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Flagship Smartphones: Then and Now (2016)

A couple of years back we showed you a list of smartphones side-by-side with their predecessors to see how much they have improved in terms of design. We’re back with that compilation, but this time with the 2015-2016 flagships out in the market.

Note: The flagships listed below are the brand’s most recent (and most powerful variant) and are compared to their major offerings from 4 to 5 years ago (2011-2012).

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

LG Optimus G vs LG G5

Sony Xperia S vs Sony Xperia X Performance

Xiaomi Mi 1 vs Xiaomi Mi 5

Apple iPhone 4S vs Apple iPhone 6S

Huawei U8860 vs Huawei P9

HTC Sensation vs HTC 10

OPPO Find 5 vs OPPO F1 Plus (R9)

Motorola Moto RAZR xt910 vs Motorola Moto X

Nokia Lumia 800 vs Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Lenovo A60 vs Lenovo Vibe X3

Google Galaxy Nexus vs Google Nexus 6P

BlackBerry 9900 vs BlackBerry Priv

Acer Iconia Smart vs Acer Liquid Jade 2

ASUS Padfone vs ASUS Zenfone Zoom


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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2 Responses

  1. Sean says:

    Headline is so wrong. Then should have the date listed, while now can easily be seen in post date prior to reading the post.

  2. lol says:

    xperia s design still holds up today. sexy parin. dafuq happened sony?

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