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Comparison: Cherry Watch vs Cherry Mobile G2


Cherry Mobile has officially announced its newest device and it’s a wearable dubbed as Cherry Watch. While this is not the first wearable from Cherry, it’s surprising that they have not given up on wearables. From 2014, we had the Cherry Mobile G2 but it didn’t get the spotlight it wanted. With the Cherry Watch, how is it any different?


Cherry WatchCherry Mobile G2
1.54-inch IPS LCD (240 x 240 pixels), 220ppi1.44-inch TFT LCD,
64MB internal storage4GB internal storage
Expandable via microSD, up to 32GB-
VGA cameraVGA Camera
FM Radio-
Micro-USB portMicro-USB port
300mAh battery500mAh battery

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Display and Design

Without any question, Cherry Watch is heavily inspired by the Apple Watch — from design to name. This is a factor for those looking forward to having a good-looking smartwatch on their wrist. Coming from the Cherry Mobile G2, which is a generic silicon smartwatch, the metal body of the Watch is a step forward. Although, Cherry has not specified if the new Watch still has an IP54 rating from the G2 for dust and water resistance.

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The display got an upgrade to an IPS LCD from a TFT LCD and a resolution bump from 128 x 128 pixels to a crispier 240 x 240 pixels in a 1.54-inch panel at 220ppi.

Software and Features

Software-wise, the Watch probably still uses a proprietary software like the G2 but we’re expecting a more user-friendly UI. We’re still miles away from having a local Android Wear smartwatch but for less than two thousand bucks, we’re not expecting. We’re yet to try out the Watch but we had a review of the G2 when it was released in the last quarter of 2014.

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Realme Philippines

If we are to base on the G2, the Watch could still be a companion watch for your smartphone. Although, the Watch can be a phone itself with its own micro-SIM slot and 2G radio. Imagine texting on a 1.54-inch display, or placing a call on your wrist. Both have a pedometer to track your steps, like most expensive smartwatches.

Camera and Multimedia

While it’s cool to use your wrist to take photos, the VGA shooter on-board the Watch, which is the same as the G2, is not the best around. The Watch is rewarded with an FM radio over the G2, so aside from playing audio files, you can also listen to your favorite stations. The 4GB of internal storage of the G2 is now down to 64MB but there’s a microSD card slot for expansion.

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With the redesigned body comes a smaller battery. The Watch has a 300mAh battery which is a significant downgrade from the 500mAh of the G2. It’s quite concerning since the Watch is going to power more pixels. With our review of the G2, it lasted for a few days before it needs recharging. we can expect les with the Cherry Watch.


When it was released, the Cherry Mobile G2 has a price tag of Php1,899. On the other hand, Cherry Watch is a hundred peso more expensive at Php1,999. The additional cost should be justified by the more premium build and better display. But in 2016, we’re already seeing much cheaper handsets with better specs, but not at this size.

We hoping to get our hands on with the Cherry Watch. When we do, we’ll definitely take it for a spin to know more what it can do.

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This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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6 years ago

Bought one last Jan. 30 for curiosity and novelty sake. At that price point, pls DONT expect much. Generally the Cherry Watch is good as a phone itself. Usage as a phone with its 300maH battery have lasted for a day with BT off. Display is good indoors. Surprisingly, the touch screen is sensitive and accurate in texting even if i have a large index finger. Just do not type long messages. Good enought for K, wer na u, hir na me replies. Ringtone is loud. Loudspeaker is passable but talking over the phone ala Dick Tracy might invite stares from passers-by as well as not-so-good-peeps.

Iphone watch look a like. The major con is that of the flimsy, fragile rubber strap and its clip. I dont know if CM have not advised its chinese manufacturer to just use the typical rubber strap ala Casio for durability or to hell with it. Also the usb port cover loosens up so make sure to check it from time to time on your wrist.

BT Notification App
A test of patience here. Hit or miss love affair. Phone calls notif, sms push notif and BT audio control sometimes work altogether but most of the time the sms push notif does not work even if you install different BT Notif apk versions on your android 5.1 phone. You have to uninstall and reinstall the BT Notif app and reconnect again. I dont know with android kitkat 4.4 if it is stable or not. Also when the watch is paired via BT, the distance varies. Best setup is smart watch on your left wrist and android phone on your left pocket also. I have experienced many BT disconnections with my phone on the right side pocket. I am not sure if the signal is hindered by the jeans or not. To add, I have not experienced any BT disconnection between the two in plain sight and in an open area at 12 feet max. If more than that, the watch will remind you re BT disconnection.
Not all functions work like Anti theft and Find phone.

My 2 cents.

Easy E
Easy E
6 years ago

Still waiting for the first locally branded Android wear. Let’s see how much will it cost and what can it do. Wala naman tayong locally-grown brand ng relo kaya wala silang possible tie up. Just waiting.

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