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Samsung Galaxy S gets Froyo Android 2.2

Got several reports coming in from Samsung Galaxy S i9000 users in the Philippines that they’ve gotten the Android 2.2 Froyo update already.

So I took the Galaxy S out of storage and tried out the update using Samsung Kies.

Had a hard time updating the handset as Kies doesn’t seem to be able to detect the unit. After a couple of hours or trying and re-trying, the update notification popped up and says firmware is ready for upgrade.

A few more minutes of back-up and downloading the updates, the Galaxy S is now running on Android Froyo 2.2. So far, everything’s running fine.

You can download Samsung Kies here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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56 Responses

  1. jlapitan says:

    with galaxy s on 2.2, is htc desire still better against galaxy s? haha! lapit n ko bumili eh

  2. jasetiojanco says:

    I hope they give the Galaxy Spica Android 2.2 as well. :)

  3. Miguel says:

    Hope we can get the Nexus S, for first-class Android update support.

  4. Dhan says:


    I second that motion.

    come on samsung don’t let spica be left behind :)

  5. angelo says:

    Any news if they will release the same for the galaxy i5503? I hope so cause they have been advertising that its upgradable to froyo.

  6. Ralph says:

    Hmmm. Interesting. I just hooked up my Galaxy S to Kies, and it says firmware cannot be upgraded.

    The only difference I noticed with your screenshot and the one I saw is that for CSC, mine had OLB:

    “PDA: JFA4 / PHONE: JF4 / CSC: OLB”

    Yours had JF4 for all 3.

    I’ll be checking in the next few days, though, as they may be rolling this out in a staggered way.

    *fingers crossed*

  7. blaze says:

    good news….rooted my galaxy s using z4 and installed lag fix….do i have to unroot it before doing the upgrade…??? excited ,will be trying it out tomorrow…if it is true…good job samsung!!

  8. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    Works great so far! Mababaw, I know, but I like the part where pinching on the home screens shows all 7 home screens, similar to the HTC UI. I really feel like my phone is faster now. Definitely worth the wait!

  9. Ralph says:

    @yuga, TwIsTeD_Rubz: where’d you get your Galaxy S? From Globe? Does it have the SingTel branding?

  10. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    I got mine from an authorized Samsung products dealer, open line. No SingTel branding for my phone.

  11. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    No prob! I hope you get yours soon!

  12. pusit says:

    bakit ang bagal bagal ng download sa kies, 15 hours na, wala pang 50%. mabilis naman ang internet namin.kaya cancel ko muna at baka ma-absent pa ako today… :(

  13. sylv3rblade says:

    @jasetiojanco & @dan
    root and install cyanogen 6.1 alpha (yes it’s still in alpha) but it’s very stable :). It’ll install froyo and a host of other apps (which you can strip to bare minimum of course) and community made patches.

  14. ken says:

    Got this upgrade for my GF Galaxy S last night, her unit was an opened line unit from Globe. So Far so Good! =)

  15. phonebuzz says:

    can someone give feedback regarding the update? like no bugs, lag or anything like that?

  16. Louie says:

    If u still experiencing problem upgrading to 2.2 then u might consider flashing using odin chech samfirmware.com u can upgrade to european version or asian

  17. edille says:

    phonebuzz replied on Nov 22nd, 2010 at 3:40 pm (17)

    can someone give feedback regarding the update? like no bugs, lag or anything like that?

    yeah yeah I would also like to know that.

  18. blitzkrieg says:

    samsung kies is really a pain in the neck. if you want to spare yourselves from frustrations with getting your device to connect, do a hard reset of the phone. you can make a backup of your data with the older version of kies.

    during the upgrade, downloading the binary files from the server takes sometime so you need to be on a high speed internet connection. be patient.

    when you see the android with a shovel icon on your phone screen, it’s a relief. in a few moments froyo is yours to enjoy.

  19. blaze says:

    did the upgrade…now my phone wont open the homescreen,,will show just the galaxy s logo then lights out,,,help!!!

  20. Ferdie says:


    Most likely, your phone will get stuck booting at the “glowing S logo”. This is normal – it is because your phone has a mixture of the old and new firmware data.

    To fix this, you need to Clear Data by accessing the Recovery Menu:

    – Shutdown your phone and unplug it from the power or USB.
    – Boot into Recovery Mode: Press and hold Volume-Up + Home + Power. You have to let go of the power button after about 3 seconds once you see the “Galaxy S” screen.

    If you are successful, you will see the Recovery Menu.
    Choose “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”.
    Reboot after it’s done.

    This is from

    worked for me

  21. phonebuzz says:

    i flashed mine last night guys. Kies wasn’t detecting my phone, what i did was uninstall and download the latest version of Kies. After doing that, Kies detected my fone and boom, I have froyo now!

  22. migz says:

    just upgraded to Froyo. it seems that eclair + voodoo lag fix had better performance. does anyone know which lag fix works well with the I9000DXJPA build?

    tried to install the voodoo 5 pre 6 for Froyo and it almost bricked my phone. used odin to install the stock 2.2 PDA to fix it again.

  23. Ralph says:

    Still no luck.

    As mentioned, the only difference I noticed is that my current CSC at Android 2.1 is OLB, as opposed to JF4.


    Anyone has any thoughts on this? I tried the procedure to change this in the link shared by Ferdie, but it doesn’t work.

    I filed a case with Globe as well, and was directed to Samsung.


  24. Ralph says:

    I think I got this figured out.

    Apparently, the Galaxy S I got from Globe belongs to an early batch of Samsung Singapore units that shipped with a specific bug. READ: Froyo upgrade impossible via Kies. Looks like I might have to flash my phone to upgrade.


    Talk about the downside of being an early adopter.


    My next Android will not be a Samsung. Let it be known.

  25. migz says:


    Seems like your SGS is from SG. You only have 2 options:
    1) Bring it to a Samsung Service Center and have them flash Froyo for you.
    2) Use Odin and flash JG4 w/ pit first then JPA.

  26. bart says:

    my phone runs on jg4/jg4/jg4 yet is says version can’t be upgraded…help…i got my phone from globe..

  27. Ralph says:

    Mukhang ganun na nga Migs.

    Sana lang kaya ng Samsung Service Center dito sa Manila.


  28. Marvin says:

    how about the samsung wave?

  29. SerfsUP says:

    Marvin Samsung wave runs on Bada OS not Android.

  30. Ralph says:

    @lolipown: yup. I contacted them already. Will bring my unit to Greenhills sometime this week…

  31. Sean says:


    My SGS came from SG i tried to upgrade it before using kies to no avail.. I used ODIN to upgrade my SGS then Kies for the Official Update.. Now im running official Froyo

  32. blaze says:

    already did that , but still wont work….brought it to samsung greehills…finally,, running froyo…

  33. Ralph says:

    Tricked Kies into thinking I had the JF4 CSC with this tool:


    FROYOOOOOOOOO at last!

  34. allan says:

    i heard that samsung will be the one to make nexus 2, not htc. it will be based on the galaxy s’ design & it will have android 2.3 (gingerbread). that would be great for samsung. now, have to decide. to get a galaxy s now or wait for nexus 2 next year.

  35. manongnongal says:

    froyo! yey!

  36. Khayyin Summers says:

    Hi guys. How was it? Excited na talaga ako sa Froyo… Currently charging my phone before the update…

  37. raaalphs says:

    Just want to know, pag nag-upgrade ba ako to froyo, mawawala lahat ng current files, messages, and apps ko?

  38. Lyndon says:

    recently bought SGS from samsung store. and luckily updated it to froyo.. but i noticed it lagging sometimes..

    Im a complete newbie and i just want to know if i root my phone, will it void the warranty? kc im planning to install lag fix from xda as it has great user reviews.. please help nmn po..

    thanks in advance

  39. Unwired says:

    It’s time to update!

  40. migz says:

    just installed Voodoo stable 5.0.1 (http://project-voodoo.org/) and seems to be performing much better than the stock Froyo.

    Quadrant Score = 1653

  41. MrFroyo says:

    Installed Froyo on my SGS few weeks back then i encountered a problem in connecting to my home WIFI.

    I keep on seeing this error message (Disabled, Secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK” in WI-FI settings.

    Googled my problem but i haven’t found a fix yet. :(

  42. jessjr says:

    You already did a factory reset after you upgrade? This solved my problems after my froyo 2.2 upgrade. Best solution after every FW update, though this erases your settings and apps


    Also you may want to try the 2.2.1, its fast even without root+lagfix! I followed this link to get the official update via Kies only available at UK.


  43. Daniel says:

    Good day, people! :)

    I bought my SGS sa Dubai 3 days ago. Tapos ngayon I decided to upgrade to Froyo using Kies. The process went smooth-sailing. But as of the moment, everytime I turn on my unit. It just gets stuck to the “S” logo. Similar to what blaze has experienced — though as what he stated he just brought his unit to Samsung GH and they fixed it for him.

    Are there any process so that I can fix my phone. The home+volume+power button doesn’t do the trick for me. I’ve been trying to fix this damn thing for 3 hours already. :( Any if ever I fail to find any fixes, would the Samsung Centers here in the Phils. glady fix my phone for me?

    Thank you guys and may we all have an awesome New Year! :)

  44. ettenoj says:

    bakit until now wala pa rin yung samsung focus at samsung omnia 7. sana dumating na para magmura na sgs. hehe

  45. NemOry says:

    does upgrading needs internet? I hope no .

  46. resh says:

    did you lose the marketplace app when you updated to froyo 2.2? I’ve read many postings of this happening

  47. Vince says:

    Hi jessjr,

    In your 2nd link, what’s the spoof code/ backup for UK? Did you update your phone to 2.2.1 using that method? And if you did, may I ask what spoof code/ backup did you use?


  48. Vince says:


    I did not lose the marketplace app. Mine is Froyo 2.2 at the moment. I just updated it naturally via Kies (rev. 102).


  49. Vince says:


    Just to update you guys, I followed the instructions in the 2nd link of jessjr. I successfully updated my phone to 2.2.1 by loading the kies backup XEU and updating it. My apps and my files weren’t deleted after updating (this is my case though). Hopefully, I will just download next available updates On-the-air in the Settings > About phone > Software update. Cheers!


  50. Resh says:

    Did you get to fix your problem?
    I bought mine from Dubai as well, and I wanna upgrade to froyo but your post made me hesitate.
    Although I already did a hard restart as when I first got it, it didn’t have the Android Marketplace. The hard restart and some settings changed made it appear.

    Skype doesn’t run on 2.1 so need to get to 2.2 to be able to run skype.

  51. jessjr says:

    Good news! SGS updates being rolled out now worldwide. Though no news yet for Asia :(


  52. momoshiro says:

    i just bought my galaxy s last friday…
    then i decided to update the firmware…
    pero nung iconnect ko na xa sa laptop
    lumalabas lng ung …

    press home key to quit samsung kies”
    ng paulit ulit…parang nagfflash lng sya sa screen for 1 sec then lalabas ulit sya….normal lng ba un?
    i installed samsung kies naman…
    help anyone gus2 ko talagang maupdate to froyo

  53. Gelagelatin says:

    Sir Abe, I’ve been trying to update my SGS to Froyo… but I keep getting the error “Failed to convert to upgrade mode. Try again later.” What could I be doing wrong? I’m using the latest 2.0 Samsung Kies. :(

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