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Galaxy Note7 version 2 arrives, here’s the difference

After the major global recall of the Galaxy Note7 by Samsung last month, a new batch of Galaxy Note7 has arrived and being distributed to previous customers who availed of the exchange program.

The main issue with the old batch of Galaxy Note7 is that a small percentage of the close to 2.5 million units originally released had battery problems. This stemmed from a weak wiring connection to the battery that tends to overheat during charging. The excessive heat prompts the battery to burn/explode in the process.

The new batch (let’s call them version 2) of Galaxy Note7 no longer have this issue.

In order to differentiate the version 2 from the older batch, Samsung added a few subtle indicators to identify the new handsets. Here are items you can do to check the device:

1) Check IMEI. The Samsung website has an IMEI checker (see here). You can get the IMEI number in the box or type in *#06# of your Note7.


2) Green LED Icons. Samsung added a few icons into the UI of the Note7 with a green LED battery in several instances (see photos below).

Samsung started distributing the new Galaxy Note7 last October 1. Those who availed of the replacement program will get a Php1,000 GC credit and a free screen protector.

More details of the new Galaxy Note7 can be found on the Samsung website here.

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2 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Samsung posted a guide for identifying the new Galaxy Note 7.


  2. Gamajin says:

    When can we expect it o be on sale again?

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