRIAN says:

    I always buy at octagon. pero ala nmn akong masamang karanasan s kanila eh friendly nga ung mga sales s kanila eh!!!! minsan kc taung mga mamimili nakakalimutan na wag naman mayabang kahit customer tau!dahil ng tratrabaho lng nmn cila at tao rin nmn.!!! kaya wag mag maliit sa kapwa…kung minsan kc kala nting mga buyers kung cno tau meron kc ako n encounter ngayan ng tanong lng cya pero galit at hindi nmn pla sya bibili! tama ba un” So If you want resfect,resfect Others tough they are workers or employee! kc khit mataas ang estado mo skanila tao karin!!!!!

  47. JM says:

    We bought an Acer PC at Octagon last year. Sadly, the PC went haywire just half a year into its operational life. We brought it there, but it was beyond repair. They already brought it to Acer Philippines for repair , but to no avail. Neither Octagon nor Acer Philippines could fix it. We demanded a replacement, and they replaced the whole PC system a week after we sent the letter demanding a replacement. At least they were kind enough to replace our unit.

  48. Jerome says:

    We bought an acer laptop at octagon galleria and i can say it was ok, except that the hinges were annoyingly squeaky everytime it was opened and closed. Otherwise that laptop from Octagon was perfect. They also have this nice policy that allows customers to use two credit cards, unlike other stores which limits you to only one. With regard to their prices, i believe some items are really overpriced, while others are not, like their laptops which have one of the better prices compared with other stores. In terms of customer service, i tend to agree that their store could use some leSsons in pr.

  49. sam says:

    Well here’s mine:

    I bought a CQ40-107AU laptop in Octagon Cagayan de Oro City, Velez Branch. I went to the said branch to replace my unit and this is what happened:

    Laptop Problem:
    1. Overheating
    * 50+ celsius (I’m not doing anything)
    * 60+ celcius (Running basic application. ex. word, movie player)
    * 70+ – 80 (Playing Games or Running Adobe Photoshop or Video Recoding)

    Octagon Employees Problem:
    1. Hesitate to replace the unit
    2. Underestimate customer
    3. Lack of respect to the customer (the head technician said ” you better ask a letter from HP that this unit is defective”. He’s asking me to do his job.)
    4. Lack of training or updates. (The head technician(the fat one) and the rest don’t know how to determine the Temperature of the unit. I was the one who provide the software to prove that the unit is overheating)
    5. “Not Reliable” and “Gives False Information”. The Sales clerk or I think she is the OIC or she is the cashier. Gives false information. She said she ask HP about the the problem and HP answered: it’s because of the Speedfan software that I installed. I know that she is lying because she dont know speedfan when i ask her and I know she did not contact HP simply because HP cannot asnwer your call right away. She and the head technician already gives assumption without taking a look at the software. “I DID NOT CONFIGURE THE SOFTWARE, I JUST INSTALLED IT FOR CORE TEMP MONITORING.”
    6. Very good because the cashier or the OIC was very particular about software piracy but, there actually using a pirated movie and software as i found out when they watch a movie and try out some software.

    My descision:
    Instead of a Replacement it ends up a full refund because of a poor and disrespectfull customer service. The refund will take 2 weeks daw. Is this really their policy or another bullsh*t?

    Company Request or Suggestion:
    1. Train your employees well to restpect all kinds of customer.( Specially if they can’t get a “Tip”, a “sideline” to customers)
    2. Do some advancement and technology update seminar.
    3. If you know and discover something about your product, inform all your branches.

  50. Rohi says:

    Naku mahal pala dun kaya nga ba ako hindi nga nabili dun eh ^^ kung mag paparepair kayo PC sakin nalang i cut the half of price na binibigay ng octagon ^^ yung mga taga nueva ecija, san jose diyan!!! or better email me [email protected]

  51. Jan says:

    …would be better if one should learn to build their own rig; at least somehow you know what are the components inside. Google comes handy when one aspires to do so. However, tag along somebody who knows how to build one — as a precaution.

  52. Jake Carlson says:

    well, everyone has their own experienced to share.. every computer store has their own bad sides.. for me, ive been a customer of octagon ever since here in manila.. im so satisfied with their service, they have larger store compared to others.. their like a department stores.. their huge.. ur free to look at whatever accessories u like, coz they have lots of varieties of accessories.. they have warranty on flash drives, unlike on cdr king.. cheap but no warranty and they sell imitations.. they have 7days replacement policy which is good.. when i bought a video card from electroworld mega, they dont want to replace the unit right away though its really defective.. they dont even want to refund it.. i still have to wait for the replacement.. what kind of policy is that?? its bad cause octagon is out of stock that time.. they offer nationwide warranty.. which is also good on my part coz i always travel, i had a problem with my acer unit when i was in baguio.. i went to octagon baguio for them to check the unit.. after a few minutes its working perfectly.. i dont have to go back to manila cause octagon offer nationwide service.. im really satisfied..

  53. tonton says:

    cguro di naman lahat ng branch ng octagon eh pangit.
    pero agree ako na mejo mahal nga talaga presyo nila compared sa ibang stores.
    saka yung sales lady dito sa amin sa legazpi di ko din trip.
    minsan bumili ako ng mouse tapos nagtanong din ako kung magkano graphics card, di ba naman ako inintindi. tapos maya-maya sumagot din sabi niya. mga tatlong libo daw ATA…

  54. linda says:

    I also have a bad experience when i visited OCTAGON Computer store LIMKETKAI MALL in Cagayan de Oro City last November … the store has a lot people and the sales man are busy at that time so i look around check out the laptops then this fat ugly security guard saw me looking at the laptop and start sales talk me to buying one. My budget is only 20 thousand pesos so i asked him if there is a cheaper laptop maybe a price of 20 thousand or below but he insulted me and giving me a bad attitude saying ” Maam sa surplus ka dapat pumunta mga bago ang mga tinda namin dito. doon ka dapat pumunta sa american surplus sa labas ng mall. so walk out and being insulted by a security guard i cant forget his tag name in his uniform SG NAPULI i will never go near this store again. He is not doing hes duty guarding the store instead he acts like a sales man not only that hes rude person i dont know why they hired this kind of person.

  55. rollchan says:

    maybe, I should stay away from them…

  56. kol says:

    comments lang ako kay sam yong nagpost nong dec 18, 08

    hi! ga ya! ya! lng ka wala ka kabalo sa rules sa amo store naa me mga policies ginasunod after 2 week pana amo refund k eship pana sa manila about naman sa laptop mo diagnostic lng kami kng may problema service center lang ang may karapatan na magopen ng laptop dili mi ang authorize na service sa hp o compaq we are dealer lang tapos about sa replacement dili me basta2 replace ug item kong dili cya daut kng kaya ework sa technician kana kami ra trabaho kng dili service center na ang motrbaho ana kabalo ka sa sales naa dha tanan bugok,buang,OA,tarantado,presko,mura kinsa na tao, na mga customer dha masugatan kaya ikaw relax lang ayaw padala sa imo init kng naa mali ang sales staff dd2 ka reklamo sa incharge ok! OA sad ka post post pa wala kay mabuhat dili na makadaut sa octagon ultimo raka dili ka paminawon sa amo HO kay agi pana ug investigation ya! ya! lang ka bow!

  57. The Silent One says:

    DO not TRUST or listen on the bad gossip cus theres a trick and malicious intension inside of their comments. sa tingin ko yung mga naninira kay octagon ay mga competitor lang. Nagseselos lang yan .

  58. lisa5 says:

    After more than one year of this post, I’m pretty sure Octagon finally got your message.

    Although some comments here are not worthy to consider, some pretty much happens every now and then to some shops, Octagon or not.

    Imagine my trauma when I bought a defective brand new Nokia in an Ayala Mall shop–I live in Bulacan. The defects manifested after one week. I ended my month-long problem by writing a formal letter to the store manager and Nokia, asking them to replace na lang my unit instead of making me visit the store and the not-so-nearby Nokia service branch. It was my persistence and being courteous that got me what I really wanted. Although a different approach might work for others. :)

    But of course we expect to be treated the best way possible, Octagon store man o hindi. Warranty policies are somewhat anti-consumers now, kaya nga maraming pending cases sa DTI.

    As of today I am waiting for my laptop order to arrive at their branch. And I would like to say na naging maganda naman ang treatment nila sa akin at sa lahat ng nasa store yesterday. The clerk is constantly texting me as I wait for his signal pag dumating na sa branch ang unit ko. I found this page after ko pang itext sa kanya ang “Nice service, thanks!” message ko.

    Anyway pag may pangit akong experience with them I’ll let you know. That means if I have no bad experience with them, you might not see any more comment from me. Ganun naman tayo madalas, di ba. :)

  59. To2yBa2 says:

    Octagon computers sucks, real hard.

    Their sales people are arrogant bastards and bitches. Stay away from them, unless you wanna contribute to their livelihood and encourage such attitudes.

    I look, instead, for small independent computer shops who knows how to treat customers right.

    PC express, when are gonna arrive in our city?

  60. cory says:


    i bought a laptop that 30,000 with free bags another external hard disk drive also a external mouse for just tht price FRIEKING GREAT I LOVE OCGTAGON and their ppl are so nice and caring

  61. Bezalel says:

    I started out searching for an electronics company with online presence so that I could purchase a laptop for my fiance in Bayugan City Philippines. I am in the USA and I wanted her to have some warranty protection. Shipping back and forth would not be feasible. It looks like Octagon is not a wise choice. Here is what I think I know so far. Please offer your suggestions to me based on your experience of my goal. I mainly want to get her something we can chat with. The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 seems to be my best selection with the built in camera and great reviews. So now where do I buy it at with me in the USA and wanting it shipped to Bayugan City? I saw suggestions on here for PCXpress and Villman. I am going to check them out online now. Maybe you know another product that is ideal for chatting and priced so nicely? Thanks!!

  62. Buy a ASPIRE ONE its cheaper smaller and better according to p.c.
    21400 and same features as the S10 and more elegant

  63. antonM says:

    I’m attracted to this laptop that octagon in one of their branches is selling. I’ve seen the same laptop which costs around 28k being sold online on different sites. I was about to buy it when the saleslady told me that I should also buy a windows OS with it. I can choose from a variety of windows OS versions which price start from 2.5k up. I told her that I opt not to buy the windows OS anymore ‘coz the Linux OS already installed in the laptop is enough for my need. But then, she said it was a company policy not to allow the laptop to be sold without a windows OS being sold with it. I told her again that I don’t need it ‘coz if it were the one installed on the laptop I would remove it and install the Linux OS instead, which is exactly what I need. But then, I started to get pissed with what she said. She told me that they were just being cautious of unlicensed and pirated software. Now, who is she telling me that! I told her Linux is a free software if she doesn’t know that already and please don’t imply to me that I will be installing pirated software on it. I was just controlling myself ‘coz if she slipped and told me that I will be installing pirated software on it, I could have filed a complaint against her.

    Further, the wrong thing about it is that they are advertising it on their flyers that the laptop costs this price (e.g: 28k) but when you get there you will be surprised ‘coz you will be forced to buy another item aside from the laptop. And why are they insisting on customers to buy something which they don’t wanna buy.

    But where’s their mistake? Let me give you a scenario to help understand the fault. For example, another retailer sells a package of the same laptop bundled with the windows OS at a price of 31k. Now octagon is selling it at 28k. So a customer would go to octagon which offers the lower price. Only to know that the price would end up to be the same with the other retailer ‘coz he/she will be forced to buy the windows OS also.

    Don’t you think its unfair trade on the part of their competitors? And on the part of the customer, I do honestly believe it’s foul letting the customers fall into that trap.

    Now if i would be on the other way around, it would be ok if they just advertised that the price is 31k and the package already includes a windows OS.

    Hope you can comment about this. Thanks!

    P.S. Just curious. Does octagon really have that policy? Or are their employees making this up to sell additional items.

  64. CUTE says:

    About Anton, I think you’d got a wrong impressions about Octagon especially to that lady you had mentioned before.As a matter of fact, there is no such policy as that “not to allow the laptop to be sold without a windows OS being sold with it”, if you heard it right,she is annoyingly bastard! All of us has a right to choose what are the things we need and we want to buy, so what the hell is her problem? But,for Octagon, I don’t think they has a cheaper prices among other competitors But I’m certainly agree that the quality of their items are not bad. Every stores has a different tactics and procedures on how to make a good sales. Octagon just doing their work well. They sell laptops, when client wants to buy it absolutely the clerk will encourage or advise the client to buy some more items which are needed to their laptops. Encourage not Insist….

  65. Choi Matsuo says:

    Thanks for these feedbacks. I was trying to check if I could actually get a great deal with Octagon. I guess I have to look somewhere to buy a new computer that will work for long time…
    I will have to remove Octagon from my list of shops that I will be visiting.

  66. mitch says:

    i bought an hp printer yesterday at octagon sm scucat branch and successful to set it up and print couple of pages. but just this day, i was trying to used my printer it can’t print. i tried everything i know (uninstall then install it again, check if it is the default printer, check the printer status if there are pending files to print) but yet it can’t work.

    i happen to read this “spooler can’t work properly” so i decided to call the store. the staff on the line said that “it would be better if i drop by and bring the unit.”

    they said that there’s nothing wrong with the unit and maybe it is just my pc who has the problem i asked them “what is the spooler stuff all about?, the oic or technician? said that he didn’t know anything about it. i asked why? and he replied: it’s bec i haven’t encountered anything like that”.

    so i just go back home hopeless and tried to install it in a different computer. samething hhappen. so i call again octagon and demanded for a replacement or refund. they gave me the number of their OIC The OIC said that they don’t do that and insisted that there is nothing wrong with the unit. i replied that i already installed it to a different computer. what am i going to do with a printer that i can’t even use. besides i just used it once and it was just yesterday since i bought it. it is within the warranty of only “7DAYS!!!!”

    ENDING: bring my cpu when i have time, they will never replace the unit and never give a refund.

    POOR me!!!!!!!!!

    ending: th

  67. dude says:

    dude theres a one year warranty for evrything at octagon not seven days maybe u went to electroworld cus theyre the shittest computer store in phil

  68. gurlRocker says:

    … Waah… buti nalang pala hindi ako bumibili sa octagon..Pero hindi naman cguro lahat ng hindi kilala eh poor ang service.. kasi, hindi rin maxado kilala yung binibilhan at pinapagawan ko, ala namang ganung problema…
    Aware kaya sila sa mga nagyayari?

  69. Boybawang says:

    I think the situation differs from every octagon branch. I bought all the parts for my own rig in OCtagon SM pampanga and I was pretty satisfied with the way the sales personnel handled the specs I gave them. I guess maybe they noticed that I wasn’t a newbie on what I wanted. We chitchat about technical stuff as I watched them assemble it and they even suggested some new models of VC’s & RAM modules as they clearly noticed that I was building a really high end rig.

    The sales person was a different story though. She was downright overselling that she almost pissed me off.

    Moral of the story: Do your homework and know what you are buying (google is your friend). Do not let them intimidate and bludgeon you with technical stuff. OR, bring along someone who’s knowlegeable.

  70. garry says:

    i buy compaq presario C791TU last sept2008 at SM dasmarinas octagon store till now the wireless is not working…i’m now in KSA…tsk! mapi kuwais your octagon technical support kollo muskila sadiq!

  71. garry says:

    even if you try their suggested drivers for wireless and audio still have problems..even if you put ear/headphone stil yuo can hear the sound from the laptop compaq presario C971TU sept2008 SM dasma octagon

  72. muy amoy says:

    I think you should ask the store before you leave the Phil…They certainly help you especially when you bought it there..
    Hmm…some staff are not bad at all…go to galleria branch and you’ll know.

  73. mero says:

    ei!!!!sa lahat ng naninira sa octagon galingan nyo naman ng konti!!!!kasi obvious lang na naninira kayo!!!!kulang ba kayo sa pansin????!!!!oh kulang lang kayo sa benta??????

  74. mero says:

    Para sa lahat ng bad comment nyo..E di wag kayo bumili sa Octagon.cnong tinakot nyo??hehehehehe

  75. launcelot says:

    I was canvassing out computer peripherals in Cyberzone Megamall. Most of the shops around the area were accommodating enough to let me browse through their merchandise even with my laptop packed inside my knapsack. Then I went to Octagon to check. The guard forbade me to continue further inside and asked me to check in my laptop/bag. I specifically told them that I don’t want to lose my laptop or even entrust my laptop to strangers – including shop attendants. I was not allowed entry until I leave my laptop with them.

    Frankly, it is a big deal to me. They were very rude to let me part with my valuables when they don’t even have any guarantee that these valuables will be well taken cared off.

    Sorry na lang sa Octagon, they missed an opportunity of a sale from me. I just purchased an expensive Logitech device from a small shop nearby. Macromind.

  76. oishi says:

    hehehe…you’re right muy amoy…galleria branch is great…particularly the dark guy. He is definitely intimidating but he is nice. He’s not good looking but he is gorgeous….hehehehe

  77. hitman says:

    may HP laptop ako bought year 2003, may kasama itong recovery cd… Dell notebooks may kasama din na recovery CD up to now… yung ibang brands ay di ko lang po sure kung may recovery CD na kasama kapag nabili.

  78. LEXTER says:

    _____we’re stll no.1____

  79. red warrior says:

    fuck urself sam!

  80. jacob says:

    reply to “kol” who posted 21 feb 2009…

    I’m sure you are an employee from Octagon. You my friend are an example of everything that is WRONG with Octagon. Your response to SAM’s post is the BEST EXAMPLE OF ARROGANCE, UNPROFESSIONALISM, AND PURE IGNORANCE.

    Sam’s post was concise, factual, and yes, emotional. I think he has earned the right to be emotional about it, imagine, he spent thousands of pesos for a crappy laptop… tsk tsk tsk…

    Below is an excerpt of your response that I copied and paste…

    “OA sad ka post post pa wala kay mabuhat dili na makadaut sa octagon ultimo raka dili ka paminawon sa amo HO kay agi pana ug investigation ya! ya! lang ka bow!”

    Your head office may not listen to SAM right now BUT if we keep this up long enough, then maybe they will start to notice as i will be personally sending this link to your VP for Customer service as well as DTI Office here in Manila & Cebu.

    For your sake, I hope they won’t get to read this, because if they do, I hope you and all of your ignorant co-employees in your branch OCTAGON branch gets fired…


    Jacob Lacerna

  81. KOL says:

    Paano yan NPA father ko.

    Kaw na bahala kung ano balak mo.

    reply to jacob.

  82. KOL says:

    Paano yan NPA father ko.

    Kaw na bahala kung ano balak mo.

    reply to jacob.

  83. jOSHUA says:

    may pa dti ka pang nalalaman, kng taga dti ka nga alam mo dpat ang policy about dyan, dhil, una tinulungan na cya ng mga empleyado dun, at gnawa na nila ang lhat,tama ung cnbi ni kol about dun sa hndi cla and service center at hndi cla pwede magbukas ng laptop dhil kng bubuksan nila un cla rin malilintikan, about dun sa refund hndi ka tlaga nakakaintindi ng return and exchange policy at khit nga cguro kng taga dti ka nga ei dpat alam mu ang policy nun.. tsk tsk tsk dont ever say that word ha hmmnn… tingnan mu muna ang sarili mo bgo ka magbigay ng husga sa kapwa…salamat po un lng!

  84. MallAdmin says:

    eh kanya kanyang experience lang yan, life goes full circle, at tandaan walang anu mang bagay ang nag tatagal…may mga bad and good experience talaga good thing is we learn and try to understand each time…eh lahat naman nakukuha sa maayos at magandang usapan always try to put yourself on the others shoes, kung may problem daanin sa SOP…may mga legal procedure namn kaya nga andyan yung tinatawag na POLICY..7 days and 1 yr warranty for store, kung extended sa supplier ka na mag habol…nothing is free today….good luck, be responsible enough in every decission you’ve made! IMO! ^^

  85. tess says:


  86. tess says:


  87. tim armstrong says:

    Octagon computer store is the best

  88. Anthony says:

    cory replied on Mar 25th, 2009 at 2:33 pm (60)


    i bought a laptop that 30,000 with free bags another external hard disk drive also a external mouse for just tht price FRIEKING GREAT I LOVE OCGTAGON and their ppl are so nice and caring


    nag aral ka ba?

    you suck!

  89. LEO says:

    cory replied on Mar 25th, 2009 at 2:33 pm (60)


    i bought a laptop that 30,000 with free bags another external hard disk drive also a external mouse for just tht price FRIEKING GREAT I LOVE OCGTAGON and their ppl are so nice and caring


    nag aral ka ba?

    you suck!

    JACOB you suck!

  90. jenna says:

    so far okay naman ung Octagon baguio,actually sila lang ung nag explain samin ng mabuti about sa gusto naming bilhin unlike sa ibang shops dto and friendly din sila un nga lang mahal talaga ung mga binebenta nila

  91. Jay says:

    For warranty issues, it usually takes a month before you can claim your item. But if there are delays such as out of stock issue, it may took more than a month. But if the cause of delay is the octagon staff’s mishandling of the product, I believe its not the customers problem anymore and the customer should demand for an explanation and a quick action from the management.

    I agree that most octagon shops have a poor customer service. Their salesperson aren’t that good too. They will just let you choose from their products and then take it to the counter. Almost like a self service store.

  92. mika says:

    my uncle bought a desktop PC from Octagon in Iligan City way back in late 2007; it worked for several months, until it won’t boot anymore. As the warranty has already expired, my uncle brought the PC to me to have it checked and repaired, as i pried open the CPU, i noticed that his PC was an Intel Celeron, i told him the problem was the motherboard itself since it got fried from being formatted several times already, i really don’t know why that happened since i formatted mine many times over and it’s still working properly.

    i noticed the receipt of the PC as it was taped beside the CPU, and it says there that the CPU was an intel pentium IV. i told my uncle about it and he said he didn’t know what the difference was, i told him he got screwed by those idiots at Octagon and got charged for a more expensive desktop PC when what he has was only an intel celeron; and he said he will never ever go back to that swindling-good-for-nothing-computer-store.

    i also once bought a mouse from them in SM City -Cebu, it worked when i had it tested before i bought it, however after a few days the right-click button stopped working. i brought it to their store, and they told me to buy another one since the brand that i bought was not reliable. what the heck!!! they didnt even bother to look at the mouse that i brought! those lazy employees of theirs should be reported to the DTI together with their employer!

    shame on octagon, they have been screwing their customers all along!!!!

  93. wangchi says:

    hey guys…i thinks there’s one thing more we should understand…while we are looking unto their bad actions, why won’t we also take a look at ours?

    1. sometimes, sales person act depende sa kausap.
    2. sometimes naman, akala ng customer magaling na sya sa computer but sadly, minsan ang mga problema ay hindi ang machine…it’s a user problem.
    3. mababa ang tingin natin sa mga sales person…aminin na lang natin na ganun…at bakit ganun? di ba masterpiece din naman sila ng Dios?
    4. Tulad rin natin, may limitasyon ang alam natin so why should not we consider na kaya di nila alam kasi hanggang doon lang ang alam nila?
    5. at kung sa convenience, I would rather wait for my service unit than going directly to supplier in manila! mamasahe pa ako? sometimes patience is too short for us to understand.
    6. minsan naman, pag marami kang pera ay akala mo pagma may ari mo na lahat…mayabang din tayo minsan mga mamimili.
    7. i may not be able to say everything at all but one thing lang na gusto kong iukit natin sa isip when it comes to computers and other electronic products….”ELECTRONICS YAN,may lifespan lang yan at di yan forever”.

    well, in fairness to Octagon, I will send him this thread so they would be able to improve there service. One thing for sure, di sila nagre-repair…supplier yan dahil bino-void ng supplier ang warranty pag binuksan sa store ang item. At sa susunod, kung may ganyan kayong problems, be specific enough to get their names then send a complain letter to their head office kasi parang back fighting itong ganito e…parang ang duwag…talking behind their backs kumbaga.

    hope kahit paano ay you will remember some of your nice octagon experience, di lang bad…kasi for sure, if ever you will need something na wala naman talaga sa iba ay sa octagon rin naman tayo pupunta…parang nakakahiya naman yata di ba? pinapatay mo sa likod si Octagon pero doon ka rin naman pala bibili. of course they owe us their success pero sana ma appreciate din natin na they are trying to reach out sa kahit saang sulok ng Pilipinas…like zambo, gensan, marbel, cotabato…o cge nga, asan ang mga pc express at villman doon? cooperation lang cguro from our ends.

    That’s all and God bless everyone…naway sawayin kayo ng Dios ano man ang mga masamang sinasabi natin sa kapwa. Tao lang tayo…same lang…iisa ang buhay! Sana maisip natin yon…

  94. tim armstrong says:

    nice one. sana nga may ganyang utak ang ibang mamimili.

  95. ysabelle malaya says:

    regarding po dun sa presario talagang mahirap hanapan po ng mda driver……..compaq presario C971TU lalo ito…. sabihin natin na madaning sources sa internet but still mahirap hanapin ang mga driver nito …. lalo minsan matigas ang ulo ng may ari ng laptop gusto nya windows xp….. kaw kaya mag install…. para maranasan mudin…. yung mga technician nahihiya lang cla na hindi nila magawa….. pero pag windows vista ya pwede yan pero kasi madaning customer na mayayabang basta gusto ang gusto hindi man lang isipin…. ang kapwa…. mga taong ffeeling ….. matataas…..

  96. ysabelle malaya says:

    regarding po dun sa presario talagang mahirap hanapan po ng mda driver……..compaq presario C971TU lalo ito…. sabihin natin na madaning sources sa internet but still mahirap hanapin ang mga driver nito …. lalo minsan matigas ang ulo ng may ari ng laptop gusto nya windows xp….. kaw kaya mag install…. para maranasan mudin…. yung mga technician nahihiya lang cla na hindi nila magawa….. pero pag windows vista ya pwede yan pero kasi madaning customer na mayayabang basta gusto ang gusto hindi man lang isipin…. ang kapwa…. mga taong feeling ….. matataas…..

  97. Laks says:

    Their personnel,especially that guy,in their Butuan branch is very rude and conceited. He is also very insulting. This is not an academe. This is a store. The lifeblood of the store is their sales thru their customers. Very poor customer relations results to very poor sales. I could have bought an adapter but because of the rudeness and insult i received I decided not to buy it. From now on, I will tell all my friends and associates to never buy from that store. NEVER!

    If you are a store, always satisfy your customer. And also when I got into the store nobody even tend to attend or notice me because all the personnel are watching movie on their displayed PC. So I call one’s attention and he did listen but his eyes were glued to the LCD.

    What do you call that?

  98. fidel626 says:

    brad pwede ba magtanong magkano kya yng video card :nvidia geforce na 7600 256 mb video ram sa octagon tga marilao ako sa sm marilao ako bibili non magkano kyo ang estimated price non

  99. jim custer says:

    I recently bought a card reader at Octagon Computers at SM Mall. The darn thing failed the first time I tried to use it. We took it back the next day. The clerk gave us another one no problem. I asked him to plug it into a computer and make sure it worked. He did and it didn’t. He took another one off the shelf. It failed to. He then tried to give me another brand of reader but I told him to just give me a store credit instead — heck, I didn’t even ask for my money back. He said, “No problem.” We get to the counter and this surely bitch wouldn’t give us a credit. She said we had to take the other reader instead because we didn’t bring the first reader back the same day we bought it. What a pile of pelosi!! I really wanted to grab her out from behind the counter and smack her.

    She and Marilu got into a huge argument. Matter of fact the guard even had to get involved. He and I ended-up exchanging words while ‘Lu and the girl were going at it. The little tramp wouldn’t give us her name, employee number, or anything. I took her picture for identification. The ugly little thing’s picture is still in my cell phone. I emailed Octagon Computers in Manila , and told them our story. Even sent a picture of the girl. I waited a few days but never heard back from them. So I sent them another email only to find that they’d blocked my IP address. That’s how Octagon handles a customer service problem. I thought about putting an ad in the newspaper, along with this little wench’s picture, and let the entire island know what a piece of crap company Octagon Computers is. Never did do it though.

    Beware!! Octagon Computers, at SM Mall Bacolod , are nothing but a bunch of unethical, immoral, crooks in MHO.

    We’ve had good luck though with BCG Computers up by Circle Inn, as well as Jegabites in Robinson’s Place Mall.

  100. bong camaligan says:

    i have the same problem din sa mga computer shop na yan. ang tagal nila mag-replace na isinoling defective pc parts. what i did nung pissed off na ako after 2 weeks na walang masabi kung kelan maaayos eh nag-file ako ng complaint sa department of trade and industry and presto kinabukasan eh pinalitan nang bago. basahin nyo ang “consumer’s protection act” ndun lahat ng solution sa mga negligent na mga negosyanteng yan.

  101. mitch torebia says:

    f you cus2mers r complaining bout the expensive price we hav, y dnt u buy 2 CD-R KING since they r d cheapest store computer accesories & dtas y units r given warranty, its bcoz nt all products r 100% perfect jst like d cus2mers dat dnt understand wat warranties r for =) nver ruin OCTAGON COMPUTER SUPERSTORE name coz u dnt knw wat it givs you… havnt u tried d othr store, havnt u encounter any probz w/ dem?????!!!!!!

  102. anonymous says:

    hey mitch, we’re not complaining about the prices per se; since most of octagon’s shops are located in malls, i kind of understand the premium you guys have to put in the products you sell. what i, together with others here in the comments section, cannot friggin’ understand is your ludicrous, and somewhat, duplicitous “warranty” terms and very questionable customer service you give to us paying customers. heck, you buy a mouse that costs almost php800 and your staff tells me that it’s only got a week’s worth of warranty while the packaging states that it has three? and when i ask them if there’s a way to contact logitech’s local distributor, all they can give me are blank stares? that’s %^*#$&*#$^%($#)!

    all we ask for, i surmise, is for octagon to give us a level of customer service commensurate to the price we pay. don’t act so naive as if octagon’s staff are very accommodating to everyone’s passing by the store; if indeed they are, then these comments will not have come out in the first place. why would we spend time on lambasting a certain store if we’re not going to get any from it, including any form of emotional and psychological satisfaction?

    if you don’t want people to feel acrimonious about your store and company, maybe you guys should do something about it and not throw the gauntlet at other stores. why drag them into the situation when people here are very irate specifically to your store staff’s ill-mannered ways?

  103. anonymous says:

    wla lang.

  104. concern citizen says:

    your wrong jim custer..OCTAGON IS THE BEST SELLER NATIONWIDE..!!!!

  105. cpp NPA says:

    fuck you…..!!!!!YAN BA PAG MARAMI KA NANG PERA?
    O.A. KAH!

  106. naruto says:

    octagon rules………..

  107. korokokok's says:

    You Fucking foreigner always knows everything! why dont you go back to your country!your policy there does not apply here!this is philippines man! the young lady have feelings also you biatch!

  108. korokokok's says:

    kiss my fucking ass shit face… so suckers hav nothing to do in your lives.. so lick your balls dirty mud face bastards… you dont know wat ur doing…

  109. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Actually found CD-R King to be superior to Octagon given their ability to honor the warranty based on the receipt and still maintain their low prices.

  110. brother in law says:

    meron akong brother in law na nagtatrabaho sa Micro Valley Festival Mall, yung mga regular employees daw nakakapuslit ng mga items sa store, ngayon yung brother in law ko dami na ring gadgets; laptop, cellphone, digicam at yumabang na. nagtry nga ako magemail sa head office nila kaso yung email address hindi na yata active, bumabalik lang yung mga email ko. Dapat palitan na nila talaga lahat ng employees nila sa Festival Mall.

  111. KC says:

    I’m have flight this weekend. I needed to buy a new, lighter laptop bag so that I can carry mine more easily. Then I found a pretty at O Belkin with nice pockets at Octagon. The problem is it was their demo unit so it was tattered on one handle, a little snagged on a small corner and had stains on the side. They didn’t have anymore stock. It still carried the original price P3000 despite the defects. But I looked around the whole mall and that was really the color and style I liked best. I was thinking maybe I can clean it up and have it fixed. So I asked if maybe they can put it in sale for me because it wasn’t good as new anymore. He said, “Okay. P2,800 then.” But I thought it wasn’t good enough coz I’ll still be the one to have it fixed and cleaned. I asked if he can make it a P500 discount. He merely said, “Kaunti lang po ang patong namin dyan.” And I told him, “But the quality is bad. I think that among the many customers who passed by already, I’m actually the only one who gave it a look even if it’s dirty. And I’ll have it fixed and cleaned myself. It’s not about how much your patong is but the quality of the product you’re giving me. It’s no longer brand new. A P200 discount isn’t enough. I’m willing to pay P3000 (the whole price) for a brand new one that isn’t tattered.” He just shook his head at me.

    If he really wanted to sell, he should’ve just sold it. It’s still a plus to sales. But there you have it… Kaunti nga lang “daw” ang patong nila, but he’ll never be able to sell that to anyone anymore anyway. Sayang.

  112. chen says:

    does anyone hear knows the email address of octagons higher management?i have a complaint to make?

  113. chen says:

    does anyone here knows the email address of octagons higher management?i have a complaint to make?

  114. ALEX MALLORCA says:

    grabe ang octagon ang tagal ng service nila… Sbi nila matagal daw ang serbisyo ng compaq yun pala personal ko nkita na tinambak lng nila ang laptop ko sa storage nila at wala inasikaso… I hate it

  115. kwatsay marbida says:

    huwag kayo bumili sa octagon kung dito kayo sa naga,cam sur, bumili kayo sa upgtade central, maganda manager, mabait, masikaso, pangalan nya cathy, dalaga pa un, tapos pag christmas namimigay yun regalo sa mga loyal costumer,

  116. slabster says:

    not friendly pips

  117. Jing says:

    I do sympathize with your plight.

    Although I never had any similar experience with regard to any store because I personally know my way around computers.

    It is recommended that if you are technically inept with computers get someone knows computers and you can trust.

    Another thing medyo tagilid ang English nung Runnel ah…

  118. ditodiyanduon says:

    nakakatawa mga comments dito wahahaha….. alam ko yung iba totoo. pero yung iba, hanggang paninira lang….. hahhahaha….. wala na ba talaga kayong kita….??????

    Kaya Sir at Madam, If you are one of the real costumer of Octagon Computer Superstore, wag niyo po idaan dito. If you have concerns about our services, daanin po natin sa due process. May DTI naman po diba?

  119. Kenny says:

    As an American computer professional living in the Philippines this is what I see. Octagon PREYS on average people. Any PC pro will quickly run away from Octagon because of their high prices. This is in addition to their website not having a single price posted. PLUS, their email address posted bounced, meaning the mailbox is full or they just took it down because of so many complaints. I use Enigma, a rather new company here in the Philippines. Their prices are MUCH LOWER that Octagon, and I can check them any time because they post a downloadable pricelist. Companies like Octagon will prosper for a short while because they have the money and a presence at the Malls. But as users become smarter, the word will spread, and scammers like Octagon will be a thing of the past. I just wish they would go away now because they are STEALING good money from hard working Pinoys every day…….very sad.

  120. honeylou says:

    iam prety sure for those people hav bad comments w/ octagon mga compitators lang nla yun…walang magawa sa buhay….wla lang cguro benta…..we both laptops at octagon MOA a year ago and wala naman me masabi sa mga tao dun mababait naman….and infact recently nkavisit me sa octagon cagayan de oro w/ my ante there and bumili naman nag ante ko ng desktop as i recommed octagon and we went ther sa may velez branch nla and same parin mababait namn ang tao dun… yung manager la pwede ka makahingi ng free items… yun nga in cash pasment naman…. but we understand kasi policy nga naman nla…..only one thing lang pla nakavisit din kami sa octagon sa may lim ket mall bayon? yung buntis nla na cashier and sama ng ugali walang breding panira sa imahi ng octagon…..di mo makausap ng matino….but anywy….all over mababait naman….good service naman….

  121. Teckieman says:

    @ditodyanduon kaya nga namin dinadaan d2 kc useless din kung sa DTI at lease naiseshare namin sa iba ung experience namin about sa octagon right?

  122. Jim Reyes says:

    Eto ang experience ko sa Octagon Computer……October 31 nagtungo ako sa Octagon Computers para maghanap ng Speaker w/ Subwoofer….Nagtanong ako kung ano pinakamabenta sa kanila, at syempre sabi d best daw edifier speaker nila…. napaka mabenta. Nagpakuha ako ng isa pa subukan kung maganda nga… at presto.. ok ang ganda, walang problema, hindi nga natapos ang isang kanta e, binayaran ko na agad. sabi ko babalikan ko na lang kase kakain pa kami e. Nung umuwi na kami sa bahay, sinubukan ko na yung speaker….after ng isang kanta, nawawala na ang sounds nung isang speaker… gabi na rin nun kaya hindi ko na muna masyado pinansin…sinubukan ko ulit kinabukasan nov 1, holiday sa buong pilipinas…. hindi ko naasikaso na naman ang bullshit na edifier speaker na yun…tapos nag travel na ako papunta olongapo… nakabalik na ako ng tayabas e november 15, november 16 ng umaga sinubukan ko na ulit yung napakamabentang speaker ng octagon….. at no luck, sira talaga yung speaker na napabigay sa akin, damn. isinoli ko sa octagon yung speaker, tirouble shoot nila. i demanded a replacement, at bilang isang mabuting mamamayan, wala naman akong sinabing masama, nagrequest lang ako kung pwede magawan ng paraan, kase e eto na nga,m ang dami ng sinabi na kung ano ano, ifollow up ko daw. tapos syempre bilang magaling na marketeer, ang gagaling nga mga taga octagon, bilib talaga ako sa kanila. ang galing magbenta, tapos walang kwentang after sale service….. sabi 1 month daw ok na. nakaka 2 tawag na ako sa OIC daw na yun, nung una sabi 30 days daw, tapos kanina tumawag ulit ako 30 working days daw….. bullshit talaga…. Kayong mga taga Octagon wag na kayo magbenta ng edifier kung ganyan kayo…… mga [email protected]$%@ina nyo….. kung gusto nyo suntukan nalang tayo….. mga magpapaasa. nakakasama ng loob. sa Asianic na lang kayo bumili o sa Villman, na experience ko sa Asianic, nasira USB keyboard nung binili ko na computer, under warranty, after 4 weeks pinalitan nila ng bago… cool, sino ba ang ibang nagbibigay ng warranty sa keyboard?? Asianic lang!!! Sa Octagon bullshit…. sa january pa ako magkakaroon ng speaker…. sana bumili na lang ako sa iba….

    • akosiblade says:

      Jim Reyes baka tauhan k ng Asianic? bat dito k nag hahamon ng suntukan bkt hnd nalang doon sa mismong OCTAGON? kung totoong galit ka gumawa k ng magandang paraan hnd yung para kang taeng durog dito ka nag hihimutok!wahahha

    • Raymond jim Reyes says:

      Sorry akosiblade ha, kase para akong taeng durog na naghihimutok. siguro resulta lang ng sama ng loob ko talaga sa Octagon sa pinaggagawa nila sa akin,at dito ko din lang nailabas. tapos na rin ang issue nasa akin na ang edifier speaker ko. ang ginawa lang naman nila pinag short lang sa loob, ginawa lang nilang parallel yung circuit sa board para walang sablay ang tunog, nakakalungkot noh pandaraya yun, kase sira pa rin. kaya ko ring gawin yun kung sinabi sana nila. nga pala hindi ako empleyado ng asianic, hindi mo ba binasa comment ko? baka ikaw pa empleyado ng Octagon. ako kaya kong sabihin ang pangalan ko e ikaw? sino ka? sa mga empleyado ng octagon humihingi ako ng pasensya…. readers na lang ang humusga…..

  123. jean says:

    its true!! octagon’s practice of selling computers at a lower price compared to other stores but the truth is, the price is just the same or even higher since the customer has yet to buy an os and microsoft office.. kawawa mga customers n walang alam bout it ‘coz their salesclerk will not expalin it to the customer of course…

  124. HAHAHAHAH says:

    ^_^…. There were a lot of possible circumstances that we may encounter in our lives. Isa na dun yung experiences natin as we buy computer and computer peripherals.

    Other comments here are true. These are clients who didn’t have a good experience as they bought there unit at Octagon Computer Superstore. Pero ma’am/sir, there are other customers din na katulad niyo na naexperience nila ang naexperience nyo sa ibang computer store. Kaso nga lang mas malaki si Octagon Computer Superstore, kaya may ganitong site siya. Yung iba wala, kasi naman maliit lang sila.

    Other comments here are puro paninira lang from other competitor. They feel desperate for having a low sales because of Octagon Computer Superstore.

    Other comments naman are coming from Octagon’s employee itself. Uplifting there selves na magaling. Others are defending there branch. Kasi naman almost 100 branches ang Octagon sa buong pilipinas. At iba iba ang serbisyo ng kada tao.

    Sabhin niyo na ang gustong niyong sabihin. Wala naman bayad to diba?…..

    But here’s one thing i would like to tell you guyz. Octagon Computer Superstore is now serving international……

    Galing diba?



  125. inc. says:

    Hi Guyz

    I’m R a head office staff for octagon computer super store and i regularly read all comments here and other blogs on other site and use all your comments to improve the operation of octagon store wither its positive or negative comments.

    To those client who email the website. I’m sorry to inform you that our website are still under repair. Were having problems with the updates and the pricing of our products I think every body knows how fast the IT products changes every week.

    We at Octagon computer Super Store would like to inform all of our future/past clients and our competitor that we are now going International and still growing. Thanks to all your support even though you got bad and good experience in our store.

    If you have more comments or any suggestion or complain you can call the operation department at 02 5267152. Octagon Head Office.

    Thanks and Good Day to all


  126. Ann says:

    hi guys… i think the staff in Octagon have not undergone proper training… that’s why they can not troubleshoot any pc problems…. because 1 time we bought a webcam at Octagon Pavilion Mall, i cannot install here at home, but when we brought it there, they installed it properly. but when i asked them what’s the problem why i cannot install it at home they cannot answer me back… then i asked them if it could be a conflict in the other peripherals i use… i jokes if the mouse conflicts it… the staff then asked the guard, “nag-coconflict ba yun? may connection ba sa mouse yun?”. in my mind i just laughed… because they don’t really know what’s going on with the pc system…

    just sharing my experience…

    • Mr Silence says:

      sa totot joke lang po yun sa inyu sagot ng tech. kc baka mapasama pa sagot niya sa iyo. kc ikaw po me problem baka di mo alam i install. or baka habang nag iinstall ka panay open mo ng ibang aplication, or pede din panay open mo nang aplication may na skip ka sa installation bakayun yung mga probleme nga pag iinstal mo.

  127. R says:

    Hi thanks for sharing your comment

    We are sorry to inform you that Octagon computer super store is not an authorized service center or a computer repair store even though we at octagon are doing are best to train our staff and admit that most of our staff are all sales personnel and been given Basic Computer Troubleshooting. That’s why we inform our branches that if they don’t know the coz of the problem they will call the Head Office Service Department and we strongly recommend that if they encounter any problem with their client PC its better to leave their unit in the store and have it sent to the Head Office Service Department for Proper Check up. Same as other retail store are doing specially like SM Appliances they usually recommend their buyer in case of problem you my bring your unit to any authorized service center.

  128. Nice says:

    punta nlng kau d2!

  129. Nice says:

    d2 sa punta kau d2

  130. paulcook says:

    I wish to buy a laptop in octagon. However because of the complain of the past customers, I lost my confidence in buying in their store. Where can I buy laptop with after sales services?

  131. TPC says:

    Friendly advice:
    Before you buy a Gadget or a Computer or a PC Parts.. make a simple review of the product.
    Don’t ask the Sales person in the store.
    Walang matinong sasagot yun. =))

    • Mr Silence says:

      tama po dapat mag reserch po kayu nga matutunamn kayu di yung panay reklamo kayu. kaya nga may warranty yung binibili nio sa kadahilanang electronic parts yan di mo mahuhulaan kung kelan bibigay yan. at kung sakasakali man bibili din kayu siguradohin nio malapit sa kanila yung main nila. kc if incase wala mag papawaranty 2-3months talaga ang matagal na proces kung gusto nio madali dalhi nio sa mismong gumawa toshiba, seagate,western gigabyte, and many more.

  132. Optimus Prime says:

    @TPC well sa ka2lad mo cguro di mu n kailangan ng sales person kc nareview mu n ei di b?…pro pra sa sbhin ko sau..hindi lhat ng reviews na makukuha mo on net is fair at exactly same ang expect sa bibilhin mo…tpus by the time n nabili mu na bglang me kulang pla na expected mu ay mron din cia nun…alam mu hwag mu lahatin ang mga sales person hindi lang bsta damit ang binibenta nyan n kpag fit na sau ay ok lang..dumadaan ang iba dyan sa training at seminars which is mas maigeng naipapaliwanag sa knila ung mga specs, and maintenance..compairing sa mga nababasa mu lng…at bkit ikw b? naireview mu b kng paanu magdiagnose ng pc without using cd or anything to check kng me prob…un lang ang pagkakaiba nmin sa inyo n wala sa reviews mu…

    • Mr Silence says:

      kaya nga po sabi ni tpc mag basa po ng reviews para me knowledge kayu bago pa kayu mag tanung sa mga sales, baka kasi mapatapat kayu sa mga sales na di namn fucus ang mind sa isang product and brand, kung meron lang siyang specific product and brand na hawag sure yan spesialties niya ma explain yan sayu ng maayos.

  133. ivan says:

    lahat naman ng store may kanya kanya naging problema.. may kanya kanyang experience ang mga customer na same ng ganito.. nataon lang na eto e naka post..

  134. Murry says:

    Is there a way we can make the stores to replace defective products with brand new ones? Within the warranty period, or course.

    I bought a defective hard drive in Octagon (it was a different name back then) and they replaced with with an old refurbished one. I was so dismayed by it that I never bought anything again in their store even if they change their name 8 years ago. Maybe they’ve gotten better now, but I have no reason to go back there when there are other stores selling the same thing.

  135. carlos says:

    ..octagon’s what you call technicians ARE NOT really technicians..they are only sales assistant whom responsible only for sales..
    ..sales assistant is different from sales-tehnician.. although there are sales assistants that are with knowledge with technical aspects, they are still only concerned with sales and with lack of information on technical aspects.. a sales-tech in a computer store and responsible for not only in sales assisting but also in knowledge with techncal aspects such as computer troubleshooting..i fully explain to customers about computer that they are looking for..i demonstrate clearly to them the features of the product and provide them good customer service..

    im from asianic-computers southmall branch.:)

    • v.cdo2 says:

      You’re so ignorant Carlos, nakakasuka, hehhehehe hahahahha, haven’t you read the previous comments, specially from mr. R.?

      OCTAGON COMPUTER SUPERSTORE is NOT an authorized service center or a computer repair shop. Most of the staff are sales personnel and that they’re only given basic computer troubleshooting.

      Tama ka, they are not technicians. Hindi sila “mukhang perang technicians” na katulad mo, that are installing pirated software to clients (para magkapera) without informing them that their unit’s operating system or office is not Genuine/License.

      WE ARE SALES PERSONNELS, who address client’s inquiries and concerns up to the best that we can.

      Maraming salamat po, and carlos? wala na ba kayong benta diyan?….. Desperado ka na kasi eh…. hahahhaha, if you wanted to advertise your COMPANY, or if you wanted to uplift yourself, you’re free to have it done here. hhahhahahahha


    • Mr Silence says:

      Rivals siguro kayu no….

  136. Water says:


    Just want to insert a good word about Octagon here, because of my earlier experience in Octagon Parksquare.

    I bought a computer mouse yesterday in Octagon for about P300. Problem was, the left-click was broken. So I hoped that I will be able to return it and they will replace it.

    When I went there, it was a very hassle-free experience. They first tested the mouse and when they found out the problem, they didn’t ask any more hassling questions. They even asked me if I want to replace it with the same brand or another brand (which was what I really wanted, since I want to go for a more trusted brand).

    I was very happy because all the best-case scenarios I had in mind happened.

    Thanks Octagon

    • Mr Silence says:

      me mga ganyan case po talaga ma papalitan agad, pero di sa lahat ng panahon lalo na at mahal yung parts na nabili nio, lumipas na ang mga araw bago nio binalik, pag ganun mga cases di agad pinapalitan yun.

  137. rap says:

    i have a nightmare at same store OCTAGON OZAMIZ, i bought a laptop and 2months later i asked them to have some test with my battery since it was not functioning well. tiningnan nila saka inusisa yung unit, then when they get back to me they said void ang warranty kasi tampered daw ang sticker… they know very well that the cover of hdd was not tightly screwed making the sticker as if cracked… tapos 3months pa bago binalik ni walang extension ng warranty that was so lame… ako pa naperwisyo sa unit 9m0nths lang warranty nakuha ko ang pangit ng serbisyo ng octagon kaya wag nalang kau bumili dun… isa pa yung personnel mabuti lang pag bibili ka pero pag nagkaproblema ka na sa unit saka ka dededmahin at sisimangutan at ang dami agad rason…

    • Mr Silence says:

      dapat yung battery pack nalang dinala nio, alam ni namn pala na battery problem. tsaka baka sa service center nila sa viod yun or baka sa kanila dapat picturepicture sana muna sa mga waranty sticker and sa boung itsura ng unit for technical report purposes.

    • Elois says:

      Anu na nangyari pinalitan ba nila?

  138. HANI says:

    nakasubok narin akong bumili ng parts sa octagon. kainis ang pangit ng nabili ko at ayaw nilang palitan kasi daw di daw sa kanila yung sira. panung di sa kanila eh pagkabili sa kanila tinesting ko kagad pag-uwi. baliw pala sila eh. nagpalit na ako ng binibilhang parts.

    • Mr Silence says:

      wag kasi kayu dun sa mura yung medjo mahal ng onti pag murang mura mag taka ka kasi baka sa manufacturer mababa klase yung raw materials na ginamit jan. tapos basa basa din ng reviews research ba kung sinu may mas matibay na brand magandang quality.

  139. wtf says:

    Bought a tablet from Octagon few months ago an it needs repair so took it to the store and was informed it would take 2 months for it to be repaired and returned.

    It took 4 days back in 1969 to travel to the moon and it takes these retards 2 months to mail a tablet from Bacolod to Manila and back.

    Never again will i buy from them.


  141. Elois says:

    Bought an Asus laptop in Octagon San Jose del Monte Bulacan last Sept 28, it automatically shuts down Oct, brought it back to Octagon I was informed that it would be rapaired I didn’t agree bec I bought a brand new one not a repaired one
    Octagon did not reconsider my request for replacement blaming Asus
    Now I have to deal with them both

  142. A donato says:

    Buying avr for my computer just this morning i came back after 2hrs because its not fit with my computer. Ther stupid policy did not consider to me return it and ill buy another one for higher price. What a policy. Thats for octagon gmall davao.

  143. Design says:

    bumili ako ng gaming keyboard yun pag naka sleep ang pc nag biblink ang keyboard. ayaw ko nang isuli. baka di rin tangapin napaka stikto ng mga sale staff. parang sila yung may ari hahhahahahaha.

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