How to put up a successful ‘e-numan’

We’re now entering week 5 of the imposed community quarantine and some of you may be feeling lonely. While I’m sure you’ve been keeping up with your friends through social media, text chatting doesn’t feel the same as enjoying each other’s company.

Some people couldn’t fight the urge to go out with their buddies and have been reported to continue drinking despite the lockdown. Do not, and I repeat, do not do that. Stay at home, and leverage technology to host your very own e-numan session!

Author’s note: Only consume alcohol if you’re of legal age. 

The Setup

To successfully take part in an e-numan session, the bare minimum device to have is a smartphone. If you have stocks of alcohol at home, then you’re good to go. If not, you can still order from Boozy (in select cities in the Metro), ask from a friend through delivery services, or add them to your shopping list when you go out for groceries.

If you want to step it up, you could use a laptop, computer, or smart TV instead, so you can participate in the online drinking games we’ve listed down while still being able to see your friends through the big screen! Be ready with your wireless earbuds too, so you’re not glued to your phone.

The Platform

There are a lot of video calling or conferencing apps available to use, but for this specific case, we’re going for universality over quality. While it’d be nice to have better audio and video quality from Zoom and Skype, those apps may be foreign to others. Instead, we’re going to use something that almost everybody has, and that’s Facebook Messenger and Google Duo. We want to spend less time setting up, and more time hanging out (or in).

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger app has a lot of cons to it. The audio quality is meh, the video is awful, but it is universal. Almost everybody has a Facebook account, so it’s the easiest platform to get into. Video conferencing is easy too. Up to 50 people can join in, but only 8 people can join the video. You also get cool AR features to liven up the call!

Google Duo

Another easy platform to get into is Google Duo. It’s universal as well since everyone probably already has a Google account, and it’s even pre-installed in most Android phones! You and seven of your friends can start a video call with better audio and video quality compared to Messenger. However, you do lose AR functions if you’re into that.

The Games

While we typically have a lot to catch up on, the enhanced community quarantine has made life stale. Not a lot goes on when you’re stuck at home, and talking about what you had for dinner gets boring pretty quick. To spice up your evenings, we’re presenting you with a few games to play while having your e-numan session.


Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Spyfall is a spy-themed game where players use questions and deception to win! A location is given at random, and players are given a role based on the location. There’s only one (or two, depending on how large your group is) spy per round, and his goal is to learn the current location. On the other flip side, players don’t know each others’ roles, and their goal is to figure out who the spy is. Players take turns asking each other questions without revealing too much for the spy, and at the same time not revealing too little to let others know that he’s not the spy.

The spies take a shot if they are caught, but everybody else takes a shot if the spy wins.

Play on your browser.

Psyche! Outwit Your Friends

Psyche! is a trivia-based game made by that asks players questions and allows users to input different answers. You get points every time another player picks your answer, and the player with the most points wins.

To add a drinking twist, take a shot every time you get psyched, and another shot every time you don’t score for the round.

Download: Android, iOS

Netflix Watch Party

Like regular IRL watch parties where you drink every time a rule has been crossed, you can also set this up while watching Netflix movies! To set this up, follow our 5 Quick Steps to Start a Netflix Party guide, and make your own set of rules!

Samples would be:

  • Drink every time Tommy Shelby smokes a cigarette
  • Drink every time there’s a kiss
  • Drink every time there’s canned laughter

Remote Insensitivity

Okay okay, this one’s basically Cards Against Humanity, but online. What’s great about this .io port is that, like other games listed, you don’t need to create an account. Simply go to their website, share the link on the main page, and start playing! The quick TLDR on the instructions is, each player must have 10 answer cards. Every round, someone draws a question card, and everyone else plays a card to fill in the blank. whoever’s answer the host (who drew the question) finds the funniest or most screwed up wins.

Since this is a screwed-up game for screwed-up minds, you should be screwed up after playing too. So, whoever presents the least funny answer must take a shot. Additionally, whoever presents the funniest answer must take two.

While in usual get-togethers we try our best to stay away from our screens, nowadays it’s all we have to keep in touch. Always remember to stay home, wash your hands, and only consume alcohol if you’re 18 and above. Stay safe!

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