LG G3 vs Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8): Specs comparison

LG G3 vs Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8): Specs comparison

LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the LG G3, finally makes its official debut. Along with its QHD display comes a list of specifications that makes it worthy to be the LG G2’s successor. But how does it fare with flagships from other brands? Check out the specs showdown between the G3, Galaxy S5, and One (M8) after the break!


Display is the aspect where the LG G3 stands tall compared to the S5 and M8. It has a bigger 5.5-inch screen with resolution going up to 2560 x 1440. One thing LG is proud of is that though the G3’s display is significantly bigger than the two, it can still be easily navigated with one hand. Among the batch, it is also the handset with the most ppi.


G3 S5 M8 specs comparison

In terms of camera, the G3 brings to the table a pack of features like the laser autofocus for faster focusing, dual-LED flash and BSI for low-light areas, and OIS+ for better image stabilization. It’s peers, on the other hand, carry a 16-megapixel camera that can shoot 4K videos and a gimmicky dual camera.

The LG G3 also boasts the largest battery in this group. With, 3000mAh capacity, it’s almost as big as the Galaxy Note 3 and leaves behind the S5’s 2800mAh and M8’s 2600mAh battery.

Relying solely on specs of these three flagships, the LG G3 seems like the winning contender. But we still can’t say the same for its performance so stay tuned for our full review!

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17 Responses

  1. Rubbahband says:

    can someone enlighten me? how come that G3 has the lowest pixel count? hmm..

  2. je says:

    sa tingin ko sa price na lang sila magkakatalo… ang pinaka mura sya ng winner! http://bit.ly/1jvQmve

  3. n says:

    ganda ng choice of font na ginamit

  4. Marf says:

    can somebody do a mid-year round-up? like best phones (local brands) and best phones (international brands) or one whole list for everything? This will help a lot! Thanks!

  5. aha says:

    ang laki ng price difference ng S5 over M8 ah. dito sa Qatar, m8 costs 2799 QR, s5 costs 2699 QR, which means 100QR or around 1200 pesos expensive ang M8 over S5. bakit dyan sa pinas, laki ng iminahal ng s5 kumpara sa m8? tama ba presyo sa taas?

    • aha says:

      take note, yung M8 at S5 na sinasabi ko ay parehong 16gb variant. since sabi sa taas starting price daw yun, so it is safe to say na for 16gb variant yung sinasabi ni author.

  6. xtinab says:

    leave that outdated htc in the garbage. let z2 compete with this two. much much better.. htc is just a china phone.

    • awanin says:

      LOL! outdated ha, haha!

      di na nahiya yung Z2 mo??? sobrang lapad ng bezel tapos parang kulugo pa ang power button! tapos flat pa ang likod at di komportableng hawakan!!

    • xtinab says:

      blah blah blah.. wala sa lapad ng bezels, wala sa mukang kulugong power button at wala sa flat na likod yan. nasa performance yan. pweh!! ultrapixels. pweh!! metal casing PWEH!!! USELESS LAHAT. AANHIN MO ANG METAL CASING MO KUNG LALAGYAN MO DIN NG PROTECTOR. ultrapixels?? ISANG MALAKING PWEH!!!

    • ohnostupid says:

      Outdated? Hahaha nag papatawa ka bang unggoy ka? eh kitkat na nga yan saka htc sense 6.0 eh! :) +merong 2 years guaranteed update ang htc sa mga flagship devices nila haha.. anong pinaglalaban ng z2 mong bolok?

    • xtinab says:

      yes. outdated. pang mga walang utak lng gumagamit ng mga outdated na htc. kung updated ang htc? bakit lumulubog na sila? pweh!!! ni wala ka ngang makikitang naka htc ngayon eh. mahal na wala pang kwenta. puro sakit lng ulo aabutin mo.

  7. ohnostupid says:

    Wala ka lang pambili hala mag cherry mobile ka na lang!

  8. Jean Mae Cruz says:

    It really depends on your needs / what you’re looking for on a phone. As for me I’m currently using a G3 not because it’s the flagship but because of what it can do for me, and perhaps maybe because I wish to be different / unique.

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