iPhone 6 Plus had bendgate, Note 4 now has gapgate

iPhone 6 Plus had bendgate, Note 4 now has gapgate

Users of the recently-announced Galaxy Note 4 report that they are seeing a major defect on their device which shows a significant gap between the phablet’s body and its display – thus the term “gapgate”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 showing a card stuck in between its gap.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a card fitting the gap.

After numerous complains on the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus’ body easily bending when applied pressure and after other brands had made fun of it, it seems like Samsung is getting the spotlight this time but not in a good way. South Korean users, where the Galaxy Note 4 was released last September 26, said that the gap in their device is thick enough to fit 2 sheets of A4 bond papers or a slightly thicker business card. It may seem like a harmless design issue, but it might affect the internals of the Note 4 in the long run since dust, lint, and even water could easily penetrate the device.


samsung bendgate_2

Samsung has been made aware of this issue and is already looking for a solution, although they haven’t released an official statement yet. After the ridicule that Apple got from Samsung, will they retaliate and fire some shots back at the South Korean company?


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19 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    That’s not unexpected from an imperfect device.

  2. Tee says:

    Let the trolling begin! LOL

  3. gr3 says:

    *grabbing some popcorn* watching “The Game of Phones* lol.

  4. kusalagufagup says:

    there’s still some space on the sides of your website for more ads.

  5. RaM says:

    It’s a preview of an added feature for the upcoming release of Galaxy Note wherein you can swipe your plastics in your phone.

  6. Oona says:

    ano pa ba expected sa quality ng samsung. i own a Note 2 that started to creak after a couple of weeks and very weird discoloration sa fake metalic side na parang nababakbak pero more like mukhang balat.

    • Kchan says:

      It’s not the phone, yung pawis mo yung naggaganun. My brother and I have a Note II and SIII between us. Yung kanya, may bakbak na like how you described. Yung Note II ko wala. Acidic ang pawis mo, probably a metab problem. Another incident was with my S1. I used it for years na walang bakbak yung metal frame. He had to borrow it kasi nagstop working yung 5800 niya (I already had an SIII mini then so extra phone na yun). Wala pang 1mo sakanya, yung pristine metal frame ko nabakbak na rin. Yun talaga problem sa electroplating process. Kahit gaano kaayos mo ginawa, nasisira sa acid. Even the most expensive and high quality electroplating does not stand up against acid.

  7. Bullseye says:

    Sabi ko nga nga ba alam ko kung sino writer: Kevin Bruce Francisco! Isa ka bang iSheep? Napansin ko lang mga article mo madalas Pro Apple o Anti Android. Nagkakataon lang siguro? Baka hindi ko lang nababasa lahat ng article dito sa YugaTech.

  8. apple-jeje says:


  9. Pennypi says:

    wag kasi mayabang samsung hnd ka perfect ios is Perfect!!!

  10. Apple Fan says:

    No. Hindi kami papatol sa pangbabash kasi hindi namin ugali yun. Hindi kami kagaya ng IBA na masasama ang ugali eh di naman nila pera at preference ang involved.

  11. kj says:

    “Speaking to IT Times, a Samsung representative said the company is aware of the problem. An official replacement program has yet to be announced, but the phone is still available for purchase.” (Souce: http://www.slashgear.com/note-4-screen-gap-issue-is-worse-than-bendgate-29348268/)

    I’ll check mine if I get it within the week.

  12. shutter says:

    mahilig talaga manggaya ang samsung. Dati yung unang iphone ginaya nila, ngayon naman yung “GATE” ginaya ulit. Wala kayo originality!!

    • fce says:

      Anong “gate’ ang ginaya ng Samsung? Apple had ‘bendgate’ and ‘updategate’. Apple pulled out the OS 8.1 when so many Iphones became useless (bricked) after that update.
      Next Ad for Windows Phone: “We’re Gapless, and our Windows are tight.”

  13. shutter says:

    Yung “gate” , ginawa lang nilang “gap” para di halata, kasi kung “BEND” obvious na.
    Pero like ko yung “TIGHT” ng windows ah. Masarap pag “TIGHT”eh. :)

  14. meh says:

    Look at the difference:

    Apple won’t use Samsung’s issue against them in advertising.

    Apple users won’t care to talk about Samsung’s issues.

    The opposite can’t be said about Android users, who were far more vocal than the 9 people who had bending issues.

    Makes you wonder what the problem is, since they don’t even own iPhones.

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