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MOK 2.0 and MOK mini Plus Review

We’re truly excited as we get our hands on new upgrades on tech, design, and other exciting tech find this 2021. Let’s kick things off with MOK, a heat-not-burn brand aiming to provide adult smokers who want to quit smoking and who want to switch to a less harmful alternative.

• Mok 2.0 Mok Mini Plus • Mok 2.0 And Mok Mini Plus Review

Last year, we reviewed two products from MOK, and this year, the brand launched three new devices designed to elevate the heat-not-burn experience of its users — MOK 2.0, MOK mini Plus, and the MOK One. These devices are bolder, more tech-savvy, and even more elegant. Our thoughts on these shiny new things below!

With the elegant union of style and tech, the MOK 2.0 and MOK mini Plus boast several upgrades on the physical aspects as well as certain functions of the devices that ensure any user will stand out from the rest of the heat-not-burn users out there.

• Mok 2 7 • Mok 2.0 And Mok Mini Plus Review

The MOK 2.0 now comes with a super sleek metallic finish with elegant accents on its body. The finish is smooth to the touch and really gives off that premium feel. The split-type device still fits right at the palm of the hand and now comes with a pop-out cabin where the holder is kept and charged. Get this device in bolder colorways of Blue, Gold, or Brown to really stand out.

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Our favorite feature of the MOK 2.0 has to be the highly futuristic OLED panel on the pocket charger that is elegantly incorporated into the overall design of the device. Users can expect a fuss-free experience as the OLED panel already indicates the battery levels and charging status of the device.

• Mok 2.0 Oled Panel • Mok 2.0 And Mok Mini Plus Review

The MOK mini Plus, on the other hand, is the ultra-compact, all-in-one device option. The MOK mini Plus embodies the ultimate minimalist yet functionally powerful device. The smooth matte finish goes great with the monochromatic blue or black of the device. It is truly aesthetically pleasing and fits in any small pocket or bag.

Realme Philippines

A full charge of the MOK mini Plus allows for up to 12 uninterrupted uses or up to 12 heating cycles can be done consecutively.

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The MOK 2.0 and the MOK mini Plus also bring in faster pre-heating cycles at just 12 seconds, minimizing the user’s waiting time. Most devices have longer pre-heating cycles at 15 seconds or more.

• Mok 2.0 • Mok 2.0 And Mok Mini Plus Review

The MOK 2.0’s holder only needs 2 minutes and 30 seconds to fully charge inside its pocket charger while the pocket charger itself — thanks to the now Type-C charging port — only needs 1 hour and 30 minutes for a full charge which gives the user up to 20 heating cycles.

These upgrades combined make it extremely easy for those adult smokers to start dropping their traditional cigarettes and switch to the less harmful alternative. Aside from the reduced toxins, users also enjoy only tobacco-flavored vapor that does not have any strong smell when using MOK.

And finally, the third MOK device launched is the MOK One. It is MOK’s offer to adult smokers who are excited to give heat-not-burn a try but are hesitant to invest in big bucks just yet. This exciting entry-level device still upholds that elevated experience that users expect from MOK.

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• Mok One • Mok 2.0 And Mok Mini Plus Review

MOK One gives users up to 20 heating cycles in one full charge and has a Type-C charging port for faster charging — indeed powerful despite its simple form factor. The MOK One comes as a special intro gift to those who will purchase three COO packs!

Grab all of these from MOK’s official online stores in LazMall and Shopee Mall or from the MOK Specialty Kiosks located in Eastwood, SM North EDSA, SM Manila, SM Sta. Mesa and MetL!ve. MOK is also available in GrabMart Express where you get your MOK and COO within 60 to 90 minutes.

Before you go, we want to inform you that we’ll be giving away two units of MOK 2.0 and one MOK Mini Plus. All you have to do is like and share this article to your Facebook timeline, make the shared post public, and add the following hashtags to your post:#YugaTechxMOK #MOK2 #MOKMiniPlus.

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