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Nokia E7 comes in 4-inch screen, 8MP camera

Nokia also just announced the Nokia E7, a full touch screen and full qwerty slider phone that’s got a huge 4-inch display and 8-megapixel camera.

Nokia E7 specs:
4 inches polarized, AMOLED, capacitive touch screen @ 640×360 pixels
16GB mass memory
350 MB internal memory
256MB RAM, 1024MB ROM
8MP camera with dual LED flash
720p HD video recording @ 25fps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
HSDPA 10.2MBps, HSUPA 2.0Mbps
Bluetooth 3.0
GPS w/ aGPS support
1200mAH battery

The Nokia E7 is probably the first smartphone from the Finnish company that has a huge touchscreen, breaking the 4-inch barrier. It’s also interesting that they’ve incorporated the full touch and full qwerty keyboard in a slider form factor. The Nokia E7 could be the rebirth of the Communicator or maybe the slider version of the Nokia N8.

The unit will be released sometime in 4th quarter of this year together with the Nokia C7 and will have an estimated retail price of 495 euros or Php28,200.

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77 Responses

  1. guyrony says:

    and still no larger display resolution!

    Nokia! Tsk! Tsk!

  2. kim says:

    e7 or c7? cant choose. :)

  3. karl says:

    on symbian? no way!!

  4. flexgrid says:

    much better if they reserved the design for the upcoming meego OS.symbian^3 is crap

  5. xxholicxx says:

    really not interested with nokia anymore :D

  6. Martin says:

    for about the same price, i’ll go for galaxy s or iphone 4

  7. whatif says:

    Whatif NOKIA hardware + Android OS?
    ganyan na lang para tapos na usapan…

  8. niko says:

    ^ lost all hope on nokia >.>

  9. whatif says:

    640×360 pixels sa 4inch display??!!

  10. junp says:

    The hardware looks nice.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. NonesenseLife says:

    damn nokia sucks for me now.i rather choose htc or bb phones or even iphone,wth is happening to nokia right now?hahaha

  12. roan carl says:

    yes it does look N8 which is available hir in Dubai by Oct 01,btw N8 price is roughly 24k pesos
    Ipone 4 16b is 48k pesos considering wlang tax and vat dito mahal prin ang ipone..2 N8 for 1 Ipone4 hehehe…

  13. Ebengt0t says:

    Symbian is the best os when it comes to applications. Wala ng iba. Kung may sumusun0d man, andr0id yun. Symbian is already an stablished os eversince. Kung mer0n mang mga symbian user dyan na hindi naenj0y yung os at phone nila, dahil yun hindi sila nag-explore. If you c0uld only try what’s symbian is capable of, malamang balewala na ang iph0ne sa inyo.

  14. Romy Uyehara says:

    Can’t nokia release a phone based on symbian ?

  15. Romy Uyehara says:

    sorry, I mean android ??

  16. NemOry says:

    GRABE ANG DESIGN VERY VERY COOL….. bagay sa lahat,,, pero mas bagay sa mga HIGH class BUsiness persons… hehehehe… super gwapo ng CP

  17. razorous says:

    No front facing cam for video calls?? Booo…

  18. kevin says:

    @whatif, Romy Uyehara

    I second that, Nokia and Android OS would make a fantastic mix!

  19. Miguel says:

    The keyboard looks square and not ergonomic – ?

  20. veromeo says:

    SUper Cool looking, I hope upgradable sya sa symbian 4 though im loving symbian 3 already. kung ui lang ang basehan kaya nag-aandroid ung iba. there’s always apps like sbp shell. symbian in already a matured os unlike android, so fragmented.

  21. veromeo says:

    bakit sa yugatech kulang kulang ang details. anyways kahit 640×360 ang screen nya it features clear black screen look sa engadget. its like their super-amoled. im so proud of nokia. their making a comeback although n8 paren ako coz od xenon and 12mp

  22. GT says:

    Symbian is the most mature OS out there. Nokia had optimized Symbian^3 for touch mobile devices. Symbian ^3 is faster and better UI.

  23. android 0s lover,say that andr0id have lots of “crappy”and “useless” applicati0n to be downloded to andr0id market,versus usable applicati0n on symbian 0s powered ph0ne’s
    thats why for me N0kia is the best,and Symbian OS is the best!

  24. GT says:

    for iOS and android lovers…now salivate on this…
    Nokia hires Peter Skillman, former Palm Design VP, as MeeGo user experience chie

  25. Whatif says:

    Symbian is not for touch same with winmo period. Thats why meron wp7 and meego.

  26. Guy says:

    nice but I’m still not loving it. i’m anti-nokia anyway :)

  27. vondoom says:

    symbian parin? yuck :-P

  28. batang henyo says:

    mas mura sa SG ang iphone4, cehck nyo sa apple sg site, its around SGD888, fYi

  29. Reel Advice says:

    Still symbian and a low res on a 4 incher?

    Nokia really needs to re-think their strategy. I say this should move on from Symbian and develop Meego when ti comes to touch screen phones.

  30. Loong Tang says:

    ang dami talaga HENYO dito, may pa yuck yuck pang nalalaman mga wala naman pangbili. perfect ba celfone nung iba dito?? im sure mga naka prepaid yun mga nag uumarte dito…heheheh..PEACE!!!

  31. Joshua M says:

    Die Symbian Die!

  32. Manny says:

    i’ve been a nokia fan since the 1990’s, but they failed against iphone, RIM, and android, that’s why the Nokia board replaced the CEO.
    I’m still waiting for the rebirth of nokia in the smartphone category.

  33. Eingild says:

    It is pretty pricy for me. I’d rather go Galaxy S or iphone 4 on a plan. The phone is great, although I’m not a fan of Symbian. But hey, Nokia is not number one if they can’t pull up their game. I hope they can respond well in the face of strong competition such as iOS’ iphone 4 and Android devices.

  34. vondoom says:

    @Loong Tang sorry to offend buddy. truth is that i still use an n97 for my sun line and i really hate the OS. kaya yuck parin hehe

  35. Epstein says:

    Kapag tumagal kaya Android may magsasabi rin ng “Still Android” ?

  36. Loong Tang says:


    it’s so simple, if you dont like it, just put it into a trash, and if you will continue to use it, i will say “YUCKIS KA GUMAGAMIT KA NYAN!”

  37. vondoom says:

    @Loong Tang pwede! gusto ko na nga palitan e. ung desire z parang pwede e no. sana lang wag sobra mahal srp dito.

  38. Miklos says:

    Anyone saying Symbian^3 is crap is simply put retarded.

    S^3, which I have used for two weeks now, is amazingly fast, robust and full of features. Coming from Android and previosuly Iphone 3G this is by far the best smartphone OS I have tried (havn’t tried MeeGo yet).

    Stop being fanbois and open up your minds.

  39. john says:


    paano ka nagkaron ng symbian^3? kay genie?


    ano? number ang symbian sa apps? wtf

    weird naman dito

  40. pabs says:

    I will definitely buy this…

  41. Dakkel says:

    Manong vondoom, Manny ang sa mga nag-yuyuck sa Symbian:
    Fact: Symbian, which was bought by Nokia some years back (yes, ‘di lang Nokia ang gumagawa ng Symbian phones) was the largest smartphone (take note, smartphone po) operating system circulating in the world (take note, not only in the Philippines or in the United States of America) before the iPhone and Android were introduced and is still(hint: present tense)even after 2007 (advent of the iPhone). iOS, Android, and RIM were left in the dust;

    Fact: Symbian outsells the two closest competition combined. Hint: iOS is not any of the two closest competition; and

    Source: Gartner (use google to cure innocence).

    Advice: digest information before insinuating that Nokia is at the dawn of its alleged imminent doom para ‘di mapahiya.

    Ang naniniwala sa sabi-sabi, walang bait sa sarili.

  42. bing says:

    @ Dakkel you are the man! I can’t agree more! Android is a fruit of hype machine create by american tech bloggers. You know americans right? Hambugero at arugante, akala nila wala ng mas marunong sa kanila at wala ng ibang tao sa mundo kundi sa america lang. They always say that that symbian is dead because they haven’t get out beyong their borders. Nagpapaluko sila sa mga operator (at&t, verizon, sprint etc) nila na kung ano ang inihahain yun din ang kakainin. For how many years these people think they have the most advance mobile technology but the truth is they got the mediocre product because these operator are selecting only the phones that maximized their profits. Read blogs with real global perspective of Tomi Ahonen.

  43. JunAlquis says:

    @Miklos panu ka nagkaroon ng Symbian^3 a pre production unit?

  44. vondoom says:

    Hi Dakkel! Sorry to hurt your feelings there. Haven’t tried symbian^3 but the current symbian OS we have in our local market right now sucks. Tried it because it looked promising but failed to impress. Well I’ll leave it up to you to decide but do try other phones and see for yourself. I don’t see the point why you’re comparing sales figs. Of course the cheaper models will always generate more volume. Btw I’m not siding with a particular OS. I just think symbian needs to work on its interface and nokia on its ovi store.

  45. Eingild says:


    The only reason iOS is not in even in the 2 closest competition is that they only produce one cellphone which is the iphone. However, this phone alone cannibalized some market share of Nokia and their whole inventory of phones – from low-end to high-end. I am not an Apple fanboy but the main reason why Nokia outsells Apple is that iphone is damn too expensive. And let me ask you one more thing. Are there any cellphones out there who manage to sell more or less 1 million units in just 3 days? No sir. It’s just the iphone 4. Maybe Nokia and Symbian should consider fighting off such formidable competition such as iOS and Android.

  46. tekyang says:

    Men can’t wait to have a nokia e7..When is gonna be available in stores???

  47. c7tog says:

    please dont buy this phone, you will regret, see comment on other review, got 1 but caNT USE FOR NOW, IT HANG

  48. JKisaragi says:

    If and when they say that the E7 and N8 will be upgradeable to Meego once it gets released, I’m sold. But for now, nagsawa lang talaga ako sa Symbian.

    Sana there’ll be news about that.

  49. jbasalts says:

    I love this phone!!! I don’t understand why people don’t like Symbian… It’s actually a very user friendly operating system… Although Open Source OS’ like Android and Maemo/Meego are nice, but you’d greatly appreciate it if you’re a developer… I like this innovative design from Nokia. The only thing that I don’t like in this device is that there’s no expandable storage… They should’ve placed a slot for a memory card in this thing… But I still love it… Hopefully it will be released soon!

  50. lhenlhen082888 says:


  51. Ken says:

    Personally, I dont have anything against symbian OS. Nakakasawa lng kasi pare-pareho ang UI nila. I’ve been using Nokia since 2004-2009. Parang walang ng thrill pag aralan ung mga high-end phone and smartphone kasi pareho lng sila ng features, specs and functions.

  52. butch says:

    oi! hindi pa to narerelease sa pinas! ang tagal naman!
    ito muna bilhin ko na phone while waiting for iphone 5…
    excited na ako sa e7…
    sana sa new year meron na…

  53. dre says:

    Sa palagay ko this phone will be suitable not only for business minded people but also for writers,reporters,TEACHERS… madaming magbebenifit. who cares about the operating system… it’s just that… i know i am ignorant about that,but for me if something is of help to me, it’s nice. kelan ba release nito para mabili na nang macompute ko na grades ng mga students ko ng d dinadala ung notebook ko sa school o pumunta sa computer shops??? I also have many ideas to wirte about…stories i’d love to put into words…
    sana malapit na…

  54. dre says:

    angtagal namang i-release tong teleponong ito… kunsabagay,mas makakaipon ako ng pambili… pero kc mas maganda kung irerelease na nila toh eh… nakakainis naman…

  55. Pogz says:

    Majority of the Nokia haters here probably haven’t used an N8 moreso the E7 which is not even released yet. I am a professional. In my line of work I value reliability, ease of use, business features, and durability of a mobile phone.

    Sure, Iphone 4 looks nice and expensive and has loads of eye candy. But its just a pretty expensive personal phone. Its great for personal use, but it doesn’t have the functionality of a true business phone.

    Different phones are built to cater different needs and wants and capacity to pay. There will be no all in one phone that will ever grace this planet. If there will be one in the future, it will be the end of innovations for the mobile phone industry. Asking for a very cheap, expensive looking, big screen and resolution, lightweight, extreme durability, high quality UI and eyecandy, reliable telephony, 200x optical zoom camera with GN40 xenon flash, ultra high capacity battery, 10 day talk time, 30 day stand-by time,etc. is like asking for a sure solo win at the 6/55 lottery.

    Try out the product from stores before saying negative comments about it. I’m pretty sure that there will be demo units for high-end units in a lot of cellphone shops.

  56. G says:

    Kailan daw release ng e7 dito? I’m dying to buy one na. Idc kung symbian pa din siya. I’m buying it because it looks wickedly sexy.

  57. sheela says:

    meron na ung cousin ko pero sa ibang bansa binili. it’s look okey nman.

  58. junulrik says:

    Na try ko yun nokia e7 sa Nokia Dubai, sa tingin ko it is fair enough to say that nokia has done good on this E7.. screen is really good, os is fast and overall hardware is much better than the samsung galaxy s series.. i am considering to get one.. in singapore it is available for around 28k pesos..

  59. mhiles says:

    im a NOKIA USERS since the time of nokia 3210, until now still a nokia holder I already have all of a Nokia N series as of now my phone is Nokia N900. the said model is great in all application but only one thing that I HATE SO MUCH IN THE NOKIA N900 IS THE FONT THAT IS SO SMALL AND THE SAD PART UNTIL NOW THEY DOESNT CARE TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM GRABEE TLAGA SA LAHAT NG N SERIES NA NAHAWAKAN AT NAGAMIT KO THIS UNIT LANG ANG WLANG FONT SIZE CATEGORY. YUN LANG THAT’S WHY IM PLANNIG TO PUT IT ON SALE.

  60. Dre says:

    I am really at a loss right now… months ago I was bent on buying this phone… but now I’m having second thoughts… Tell me, is this phone a yay or a nay? Maganda naman kc sya kea lang parang natatakot akong bilihin…

    • Dre says:

      Mr. Yuga, maganda ba tong phone na toh? As in super mageenjoy ba ako with this phone? Ang hilig ko kase mag-update ng kung ano nasa isip ko like making blogs… kea lang gusto ko ng parang diary… tpos xempre gusto ko ung tatagal sakin un bang kht luma na eh eye catching pa din… so what do you think?Should I buy this phone?

  61. masterkuray says:


  62. hazellove says:

    They are all the same. Phones are phones. I have e90, e72, c3, 9500 communicator,HTC Desire HD, iphone 2g, 3gs and now my latest iphone4..I can’t seem to compare each one since they are all beautiful creations of man that makes communication a lot easier. I am planning to buy for my birthday a galaxy tab to see waht the hush is all about. Final note..They depends on the demend the phone is created for what purpose and all. You can’t have all the things you want on a phone in just one phone. hat will never happen. That is why there is competition and continous R and D! to see what the users really want. In the end its what you feel suits your lifestyle that will make you choose that phone to e the best but for some it may not be what they’d prefer because really BEAUTY is in the eye of the Beholder same saying goes for CP/smartphones and all other man made creations to make man’s life easier and comfortable. ok?

  63. justin says:

    i actually have it now, binili pa to from qatar kaya meh arabic letters ang keypad, mahirap pala kung wala pa d2 yung model, konte lang ang support, katulad sa ovi store, konte lang ang games. . . hahay, but its a good phone overall! :)

  64. rodel says:

    e7 at n8 wlang pinakaiba sa nga apps nya nakita kuna dito sa saudi yan lahat yata ng nga bagong cp alus nandito na….

  65. Don_mcdo says:

    Ang mganda s E7, may Keypad cya… option mo kpag hirap k s touchscreen txting, kya pinalitan ko n ang aking N86, he he he…………

  66. elizabeth sandoval says:

    Me even if i want to have that kind of celphone i cannot afford it :(

  67. King says:

    i actually have it now, binili pa to from qatar kaya meh arabic letters ang keypad, mahirap pala kung wala pa d2 yung model, konte lang ang support, katulad sa ovi store, konte lang ang games. . . hahay, but its a good phone overall!

  68. thom says:

    ever since i used nokia . . b4 i have n95,n97. pero ngyon im using e7 for 1 month now.. pero bkt ganon ang signal ng phone ko minsan mron minsan wla, kla ko noong nsa pinas ako globe nd smart lng my problm pero pag blik ko d2 s africa ganon prn prob ko mahina prn signal. . cino bah pwede mkatulong skin d2, s settings lng ba yun or mahina tlga reception ng E7 . . slamat

  69. chaze says:

    im now waiting for nov 15 for my salary to get a nokia e7. but seeing all comments not only on this site but also global sites, it’s seemed quite scary and a risk to purchase it. calls being dropped; freezing/hanging; too short battery life that gets shorter by the day; slow processing… is ther any way the unit can be improved at the onset of purchase before i;ll gonna actually start using it? please advise

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