O+ EVO 4G announced, 5-inch LTE smartphone for Php7,995

O+ EVO 4G announced, 5-inch LTE smartphone for Php7,995

O+ USA has long been criticized for pricing their products a notch or two higher than the similarly spec’d devices in the market. But the company seems like it’s slowly learning from its mistakes as they unveiled the O+ EVO 4G – the company’s first LTE-enabled smartphone with 5-inch 1280×720 display.

Oplus EVO 4G Philippines

As you can see on its specs sheet above, the new O+ Evo 4G seems like a strong contender in the budget LTE smartphone category, especially if we consider that it will only retail for Php7,995 when it becomes available later this month.


Some of the key information about the handset, such as the processor model, GPU and RAM capacity, were not mentioned in the press release. But judging by its price tag, we’re inclined to believe that it will feature 1GB of RAM which will go hand in hand with the MediaTek MT6732 and Mali T760 GPU.

Note: We’ve already reached out to O+ regarding these missing information. We’ll update this post once we got their reply.

Update: We just got word from an O+ spokesperson. The O+ EVO 4G will, indeed, be powered by MediaTek MT6732 with ARM Mali T760-MP2 GPU and 1GB of RAM.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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18 Responses

  1. buyto says:

    Nakow… O+ na hindi gaano ka overpriced. Mukhang pwede…

  2. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but EVO 4G? Isn’t that an HTC name? For an American company, you surely know when to use outdated names.

    Former sprint sales rep, reporting in.


  3. StriderBerto says:

    wow 4G + dual sim (dual-active kaya?) for 8k ….hmmm pwede…mukhang mapupurnada muna pagbili q ng zenfone 5 ahh hehheh!!

  4. Von says:

    See pipol this is the Standard specs nowadays!! It’s not all in the BRAND but “what Else” they can offer us before we throw our money, educate yourselves not in the Brand, and learn to compare Specifications of the Gadget.
    The offer of this Smartphone are worthy to buy and whether the others agree or not, In Android World the specifications of this gadget makes the others (specially the expensive one) OBSOLETE, for price and quality this is a true “Model Standard Android Nowadays”.
    Hopefully to cut a little more of their price coz’ still not practical for those who are tight in budget. In other words and saying “Ende parin pang Masa ang presyo”.

  5. jayrwafu says:

    Mali T760 GPU…sarap manuod n2 ng [email protected] HD… basta stable un software at good after-sales support… marami lilipat sa O+.. kudos

  6. klky says:


    wow lupet pala ng chipset na yan? ok na ok n to, eto na ang pang next gen sa ganitong price..

  7. x says:

    Dual Sim Lte Ready with balanced specs and its less than 10k? Ive been waiting for this. But is it really an American brand? I have two o+ devices its Still working but i haven’t really researched the company, Its seems relatively unknown.

    • pastorgeek says:

      Fake US branded company. China based, owned and china made devices. They claim to be an ODM company but all local techbloggers are doubtful of the claim because the obvious lack of proof, impossible to get in touch with anyone from the company and impossible to find where the physical headquarters here in the philippines is located. Company is not registered in any of the US states. Shady company, run by shady people.

  8. LowBudgetGuy says:

    So tempting… Is it a good brand?? Any reviews?? Baka yung ibang brands may tinatago pa.. Ilabas nyo na lahat new models for the holidays…

  9. Mark Lester says:

    when will it be available in ph market?

  10. Mark Lester says:

    when will it be available in ph market?…..

  11. kerwin says:

    available ba to sa mindanao? where at kailan.pls bring here on december 2014 plsssss i cant wait””””

  12. danmar says:

    (EVO)4G/LTE connectivity with 64-bit processor and with a price of 8k and also with the latest KitKat ver.(4.4.4) from O plus is a best offer at this time.

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