Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH Review

Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH Review

Ever wished you had Tony Stark’s genius mind and had one of his Iron Man suits in real life? Well, since we all can’t be Tony Stark suited up in Iron Man armor, this device might be the next best thing, introducing the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH. Check it out!

The robot stands at 13 inches tall and is equipped with a couple of features. On top of the head is a wake sensor, there’s also the retractable faceplate and the animated LCD screen underneath that. Of course, Iron Man wouldn’t be Iron Man without his Arc Reactor, and this robot also has its own LED-lit Arc Reactor. An accelerometer and gyroscope can be found on the torso, while on his back are dual-array microphones. The robot’s palms have LED-lit repulsors, while underneath his feet are IR sensors.

The power switch is situated on the back of the robot’s neck. As for the microUSB charging port, it can be found underneath a back plate.

Servo motors make up the majority of the Iron Man MK50 robot’s limbs. It’s noted that the robot should be handled with care as one wrong move can damage these motors and render the robot unusable. It feels solid all over, and also a little heavy, most likely due to all the mechanisms inside.

A smart device and UBTECH’s companion app are required to use the robot fully. No worries though about needing WiFi or mobile data as all interactions between the robot and the app are done through Bluetooth.

The Iron Man MK50 robot has four main protocols, all controllable through the companion app. These are the Nanotech Development, Mobile Command, Iron Guard, and Custom protocols.

The Nanotech Development is where users can play AR missions with Iron Man. An AR mat included in the box is required to play the missions. The robot has to be situated on the mat for it to work. The app will scan and track the robot, and once that’s done, it will project an augmented reality environment. Users will play as Iron Man battling iconic enemies such as the Chitauri and Ebony Maw. More weapons and Starktech upgrades will be available as users continue to play and level up.

The AR games look fantastic and are wholly immersive. It’s also pretty cool to see the Iron Man robot move according to the battle motions that you press on the app. One thing though is that you’d have to be positioned close to the robot as you play, as there will be times where connections drop.

As for the Mobile Command protocol, it’s merely the interface where users can control the robot. The smart device acts as the remote control. There are movement controls such as walking forward or backward, turning the robot’s head left and right, raising both arms, or even making Iron Man attack using his repulsors.


Pre-scripted animations and audio can also be controlled via the Mobile Command protocol.

Since Iron Man is one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, one of the robot’s protocols is called the Iron Guard protocol. When this protocol is activated, the robot will have an animated response when three of its sensors are triggered. Sensors include Sound, Light, and Movement.

Honestly, though, this protocol doesn’t do much. The robot says out alerts when its sensors get tripped, and that’s pretty much it. There’s no actual fighting off intruders in this one. During testing, the Iron Man robot referred to everyone who came across it as an enemy and would say a voice line regarding suspicious people around the area. Apart from that, there’s nothing much to the Iron Guard protocol.

Last but not least is the Custom protocol, and just as the protocol name implies, it’s the interface where users can modify the Iron Man robot to their liking. At first use, the animated LCD screen will have Tony Stark’s face on it, but through the Custom protocol, users can record and use their face (or anyone’s face) to make it appear as if they’re Iron Man. Through the companion app, it can record about 4 seconds of both audio and video and will be uploaded to the robot afterward.

It’s entertaining and pretty neat to see your face speaking from the Iron Man armor. It makes you feel like you’ve become a superhero, even if it’s just in robot form.

Users can also code scripted sequences for the Iron Man robot through the Custom protocol. Without needing any programming or coding knowledge, users can drag and drop the script blocks on the interface. After testing and editing the script blocks, users can assign the script they just made under any of the four custom protocol names.

Afterward, the custom motion will be uploaded to the robot, and users can activate the script by voice command. The Iron Man robot doesn’t need to be connected to the smart device whenever an individual wants it to do the custom sequence they’ve made. Just say the protocol name and Iron Man will do the exact motion sequence in the customized script.

The Custom protocol allows users to learn how to code and I think that’s a pretty neat feature. It’s a great learning tool that can be a stepping stone for those who might be interested in coding.

All in all, the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH is one neat device. It’s a cool mini companion to have around at home, and it’s interesting to see it make the custom motions I’ve coded myself. The AR games are entertaining as it’s fun blasting around enemies as Iron Man.

With an incredibly hefty price tag of PHP 16,990, however, I don’t think casual Iron Man fans would shell out for this. I’m not even sure if hardcore Marvel/Iron Man fans would break the bank for this. Sure, I’ve mentioned that it’s a cool robot and it’s amusing to play with, but also, there’s nothing much it can do. It might be enjoyable for a while, but the novelty will most likely wear off quickly once you’ve explored each corner of the app. Maybe if you’re a super ultimate collector of all things Iron Man and have spent on items priced more than this then, it’s probably worth it. For now, though, I don’t think it is.

Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH specs

  • Iron Man MK50 Robot
  • AR Mat
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 13″ x 65″
  • 2 rechargeable lithium polymer batteries
  • iOS/Android compatible

The Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH is distributed by Quantum Mobile Gears in the Philippines and can be purchased from Marvel Official stores in Shopee and LazadaBig Boys Toy StoreSecret Fresh, and Filbar’s.

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