Akamai: PH ranks 6th in Mobile Internet Speed in APAC

Akamai: PH ranks 6th in Mobile Internet Speed in APAC

In the latest Akamai State of the Internet Report for Q2 2016, the Philippines ranked 6th in mobile internet speed in Asia Pacific. With an average speed of 8.5Mbps, the Philippines outranked Singapore which got 8.1Mbps and Hong Kong at 5.7Mbps.

Across all countries measured by Akamai, the United Kingdom got the highest speed at an average of 23.1Mbps (27.9Mbps from previous quarter), followed by Belgium at 21.1Mbps


The survey made by Akamai for the 2nd quarter of 2016 included 56 countries.

In the same report, the Philippines also got an average of 4.3Mbps (fixed broadband speed) for the same quarter. This is 23% highest than the 3.5Mbps from the previous quarter (see 1st quarter report here).

{source: Akamai.com}

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7 Responses

  1. ParaSaMasa says:

    Kapag kasi magpapakabit ka ng internet ang pilit na ibibgay sayo yung mahal na plan. Nung nagpakabit kami sa PLDT, sabi nila wala ng slot yung Plan 990 at yung iba pa na medyo mababa lang babayaran. Yung plan na 3K+/month ang pinagpipilitan sa amin. Mabilis nga internet namin,pero sobrang mahal naman ng binabayaran.

  2. jim staff says:

    Mas mataas sa singapore? Hmmm. Sana ipakita nila din yung quality ng.connection.

    • jim staff says:

      This is 23% highest than the 3.5Mbps from the previous quarter… *higher. Sana pinakita din yung adoption rate ng 4/10/15 mbps subscribers. Makikita na most of us are stuck below 4mbps dahil sa mahal na.singil, resulting to low average and peak connection speeds.

  3. M says:

    Yes.. we can get this SPEED… but we (subscribers) cannot afford it….

    wala ehh almost-MONOPOLIZED kasi ang internet eh, how i wish government shell out funds para dito, either they regulate it or they partner up with another player

    kapag wala kasing lumaban sa big telcos, we would be stuck with this plans….

  4. Robert says:

    Somehow we’re seeing a huge improvement from last administration’s 2nd slowest Internet speed in the world to beating that of Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s which are both highly developed economies. It goes to show how driven president duterte is in delivering his pre election promises.

  5. Nagtratrabaho kasi ako sa call center para sa isang Telco company sa US… Medj mura pala atin… Data Allocation lang nadali.

  6. G says:

    Such a laughable, even insulting report

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