Apps to help you transfer your content to a new phone

Apps to help you transfer your content to a new phone

Ever experienced that moment when your old phone is on its last legs, and so you’ve finally decided to treat yourself with a new phone, only for it to dawn on you that there’s a ton of content you have to transfer from your old phone to your shiny new one? It sounds daunting, sure, needing to copy contacts, files, and whatnot from one phone to another but fret not!! There are apps out there specifically made to make that task a breeze. Read on and check them out!

SmartIO Premium

A data transfer app available for both iOS and Android phones, SmartIO Premium, moves data from old to new devices wirelessly. It can transfer from data between two devices of the same operating system, do iOS to Android transfers as well, and vice versa. The app is capable of migrating photos, videos, contacts, files, WhatsApp chats, and a ton more.

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Phone Clone

A migration app developed by Huawei, Phone Clone offers content transfers wirelessly by utilizing a local hotspot. The app is capable of transferring contacts, SMS, call logs, notes, calendar, photos, music, videos, files, and a lot more, from one smartphone to another. It supports content transfer for both iOS and Android.

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Available only for Android users, CLONEit is capable of making backups and can transfer about 12 types of content from your old phone to your new one. It transfers contacts, messages, call logs, applications, SD card files, calendar, and even system settings between your two devices, all done wirelessly.

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Smart Switch Data & Mobile Content Transfer

To transfer contents using the Smart Switch app, both devices have to be connected to the same WiFi network. Smart Switch can migrate data such as calendar, contacts, photos, videos, and audio from your old phone to your new one. Smart Switch is only available for Android phones.

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Move to iOS

If you’re switching from Android to iOS, this app might be the one you need. Developed by Apple themselves, Move to iOS ensures that you’ll be able to transfer your content from Android to iOS easily. It can migrate data such as contacts, message history, photos, videos, bookmarks, calendar, and mail accounts.

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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

As the name implies, Samsung developed its own migration app to aid those moving from another Android device, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows, to a Samsung smartphone. It can transfer contacts, music, photos, calendar, messages, device settings, and more. The mobile app is only available on the Google Play Store; iOS, Blackberry, and Windows users would need to install the Mac/PC program instead.

Download: Mac / PC

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Will you be going for that smartphone switch soon? Let us know how it goes!

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