iPhone 5 boots up with iPhone 4S on video

iPhone 5 boots up with iPhone 4S on video

Last night, we leaked a photo of the nano SIM which is now being stocked by Globe in preparation for the announcement and release of the iPhone 5. Then, a video of the supposed iPhone 5 was posted along with an iPhone 4s being booted up.

The iPhone 5 on the video shows practically the same features as the other photos that have been leaked before — taller, bigger screen, smaller docking port, metallic back panel.


Check out the video below:


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37 Responses

  1. DTech says:

    Seems fake, it takes sooo long to boot up, iP4s is just a tad slower.

  2. xonx says:

    That’s it?! What a disappointment. Apple seems to be running out of ideas.

  3. camhi says:

    if this will really be the look of the iphone 5, its getting pretty boring.

    aside from the specs bump, i believe they should do something different with the look.

    i own an iphone 4 and that’s the main reason why i didn’t upgrade to 4S.

    just saying.

  4. nitecrawler says:

    boring phone..

    • DTech says:

      Indeed! Even low end china phone maker can think of that design. I thought, maybe it’s just a Goophone.

  5. ty says:

    people soon will be bored of the design if they don’t change it. But right now it’s all about the apps.

  6. ceegii63 says:

    and Apple claimed the S2 and S3 were the same exact phone hahahaha

  7. wow says:

    OMG! OMG! That’s revolutionary !

  8. Tuyo says:


  9. iDick says:

    I’ll stop taking drugs to buy this revolutionary phone. Promise!

  10. Ren says:

    who will to spend a fortune for the same kind of clothing?

  11. ELTORO says:


  12. Ramon says:

    Search goophone i5

    LOL I am now officially interested in the patent wars XD

  13. Fleeb says:

    What happened to the already perfect 3.5″ screen?

  14. Jayvee says:

    Can I sleep now? This new phone is a pain in the a$$ for the jealous fruit-company.

  15. Primon says:

    no wonder I’m hating apple more than before

  16. thecorrescode says:

    Is that a smartphone, or a television remote control?

  17. jeuphori says:

    i’m getting one.

    pag bumili ba ng iphone social climber or nagpapa pogi na agad? di ba pwedeng sobra sobra lang ang sinsweldo?

    • grayscale00 says:

      If you’re buying it simply because you have the money, then anong ini-imply nun? That’s not bad, it’s stupid. It’s a SMARTphone. Buy it because of the features not because you can.

    • jeuphori says:

      then all people who bought iphones are stupid? :) i don’t buy gadgets based on the features alone. I also want it to be aesthetically pleasing and I prefer metallic build than plastic. After all, we don’t have the same preference…you cannot accuse me of being stupid simply because you don’t like it…

    • grayscale says:

      San mo nakuha na sinabi kong all iphone buyers are stupid? That’s stupid. I said that you buy something simply because you can (that’s what you are implying with “sobra sobra lang ang sweldo”) without considering the overall features of a phone is stupid. While there are (probably most) iPhone users buy it because of the social status it brings, there are actually those who buy it because they see it as a better phone.

    • grayscale says:

      *I said that IF you buy
      *iPhone users WHO buy it

    • Dianne says:

      It’s not stupidity, maybe the iphone better fits his need. besides, its his money not yours. :p

  18. tehktek says:

    iphone 5 finally out naman.. long wait..kasi iphone 4 user ako.


  19. haykal lorena says:

    just receive a text from Globe: The latest phone is almost here! Be sure to get it from Globe, the leader in Postpaid. Interested to get updates? Text IP5Email Address and send to 2910 for free. – for postpaid subscriber.

  20. haulong says:

    Same boring design…what the heck!
    Apple is definitely running out of ideas and they are seriously lacking in innovation.

    Sorry to say to this, but Apple continues to disappoint me ever since the day Steve Jobs died.

  21. Paolo Alexis Falcone says:

    Seems that they were forced to increase the length of the phone to accommodate bigger batteries. LTE sure is still a battery hog.

  22. redhterorista says:

    Napansin ko, karamihan sa mga bumibili at may gusto ng iPhone puro mga pa-sosyal lang ang hanap, ni di nga nila alam ang specs ng binibili nila, ang alam lang nila maganda ang design nito at maraming applications. I used to be an iPhone user (ma-experience lang baga) but switched to Android because performance wise and price, it’s far better. =)

    • Marcelino says:


      What Android smartphone did you buy to replace your iPhone?

      I’m considering to switch to Android (again) after using an iPhone 4S. Nakaka-bore na ang iOS, tapos ang daming magagandang nilabas na Android (Samsung, Sony, and Motorola), even the Lumias are so tempting :)

  23. rugeneration says:

    hindi yan iPhone 5.. Goophone yan.. kaya tinakpan ung likod ng phone.

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