Firefox runs to Yahoo for help?

Firefox runs to Yahoo for help?

After Google officially abandoned Firefox in favor of its own branded Chrome browser, it looks like Mozilla sought the help of Yahoo to continue to promote its open source browser.

Featured in the newly redesigned Yahoo homepage are huge ads for Mozilla Firefox:

yahoo firefox


They’re rotating banner ads and text ads all over the homepage, the biggest push I’ve seen so far.

Of course, Yahoo will also be benefiting by having its toolbar included in every new download of Firefox 3.

Could this also be a sign that we’ll see the Firefox Search bar be pointing to Yahoo search instead of Google search anytime soon?

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12 Responses

  1. Aldrin says:

    default search would probably change as well. they should give more love to the one who’s currently loving them, right? im guessing the change will take effect sooner than we think.

  2. Kenneth says:

    I’ve noticed that already and thought of blogging about it too… But I guess, you’re the first one again. :lol:

  3. jhay says:

    Well this just further validates the point that Chrome is eating into Firefox’s share of the market.

    Would Firefox follow in Netscape’s footsteps? Oh noes! ;)

  4. Jase says:

    Oh Lordy! Can’t they just work together? This business is really cut-throat.

  5. jarod_0122 says:

    I think people are just giving it a try since this a new browser.Give it a week or two and they’ll be back to their favorite browser.The same thing I did.Im back to Opera.

  6. Lyle, RN says:

    I’m a chrome convert. But I still use firefox for e-mails.

    While chrome was aimed at IE, I agree that it affected Firefox the most.

    Well, since both are open-source, let’s just hope that they both adopt the best features of each other.

  7. Nope, it won’t be happening soon unless Mozilla can cancel the agreement they had with Google about the extension of Google Search as default page for every Firefox distribution.

    And as I’ve said before, the extension was signed a few days before Google announced Chrome to the world.

    1) Google knows Mozilla will move to Yahoo search, so they extended the deal
    2) It also gives Mozilla more money, thus people can’t just say Google is competing with Mozilla (they just gave more money right?)
    3) Google can’t buy Yahoo, Google has a deal with Yahoo (which Yahoo can cut anytime), Google will not easily give Yahoo Firefox’s chunk.

  8. Gee Please says:

    Don’t be too set on Chrome, FF still has the best web developer tools… For browsing Chrome does beat Ie in this respect…

  9. hukares says:

    I say, this is what’s great with FOSS.

    If you see something bad in the design of the existing one, make a new one from their sources.

    I bet IE can’t evolve into such unless sources are shared so others can help putting-in improvements.

  10. google is taking over the internet!

    i have downloaded the chrome already, but i guess i’d be more devoted to chrome if they have addons that mozilla has.

    as of the moment i am still using firefox because of the addons… =)

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