Nano-SIM spotted at Globe warehouse!

Nano-SIM spotted at Globe warehouse!

While we’re all waiting for the official announcement of the upcoming iPhone 5 on September 12, we just got an email from a source who took a picture of a Globe Nano-SIM.

The SIM card was allegedly shot at the warehouse of Globe which’s one of the distributors of Apple’s smartphone in the Philippines.


Since Globe Telecom has been consistently releasing the iPhone for many years, we’re now so close to confirming the iPhone 5 to arrive in the Philippines.

We’re all geared up and excited. If you’re up for retention or planning to get a new postpaid plan, wait a little bit and prepare for the new iPhone 5.

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24 Responses

  1. ZAYNE says:

    Nice…. Our Wallets Will Get light again hahaha

  2. Benchmark says:

    ayos! may leaking na din dito sa PH! Hehehehe

    anyway it was said the announcement would be on the 12th of this month…

    well technically I am not suprise coz alot of PHOTO of the alleged Iphone 5 has been out, unlike before.

    I am eager to know about the Mini Ipad. :)

  3. Rabby says:

    Abe, you think kasabay tayo sa initial release or initial countries to get the new iphone? or for testing pa yung phone sa network natin? (purpose of nano sim this early)

  4. Ish says:

    Hindi lang pala dock connector pati sim gastos ulit.

  5. engrjayze says:

    di ako excited sa iphone5 pero eager akong malaman kung ano bagong offer ng apple..i <3 samsung parin..hehe

    mukhang magkaka-lte radio narin sya..inaantay lang ng samsung marelease bago LTE patent clash ulet..
    sapat na saking hspa+ since sobrang bilis naman na, unlike lte na mahal at battery hogger pa :)

  6. Glenn Ong says:

    Do I see it correctly – the gold chip is smaller?

  7. Mr. Curious says:

    I know this is no legit nano SIM and surely it doesn’t reach the 40% size of the microsim (not sure if 40% of the size of the microsim or 40% off on the size of micro sim). But in the looks of that, my god I might really inhale the nano sim! LOL!

  8. engrjayze says:

    mukhang ganyan na talaga ang nano-sim..may nagleak narin kasi mula sa tmobile ahead ng iphone5 launch..
    apple design kc nanalo sa standard ng nano-sim

  9. Marcelino says:

    Ohhhh. So mas maliit yung chip kaysa sa micro-sim?

    In my case, prepaid ako. So pina-cut ko talaga yung sim card ko when I bought my iPhone 4S. So panibagong sim card na naman? Bukod pa sa dock connector yan.

    Parang hindi na practical.

    • Ponso says:

      Not buying the iP5 because of the need to buy a new sim card and a new dock connector is like not upgrading your Toyota to a Lexus because you need to buy a new car cover and air freshener.

    • Marcelino says:


      You may have a point, but I’m thinking of it PRACTICALITY-WISE.

      Sige, I’ll buy a nano-sim. Tapos? What about my current sim? I have to buy another phone to use it.

      Iniisip ko lang, masyadong ma-effort ako para sa iPhone 5. Tapos yung features niya, sub par to the currently released phones like Xperia T, Razr HD, Galaxy Note 2, and even Lumia 920.

      Why get a Lexus if I can take a Porsche?

      Just my two cents.

  10. roiji says:

    what’s with the new contacts on the left SIM card?
    I saw those new contacts last Monday on a new Globe Prepaid SIM…

  11. roiji says:

    also, is it possible to cut the current SIM cards to become nano SIMS?

  12. Yuja says:

    Hmmm, ill stay out of Apple products. My own preference. :)

  13. louie says:

    sana mag mura na yung ibang handset after ng launch ng iphone5.. lol

  14. Alexandria says:

    i think this isn’t legit! coz the nano sim “IF GLOBE IS GOING TO MAKE ONE” the boarder line should be color BLUE not WHITE~ its so easy to make a photo like this. PHOTOSHOP has been invented you know. <3

  15. Arubeto says:

    I hope practicality will be the primary concern of most people so that can mean shorter lines during the launch :)

  16. AngryBird says:

    Ask ko lang po if magbebenta ng prepaid na nano sim ang globe. I might purchase my iphone 5 outside the country. Thanks.

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