Philippines ranked #27 on Google+

Philippines ranked #27 on Google+

Well, that’s according to which tracks over 4.4 million Google+ users since the service went online a couple of weeks back.

A week ago, we weren’t event in the top 30. FindPeopleonPlus has already indexed about 6,148 Google+ users from or based in the Philippines (taken from their profiles).


Hong Kong (8,000), Thailand (8,700), Vietnam (10,000) and Indonesia (12,00) are still ahead of us but it shouldn’t be long ’til we climb to the top 10 (I guess people should also start adding Philippines in their Google Profiles).

It’s also a bit odd that even the list of Filipinos on Google+ (see here) have foreigners in them.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 Responses

  1. milanaorly says:

    darn, cant log in. testing daw. exceed number of.. waaaaaaaaaaahh…

  2. Red Denal says:

    Let’s wait a few more months. :)

  3. i am sure ilang buwan lang nasa top na tayo niyan hehe.

  4. Kenth says:

    The Philippines would have placed higher if it was easier to get invites. :)

    Tried to get an invite from Sir Abe but he ran out or google limited it.

    Was able to get an invite from my friend based in Australia, not sure now if I’m counted in Aussie stats or Phil stats for this ranking. :)

    Haven’t really tinkered much with google+, just claimed my invite.

    But again, in due time, for sure the Philippines will start gaining and outrank some of those ahead.

  5. It shows how socially we are inter related with others.

  6. Aj Banda says:

    Actually Google + has suddenly changed it to per-invite sign-in. The reason is, G+ is still on it’s open beta testing stage. For you to log in, you would need to find a person who has an account and ask for an invitation. For those who want, contact me through my site using your Google account.

    • Les says:

      For me it’s better this way (via invitation) to avoid posers/fakers. Google+ is nice but Facebook has more privacy controls.

  7. sherwin says:

    @ Les that would not be the case with facebook. Base from my experience with Google+, google has a great privacy controls over facebook.

  8. NemOry says:

    malapit na yan mag top 1..hehe

  9. grayfuz says:

    pa-invite naman, [email protected]

  10. I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can show how competitive and world class Pinoys are
    and be a trying hard (TH) brand ambassador minus the Robin’s machismo or John Lloyd’s appeal.

  11. kylie says:

    Most of the people in my circles are foreigners. There are filipinos but most of them are inactive. Maybe still getting a hang of it. Yeah, we’ll probably top it soon. :D

    I have 150 invites more if you need an invite. :D

  12. neil says:

    Been in G+ since launching.. There’s not really that much activity from Pinoys…Most of the people in my circle are foreigners with the same interest.

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