Samsung to disable charging of remaining Galaxy Note 7

Samsung to disable charging of remaining Galaxy Note 7

It’s been months since Samsung recalled all the Galaxy Note 7 handsets around the globe but there are still who wish to keep the handset despite its battery issues.

Soon, these remaining Galaxy Note 7 units will receive a software update that’ll completely disable the charging of its batteries. Back in September of 2016, Samsung also rolled out an update limiting the charging rate but up to 60% only.


The company said around 97 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 sold in South Korea were already retrieved. We have no numbers here in the Philippines.

New flagship phones, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, are set for launch next week which will undergo what Samsung calls 8-point Battery Safety Check to address the concerns of consumers about the Note 7’s fiasco.

Source: The Korea Herald

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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8 Responses

  1. archie says:

    I don’t like this move. It will hurt samsung’s image as a dictating company enforcing everything they want to do to the sold products by software updates. Magpadala na lang sila ulit ng public notice, hindi naman lahat ng user ay techie na nakuha ang tech announcement nila months ago.

    • eric says:

      Image is not the issue but safety. Nasira na ng konti image nila dahil dun sa battery issues and it will only hurt them more if they disregard the safety of the remaining people who still stubbornly refuse to let go of their note7s. Isa pa, I don’t think “non-techie” is an excuse of not knowing this piece of controversy which lasted for months. If you’re a note7 user, you would already have heard of this.., well not unless nakaw note7 mo then you might not even care at all if it explodes.

    • dictating company? what kind of logic is that? they are rolling the update to protect consumers and themselves dahil madaming matigas ang ulo. tapos pag nasabugan naman sisisihin ang manufacturer. samsung is just avoiding future law suits.

    • dummy_001 says:

      I think it is more convenient for the company to do this, thinking it is only 3% of the users who did not return their Note 7. It’s about cause and expense, and also IMO it not dictatorship but more on safety.

    • DJ says:

      Because the Note 7’s battery issue is a legitimate safety issue, I think this is just fair. Also, if ever the phone’s user is still unaware of the issue until now, the update will force them to look for support/repair, and there they will certainly find out about the defect at last.

      Though it’s really unlikely that Note 7 users still don’t know about this problem. I disagree that it’s just a ‘tech announcement’; it’s been all over mainstream, non-tech media, and there was a time it was announced before takeoff in all commercial flights—people who can afford a Note 7 are likely to be air travellers too. I would bet that nearly all the stragglers are just deliberately ignoring the battery hazard.

      What I’m interested in finding out if this update is actually effective. How is it delivered? Is it subtle/there’s no user approval involved? If it is indeed effective, on one hand, that would be great for this recall program. On the other hand, that’s slightly scary. That’s where your concerns of a ‘dictating company’ comes in, because for what else could they use such powerful, remote control over their consumer products?

    • Awesomeness ?? says:

      OMG ?? You are like supercalifragilisticexpialidiotious ????

  2. ooo says:

    araguy sa mga nakabili sa graey market.

  3. Ella says:

    Also if they installed custom roms na on their note 7, hindi na sila mapapadalhan nang update na yan

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