Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, HTC, KitKat react to iPhone 6 bendgate

Well, this is bound to happen. Four big mobile brands and a chocolate snack take a shot at Apple’s “bendgate” mess and took the opportunity to promote their own brand and products, similar to what they did a couple of weeks ago after the Cupertino company announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Updated with ASUS and a new Samsung post.


xiaomi bendgate

We first saw this image on Xiaomi PH’s Facebook page. Xiaomi’s official Twitter account also posted a similar message was taken down.

xiaomi bendgate_1

We found another image (above) circulating in the MIUI forums and was said to come from Xiaomi Malaysia’s Facebook page which was deleted as well.


This will probably become a tradition for Samsung. This time they’re promoting the Galaxy Note Edge’s curved display.

samsung bendgate_2

Samsung Mobile Philippines also posted one on their Facebook page with the image of the Galaxy Note 4.


— LG USA Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) September 24, 2014

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

LG was absent in last time’s Apple bashing so they didn’t miss the opportunity to boast about their flexing smartphone, the G Flex.


— HTC USA (@HTCUSA) September 25, 2014

HTC pokes at Apple with two tweets. The first one saying that the HTC One M8 is designed to survive your pockets, while the second one simply points out that the One M8 has a better build compared to the iPhone 6.


asus bendgate_1

Better late than never? ASUS is back for another round with the iPhone 6, posting this image on their Facebook page saying that the “clear choice is the one that stands out.”


— KITKAT (@KITKAT) September 24, 2014

Probably one of the first non-tech products to bash a popular tech brand. Cheap shot, yes, but given Nestle’s licensing deal with Google and the Android OS version it represents, it’s pretty much understandable.

If you missed the previous Apple bashing you can read all about it here.

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14 Responses

  1. Avatar for APPLE_ANDROID????DAW APPLE_ANDROID????DAW says:


  2. Avatar for Name: APPLE_ANDROID Name: APPLE_ANDROID says:

    Sorry for my english, im not good on it.. my KNOW is NOW. And YOU is YO.

    • Avatar for Rain Rain says:

      sakit mo sa mata haha, may tether ka pang nalalaman. just admit that the new iphone 6 messed up and really? 40k for a phone that bends? and a 16gb storage wtf. at kahit sa iphone 5s mo, it’s just a very overpriced brick

  3. Avatar for nightsufer nightsufer says:

    Tumaas na presyo ng mga de lata na premium, iphone de lata pa rin inaatupag. Get back to life.

  4. Avatar for devilboy devilboy says:

    antahimek ng mga apple fanturdz hehe! aminin na kasi, sopla kayo this time. anu, perfect???

  5. Avatar for Chocolover Chocolover says:

    Love the one from kitkat :))

  6. Avatar for APPLE_ANDROID User APPLE_ANDROID User says:

    Hehehe… Iphone is so popular that all other phones envy and even criticize simple things… The important thing is the buyer’s preference. If you think you can put your calculator in your jeans without worries then buy a large display and a thin smartphones… or else put it somewhere else where it is not pressed. I used android phones with the meanest most care because i know they are not as durable as my iphone. And i dont care about my iphone being thrown by my 3 year old son many Times without any doubt but yet i like it. Maybe that guy was used to apples durability until this new one came…
    Dont tell me i cannot afford to buy high specs android and iphone.. What i compare is Galaxy S4 and my IPhone 5S.. I was so pity with my S4 that i had promise myself i will not let my kid used it.. I drop it only thrice (i dont care how many times my iphone drops coz it is still good as it was new) and replace it 3 times in service center. But I still used my S4 today as well my iphone 5s. I like my s4 for its features and customization but I like Iphone 5S with its software and hardware stability..

    • Avatar for tomato android tomato android says:

      yes, the important thing is the buyers vanity, stupidity and the willingness to spend retarded amount of cash just to try to be cool and hip.

    • Avatar for Justin Justin says:

      “…but I like Iphone 5S with its software and hardware stability.”

      I’m a former iPhone user and a current SGS4 user. I find my SGS4 to be just as stable as my former iPhone(4). Can you please give us examples as to how the SGS4 is less stable (hardware/software-wise)? Or are you just echoing other people’s past comments?

    • Avatar for Pat Pat says:

      You talk about preference with apple? They don’t go to well..

    • Avatar for Kul Kul says:

      “Criticize simple things”… are you implying that a bending iPhone is okay?

    • Avatar for APPLE_ANDROID User APPLE_ANDROID User says:

      Justin try this?

      Tether your both phones to your pc in LTE mode at 49MBPs speed each using torrent in 2 with Haswell Cpu PC at unlimited mode, the problem is your Iphone 4 does not support it. And dont say you cant tether your 5S coz you dont know this if your not a technical guy. Then let it do for 15 minutes until they both feel like they can boil your water. Then Use its software while the tethering it. Use them simultaneously by viewing videos while tethered and torrents are running at 5MB/s at both PC with each phone. DO this in 5 Days. This is what i called STress Test and try putting your iphone and S4 in your skinny jeans and commute in PUJs or Try giving it to your nephews or toddler siblings. YOu will now the difference then. If you just use your SGS4 in just in normal Girly way. Forget this.


      Its better to bend than BREAK…
      yo will now that when you are mature enough.
      Its applicable not only in material things but also unseen ones and they are not simple ones as you said.

    • Avatar for Kul Kul says:


      Defending a poorly engineered product, thats why your answer to me suddenly became poetic eh? Grow up… just accept the fact that the new iPhone doesnt deserve the money its asking for… and I can confidently say I am more mature than you…

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