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Turn your Smartphone into a Desktop PC

Now that today’s smartphones are capable of doing a bunch of things, from replying to emails to checking out your daily feed on social media, you can also turn it into a fully functional computer. Here’s a guide on how to turn your smartphone into a desktop PC.

Author’s Note: Turning your smartphone into a desktop PC needs the following main components: an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and some dongles.

Connecting a Keyboard and Mouse

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Most people are used to typing on a touchscreen on their smartphone, but nothing can take away the feeling of typing on a regular keyboard– particularly when you need to be efficient. Adding a keyboard and mouse improves your device’s performance.

We recommend relying on Bluetooth enabled ones, just because connecting them is as easy as connecting any other Bluetooth accessory. Once they’re paired and connected, they’re pretty much good to go. But if you still prefer wired ones, you will need to buy additional adapters, like a USB hub for connecting both the mouse and the keyboard at the same time. This process for Android smartphones is pretty straightforward, but there’s no way to use an iPhone with a wired keyboard or mouse. So if you’re an iPhone user, you only have the option of using a Bluetooth-enabled accessory.

External Display: Cast to a Larger Display

Now, the issue lies in the fact that not all smartphones offer the mirror display function using a Bluetooth or wired connection. But for some newer phones, they have their own custom desktop experience when they’re connected to an external display that doesn’t require any sort of cable or dock to access. A Chromecast is by far the simplest and most convenient solution. The only issue here is that latency can be hindered, so watching videos can be accompanied by choppy connections because of this. That’s the only downside, but the vast majority of Android smartphones are compatible with projecting their displays using a Chromecast.

Not all of us have access to external displays, but you can still experience a desktop-like screen mainly on your smartphone. How? For Android users, you can try Leena Desktop UI and Sentio Desktop as these apps can give you a traditional Windows desktop experience and makes for a much better user experience with a keyboard and mouse.

Plug-in a Dongle for Convenience

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If you’re always on the go, this is a perfect option for you. Dongles can quickly and easily improve the convenience of your phone. Just choose the right dongle for you that can allow you to plug in a pen drive or a hard drive for you to access your files on the go– just like a PC. Even an SD card adapter for your phone can be very helpful, especially if you need to transfer files from your camera to your phone.

So that’s it, have you tried turning your phone into a desktop PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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