How to send money from BPI Online to Palawan Express

It is important that we are able to send money to other people during the quarantine period. Some of us do online bank to bank transfers, while others use remittance centers. But what if you want to transfer funds from your bank account to a remittance center? You can do that through BPI Online and Palawan Express using the BPI to Cash feature. Here’s how to do it.

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The BPI to Cash feature is currently available on the BPI website, but will soon roll out to the BPI Mobile App.

For the sender:

  1. On the web, go to BPI to Cash 11 website.

  1. Fill in the details of the receiver, then click on “Next.”
    • Amount to send
    • Receiver’s name (first name, middle initial, last name)
    • Receiver’s mobile number
  2. Enter the registered email address.
  3. Log in to your BPI Online account with your credentials.
  4. Select which account you would like to use, then select “Pay”. A service fee of PHP 99 will be charged per send out.
  5. Enter the One-Time PIN (OTP) to be sent to your registered mobile number, and click “Proceed”.
  6. Get the 13-digit reference number that will appear on the confirmation screen. Send it to the receiver.

For the receiver:

  1. Receive the 13-digit reference number from the sender.
  2. Go to the nearest Palawan Express branch.
  3. Present a valid ID and the 13-digit reference number upon claiming.
  4. Get the cash.

Important notes:

• Palawan Express branches are open daily from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, but business hours or some branches may vary because of the COVID-19 situation.
• Funds for the receiver are available as early as four hours after the transaction is processed by the sender. However, transactions processed beyond 1:30 PM shall be available the following day.
• You can send up to PHP 10,000 per send out, with a maximum daily limit of PHP 50,000 per day.

And there you have it. We hope that this guide has helped you send funds from your BPI account to Palawan Express.

If you have other financial services you can recommend, let us know in the comments below.

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19 Responses

  1. Avatar for Annabelle DC Annabelle DC says:

    BPI to Cash need more update and should be included to their mobile banking app so sender can monitor its status.

    Tried it last Sunday and have a successful notification from my mobile and email but after two days the receiver can’t claim the money because the reference was not found. Called BPI and they said that even if it notify that it is successful the transaction is unsuccessful in their system, they don’t know what caused it and the transaction is for reversal already and I have to wait 10 banking days to be refunded. I asked the agent how can I know if the transaction is unsuccessful the next time I tried BPI to Cash and the agent said that the only way is when the receiver claim and the reference is not found.

    I ended up going to Palawan Express and sending the money directly, the money is to help someone after typhoon Odette, can’t risk for another failed transaction.

  2. Avatar for Maria Cristina Maria Cristina says:

    Ang ginawa ko after nag send ako BPI to cash Sa brother ko na Sa Palawan express niya dapat kunin pero invalid 2 days na at error daw. I went to BPI bank dito Sa Mindanao. Wla daw sila magagawa para makuha o mabalik agad Sa account no kahit ecancel ko. Yung receiver ko NASA Maynila I asked him to go to BPI bank duon Sa main eh he rode a bike pumuntsa Sa BPI Hindi inakala na claim nya ang pera. Jusko last experience ko kasi I sent money to my papa BPI to cash din Sa Mindanao lang. May mistake ang panngalan. Eh wlang edit, nag reklamo ako Sa BPI bank ayon nag file lang kami na ecancel forwarded to the Main Sa Manila and they returned my money to.my account after a month. Jusko sobrang hasol. Kaya wag nyo nlng e try ulit.

  3. Avatar for Maria Maria says:

    Bullshet!!!! It feels like it’s a scam. Na processed daw pero Hindi makuha ni receiver kasi invalid. Bweset!

  4. Avatar for Zee Zee says:

    Php 99 per send out? That’s too much!

  5. Avatar for HUGH HUGH says:

    I did not get the Reference number of the transaction from confirmation and email, how can I revert the transaction? Please advise. Thank you

  6. Avatar for Ai Ai says:

    Hindi daw po valid id ng kapatid ko. Student id po. Maibabalik po ba sa account ko ang pera?

  7. Avatar for Bigboss Bigboss says:

    Bakit invalid ang reference number oi.. Pag sure mo paano to ma fix kasi di makuha ng receiver ko ang pera…

  8. Avatar for Mark Anthony Magatao Mark Anthony Magatao says:

    Make this urgent. Bakit not found po ang reference number. May ibang way po ba na para makuha ang pera.

  9. Avatar for Mark Anthony Magatao Mark Anthony Magatao says:

    Bakit di po magamit ang reference number? Wala rin akong nareceive na email. Mayibang way pa ba para makuha ang pera

  10. Avatar for Vanneza Terra Q. Burrell Vanneza Terra Q. Burrell says:

    How many days to claim in Palawan Express po pag galing ng BPI to Cash?

  11. Avatar for Liv Liv says:

    Nasa email na ginamit mo meron din confirmation dun sinend ng bpi

  12. Avatar for marie marie says:

    Hello po
    Hindi ko po nakuha yung reference number, may paraan p po ba para maview ulit ang reference number.

  13. Avatar for Rudelyn Rudelyn says:

    Good afternoon po tanong ko lang po hindi po makukuha ni receiver ang pera kasi hindi daw po valid ang id niya. Kung itransfer ko sa isang name na may valid id. Paano po

  14. Avatar for tom badana tom badana says:

    i sent 3x to 3 different receivers, only 1 was accepted in one of the palawan pawnshop, the 2 were not able to claim since di daw valid? do you have any idea bout this?

  15. Avatar for philippe philippe says:

    mgnda po bpi credit to cash na realtime bsta defined ang rates at nkcharge n lht na credited sa account realtime

  16. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    It doesnt work but the money was taken from my account. Did they even test this feature before releasing?

  17. Avatar for Jacinth P. Cosip Jacinth P. Cosip says:

    We just hope, it could be also extend to some other type of remittances, like LBC, CEBUANA Western Union and many more. The BPI to CASH ways.

  18. Avatar for Mylene Quioco Mylene Quioco says:

    Hopefully you’ll have option for LBC as well.

  19. Avatar for Bhecs quin Bhecs quin says:

    Thats good news, but the available in the place of my relatives only Mlulyer, no palawan in there place, so hope theres Mlulyer

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