Top Features of Google Pixel

Top Features of Google Pixel

The new Pixels are indeed impressive devices to begin Google’s venture into creating their own line of Android smartphones. From hardware to software, the company is proud of the outcome and eventually labeled them as “Made by Google”.

Let’s take a look at the 5 of the impressive feats of both the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones that are uniquely their own.

Google Assistant

First off is the newest feature Google has introduced, Google Assistant. Basically, they have made their very own full-blown Siri or Cortana. It’s a step up from Google Now and it just covers about everything you’ll need for everyday tasks.


The Pixel is the first phone to have it built in. Current Androids in the market will have to make use of Google Now or have a taste of the Assistant’s features through Google Duo or Allo.


Previous Nexus phones don’t exactly have the best mobile camera in the business, aside from the Nexus 6P. With Pixel, Google wants to introduce their prowess in mobile imaging and, according to DxOMark, it has the best camera on a phone to date.


Its 12.3-megapixel shooter with large 1.55um pixels and f/2.0 aperture was able to score an 89 on their tests. The hardware paired with the imaging software of the phone was able to impress them that much even beating the Galaxy S7 Edge’s score of 88. You can check out DxOMark’s review here.



Unlimited storage

To compliment the camera, Google has given the Pixel phones unlimited storage for stills and videos through their Google Photos app. The app already gives unlimited space for all but not in full resolution, and that’s where Google’s offer comes in.


May it be a mere selfie or an artistic shot, it will be backed up to the cloud in its original resolution, no resizing or downgrading of quality. Even your 4K videos will be available anytime thanks to the seamless integration of the app.


Google’s own virtual reality platform, Daydream, is on the Pixel. This allows the company to showcase the platform with the best-supported hardware available. The Daydream View VR headset is fully compatible with the Pixel.


This opens a number of possible features for the phone and the platform itself.

Care by Google

Lastly, Google wants to take good interest to its users. They have introduced a 24/7 support dubbed “Care by Google”. Representative on the other line will help you troubleshoot your phone with ease.


It’s got a screen sharing option that will let the rep see what’s on your screen. It’s similar to the Mayday of Amazon and if things work fine, this should be the norm of customer support soon.

And those are the top features of Pixel that will help it make a dent in the sea of Android OEMs and iPhones. While the Pixel and Pixel XL are indeed fascinating devices, it’s unclear if the Philippine market will have a taste of this. It’s up to the other sellers to bring the Pixel on our shores.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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4 Responses

  1. Marcus says:

    Google Assistant: Works well for apps that support services within your location, so i’d doubt we’ll be using it to book restaurant/hotel/movie reservations too often. Will probably mostly be used for calendar updates weather.
    Unlimited Photos Storage: If we have a good upstream internet service, why not?! Problem is, we don’t.
    Daydream VR: Said to be coming to all devices updated to Android 7.1
    Care by Google: May possibly be only available to phones activated from partners of Google.

  2. Sj says:

    My biggest problem with Android is the fact that they limit their OS updates up to two years. Some companies go beyond this but that is very rare… Even the Android One initiative was laid to rest at a very early time.

    Unlike Apple that tries to maximize all their units possible that can get the update. (Example: Iphone 4s which only stopped receiving an update after ios 10 was released… but still, the phone proves to be very capable, even up to this date.)

    Android is an awesome OS, but I guess because there are a lot of phone manufacturers using it, and Google’s hardware requirement is a bit tight (thus a new phone may not be compatible with a new update), then the update does not reach most Android users.

    If Google can make a phone that can optimize the use of its hardware to be able to provide a better user experience, then I’m all for it. Else, my Z5 Compact ang Galaxy Tab A will be my last android.

  3. Easy E says:

    Mostly software thats why its so expensive. Software will not be available on non pixel devices.

  4. This is what Google envisions Android phones… This is a direct competition to theiPhone… Hopefully next year they’ll have micro sd slots and water resistant to make it the “perfect” phone

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