MyPhone Agua Rio VS Cherry Mobile Cosmos X: Specs comparison

MyPhone Agua Rio VS Cherry Mobile Cosmos X: Specs comparison

We reported earlier that Cherry Mobile brought down the price of the Cosmos X, from Php9,999 to Php5,999, for a limited time. It’s a worthy effort but is it enough to take on the competition especially like the popular MyPhone Agua Rio? Lets find out by looking at the spec sheet below.

rio vs cosmos x

Summary of advantages:


MyPhone Agua Rio
* Bigger display
* Slightly higher clock speed
* USB OTG support
* Bigger battery
* Wider color options
* Newer device
* Cheaper

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X
* Denser display
* Gorilla Glass 2
* Bigger rear and front cameras

What do you guys think? Is the Rio the better choice for your money or are you better-off shelling an extra Php1K for the Cosmos X? Share your thoughts below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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28 Responses

  1. a says:

    It seems outside of the good camera and display-

    CherryMobile Omega > MyPhone Agua Rio > CherryMobile Cosmos X

    No wonder CM needed to put Cosmos X on “sales”.

  2. a says:

    Yugatech request- how about a posting about cheap lte phones?

  3. Randy Ortega says:

    Sobrang pangit ng camera ang Cosmos X, wag kayo magpaloko

  4. a says:

    Why compare a old model to a newer model. Of course the newer have more new features

  5. a says:

    And one thing. Rio is not durable its back shell cracks when yiu used the phone for a long time in gaming and btw rio’s screen is plastic. And lags on flappy bird. Its a fact try joining the rio s support group on fb tp know more. I prefer cosmos!

    • Just so u know, if you really are a member of an MP Rio group, u might be aware that there are 2 versions of MP Rio, the old s5500 and the newer s5501. You might be referring to the old one. the new one runs better and smooth almost ios-like even in graphic demanding games and yes, also in flappy bird.

      I want to call the attention of these bloggers to make an article about this two versions of Rio. We, early adopters felt cheated when MyPhone released the newer version (s5501). at the same price, the newer Rio runs much better than the old one. We tried flashing the new one’s rom to the old one but we got bricked (i fixed it already) so we think that their hardware is different from each other..

      are we covered by any law? myphone is still mum on the issue and failed to give us a proper update.
      Lesson learned. never buy the phone on the 1st week and read reviews 1st before shelling out your hard earned cash.

    • a says:

      Hoy hentai kamen. Bakit gumawa ng 2nd version ang mp ng rio? Kasi palpak ang una maraming nagrereklamo hndi sya worth to buy para kang nagtapon ng 5k sa basurang china phone ganun ang labas!! Maganda sya sa price dahil san ka nakakita ng 5k lng quad core na pero meron at meron yan downsides. Msyado mong mahal na mhal amg mp mo hahaha try kissing mp’s ceo ass HAHA

    • excuse me? nabasa mo bang mabute snabi ko? i mean, if im an MP lover why would i post its flaws? OK nextime i will post in tagalog nalang for u.

      PS. Im a dissappointed Rio (s5500) owner at isa sa pasimuno ng Rio memes on MP Rio United group. :)

    • Shrek says:

      a = troll

      Hentai Kamen = legitimate commentator who knows what he is talking about, keep it up.

  6. istingki says:

    nag crack ang back case? baka pinang tanching mo LOL!

    • MP used a lower quality paint on the new version of agua rio (s5501) i compared it with mine (old version/s5500) mine’s glossy and harder to peel the paint. the newer one is more matte.

    • a says:

      Bobo mo pang nag init ung phone naging crispy likod nya nag crack. Kala mo ganda ng rio mo. Buying cheap phone asahan mo cheap din quality nyan. May reason ang cm bat mahal kanila !!

  7. HaruShi says:

    cguro agua rio ang good for gaming kse mali-400mp ang gpu hnd umiinit ng sobra compare sa powervr at adreno na pag naglaro ka pde kna magluto ng itlog sa sobrang inet hahaha

  8. Zobel says:

    Lesson learned: don’t shell out 8K and above for a local brand.

  9. fonehunter says:

    Yes, I second that! IMO, it’s better to buy secondhand or lower spec’ed (dual code krait at least) branded phone.

  10. Exag says:

    Nagaaway na naman ang mga hampas-lupa.

  11. note3 and s5 owner says:

    Haaaay nku. I also have both phones and pareho ko lang binenta. Mas ok yung cosmos compared to rio.
    Get over it guys. Puro sa mga murang phone nagaaway mga mahihirap.
    Pero sa mga pages and blogs abt high end devices wala masyado mga rants and haters. Nakakatawa mga mahihirap.

  12. Greg says:

    Based on what I have seen in the shops and read so far, it looks to me that CM Omega Spectrum is better than MP Rio as it has Dragontail glass and the CPU is not significantly slower. CM Cosmos X has a better screen and camera than either but has a fundamental flaw in that its battery 1800 mAh is way too puny for a quad core HD screen. The battery life is CRITICAL. A phone that requires you to log around a powerbank or attach to an out let every 4 hoursis going to get very tiresome quickly. 6K for the Cosmos X is a fair price given screen and camera. The 10k list price is a joke. Noone should buy it at that price.

  13. Manloloko says:

    Smuggled na Cherry Mobile cellphones naharang ng Customs DZBB -by manny vargas

  14. emm says:

    Help me on making the decision.
    Cosmos X has better specs. on its camera but then 1k means a lot to me I don’t think it’ll be a waste if I’ll go for Rio. Thanks ….

  15. rio lite user says:

    For me rio lite so smooth for gaming and camera is surprising. If super fan kayo ng CM dismayado ako dyan lalo na yung flare s2 nila nag iinit at tinutibuan ng dead pixel .. Rio lite is a new version of rio since quadcore na rin at matte yung back. Lahat ng phone masisira kung barubal ka… If tanggal kabit ka ba naman ng sim or memory mo mag crack talaga yan. If wala ka naman masabi maganda at you have more money then buy samsung or sony then shut up… Rio lite gives a fair price for 3999.. Cherry poor plastic materials sobrang ewan pati service center hintay to the max.

  16. anonymous says:

    Fyi : Tipid po sa battery ang mga Super omoled ang display. Kaya matagal din ang battery life ng Cosmos X. As compared to other superamoled phone mataas na rin ang 1800mAH

  17. Fyi : Tipid po sa battery ang mga Super amoled ang display. Kaya matagal din ang battery life ng Cosmos X. As compared to other superamoled phone mataas na rin ang 1800mAH

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