Top Selfie Features of the Vivo V15 Pro

Let’s say you already have the Vivo V15 Pro, and one of the first things you’ll probably do with it is to take selfies, which is understandable considering that the 32MP Elevating Selfie Camera is hard to ignore. But let’s not forget that this is not an ordinary camera as it has features that will make shooting selfies more enjoyable.

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Portrait light effect

Normal selfies are sometimes boring especially if you don’t have a nice background. To solve that problem, you can enable Portrait light effect on the V15 Pro. From there you can choose from Natural light, Studio light, Stereo light, Loop light, Rainbow light, and Monochrome background. Each effect has its own characteristics so pick the one that works best. Shooting against the light?


Next, we have filters. Filters have been around for quite a while now and are prominent in apps like Instagram or VSCO Cam. But the V15 Pro has its own built-in filters, and so far, there’s 14 to choose from. All you need to do is choose one that you like, take that shot, and upload right away.

AI Beauty

Like filters, AI Beautification has become a common feature for selfie-centric smartphones but the one found on the V15 Pro has grown and now includes extra features. Not only you can make your skin smoother, but you can also adjust the skin tone, the shape of your face or jaw, reshape your forehead, nose, mouth, make your face whiter or thinner, or enlarge your eyes. You can basically change your whole face which makes the whole process more fun.

AR Stickers

Again, we don’t want boring selfies. Good thing the V15 Pro has AR stickers to add life to your photos. There’s many to choose from like glasses, cat’s ears, jewelry, and animals. It’s very fun that we find ourselves having a good time by just checking out each filter. And it doesn’t just work on photos, you can even apply it while recording a video.

Live Photos

Live photos are a cool way to create your very own gif or live photo without having to take multiple succeeding shots of yourself. Live photos run about 3 seconds each, and you can do numerous creative poses with this mode. It’s a cool way to make your own meme that you can send to your friends via chat.

And that sums it up. What’s your favorite selfie feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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