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Best Features of the Schneider Electric HyperPod

Schneider Electric, in partnership with VST-ECS Philippines, recently launched the HyperPod in the country. Here are some of the best features of this large-scale data containment solution.

Flexibility with equipment

The HyperPod has a free-standing that allows its racks to be rolled in and out. The containment also has a frame base, allowing it to adjust to different widths and numbers of racks. It also has multi-frame deployment support for larger pods.

Swift installation

Deployment and installation time of the HyperPod is rather swift, compared to other containment solutions. The pods can be fully built without even waiting for the IT racks to be delivered, the power and data cables can be mounted on the frame, and the racks can be rolled into place upon arrival.

Support for varied conditions

Schneider Electric has noted that the HyperPod was designed to accommodate several cooling conditions. It can support perimeter, row-based, or even outside IT room cooling. Not only that, but the HyperPod can also be deployed as a hot or cold aisle containment. Schneider Electric also offers a variety of roof and ducting options for the HyperPod, including a simple or drop-out roof, and horizontal or vertical duct.


The HyperPod can be repurposed for new applications in a similar swift manner and can be scaled to the changes that the companies’ preferences. The cost of scaling is reduced as well.

Cost and time savings

The construction time needed to install the HyperPod will be reduced since it has a rather swift assembly. Invasive construction can be prevented as well. The use of hanging supports from the ceiling or routing cables under the floor, plus support for multiple mounting locations.

The installation cost of the HyperPod varies, depending on the size and scale of the data center.

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