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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets Android KitKat update

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners can now expect an over-the-air KitKat update for their devices as the company started rolling them out. Open line owners are expected to get it first, while those under carriers are next in line.

note 2 kitkat update

Among the new features of the Android 4.4.2 update include:

realme philippines

Full screen album art
Option to bring camera shortcut on the lock screen
Transparent status bar
Wireless printing functionality
NFC tap-to-pay support
Option to set default messaging and launcher apps
Revamped response time and speed of the phablet.

On top of the standard Android update, Samsung is also throwing in a couple of extras like the latest Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet.

Already got your fix? Feel free to share your Galaxy Note 2 experience with the new KitKat update!


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6 Responses

  1. abbymurs says:

    SHV E250S galaxy note 2 korean model has kitkat update. Philippines.

  2. Pejay Pineda says:

    is it ok to update my samsung galaxy note 2 to kitkat eventhough I open line it from at&t? wala ba magiging problema and di ba malolock ulit? may nakuha kasi ko update from other network and i want to try to update it manually. thanks in advance.

  3. zirdekciw says:

    OTA update kahapon. Wifi connection fluctuating then charging time is much longer I think.

    Batter life, still testing

  4. Name: dev says:

    kelan kaya ang update ni globe sa note 2 na kitkat?

  5. sinned says:

    If it’s true that Globe is imposing 1Gb/day how on earth will you able to download 1.74Gb OTA update. #LakasMoSaGlobe

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