Poll: What’s your mobile phone?

Just a quick survey on what make and model of phones people are using nowadays. I’ve added a poll below (sidebar) so you can send in your feedback. I also noticed a lot of people are using 2 phones so you can send in two answers as well.

In the last year or so, I’ve been using a Samsung i600 and Nokia 6120 Classic. The latter, a private line and the former holds my public number.

Our poll/survey question this time — what’s the make and model of your mobile phone/s?

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Likewise, with the introduction of 3G networks, telcos are thinking of new ways for consumers to use their phones (aside from SMS and voice). The key to this is “content” — that’s why you have mobile downloadables (wallpapers, logos, ringtones, etc.). But that area is already saturated — hence, the blogs.

Question is, will consumers read via their mobile phones? Early indication says yes and the stats from being listed on myGlobe Portal shows promise of a growing trend. More on this in another post.

For the meantime, head on to the Poll section and submit your feedback or leave a comment. :)

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40 Responses

  1. Avatar for s0mnambul1st s0mnambul1st says:

    I recently changed phones. From HTC Desire, to HTC Mozart.

  2. Avatar for lito lito says:

    nokiaC3 and 1680c-2

  3. Avatar for epr epr says:

    I’m using Nokia E52 and i-mate 8502.

  4. Avatar for gracie gracie says:

    me I use k530i for about a year na it’s stil good though gusto ko na magpalit to 5800/n79.

  5. Avatar for yuri-g yuri-g says:

    no matter what kind of cellphone do i have as long as it can be use for communication heheh

  6. Mine is LG Prada KE850 iPhone. With special features of 2MP Auto Focus Camera, Schneider Kreznach Optics, Multimedia Player, Touchscreen. I bought it on-line from http://www.GRLmobile.com

  7. Avatar for natreh natreh says:

    I have an E90 phone for personal use and a Nokia 6680 for office use. =)

  8. I’ve been very happy with my Sony Ericsson K550i. :)

  9. Avatar for WTF WTF says:

    Vertu Ferrari 1947
    SE W960

  10. Avatar for Anton Deleon Anton Deleon says:

    I recently picked up an N95 a few weeks ago and i am still learning to use it. It really lives up to its name as their tag calls, “It’s what computers have become”

    The missus owns an N82.

  11. Avatar for Jejomar Bongat Jejomar Bongat says:

    I own a Motorola E770.

  12. i have samsung i600

  13. samsung i600 http://animohosting.com/main/samsung-sgh-i600-smartphone/

  14. I have a Treo 650 and LG Shine. The latter is very fashionable and simply attracts attention which I like lol!

  15. Avatar for Luis Cruz Luis Cruz says:

    I’ve got a Treo 680 and a SE K320i

  16. Avatar for yellowgreen yellowgreen says:

    I have a rotary phone… how many peeps have this kind of phone??

  17. Avatar for vance vance says:

    If I had the money I might opt for a iPhone hehehe. Nah!

    I’ll wait for 2nd to 3rd gen..

  18. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    Nokia E65. I rarely call and text. Mostly used for web + GMail + Fring on WiFi and 3G.

  19. Avatar for Mike Lopez Mike Lopez says:

    I have a Motorokr E6 Phone.

  20. HTC TyTN II & O2 XDA II

    can’t seem to access the poll when browsing the mobile version of ur blog.

  21. Avatar for Sherwin Sherwin says:

    Nokia E51 & SE K750i

  22. Avatar for Kinnison Kinnison says:

    I’m using a Sony Ericsson. I only have one phone since I don’t call or send SMS that often . I’m on Globe btw.

  23. Avatar for Winston Winston says:

    i’m using an SE K608i and a nokia 3200. but i’m planning of getting an se p1i this summer. ;)

  24. Avatar for IP Lawyer IP Lawyer says:

    Nokia E90 for my personal line.

    Samsung D880 for my office line and a pre-paid number.

  25. Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

    Nokia 1110!

    Cheap, easy to use, and it sends text messages just as well as any other phone. All for about 1500p.

    I only use cheap cell phones. They get lost, stolen, or broken. I’d rather spend my money on something else (like my Macbook, etc).

  26. Avatar for Rickious Rickious says:

    Nokia 9500 and Nokia 6630.

  27. Avatar for John Lloy John Lloy says:

    a hacked motorola L6 thanks modmymoto and motomodders for my globe number. and a nokia 6300 for me sun :)

  28. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    I have a Sony Ericsson K800i and a Nokia 3530 – old school baby! :D

  29. Avatar for Ray Ray says:

    I have a Samsung A685??? (I think) Its orange….so far, the best phone I’ve purchased.

  30. Avatar for Ray Ray says:

    I have a Samsung A685??? (I think) Its orange….so far, the best phone I’ve purchased.

  31. Avatar for Connie Connie says:

    iPhone — and loving it! :)

  32. Avatar for Fitz Fitz says:

    Dami pa ring Nokia users eventhough I hear bad personal reviews from my social circle which are almost all using SE phones (including me, the ancient SE k700i).

    Surprisingly, Motorola is currently second on your poll.

  33. Avatar for Lloyd Lopez Lloyd Lopez says:

    N95 for my Smart number
    O2 Xphone II for my globe number

  34. Avatar for R Martinez R Martinez says:

    Samsung i780 for my main mobile number,
    Nokia 8310 for my Globe number
    Treo 650 for my backup smart number

  35. Avatar for djoching djoching says:

    my personal phone is XDA IIi and my office phone is a 6680

  36. Avatar for Bob Reyes Bob Reyes says:

    Palm Treo for my GlobePH mobile number; Blackberry 6020 for my PLDT Wireless Landline SIM.

  37. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    Nokia 6680 and 1100i
    I have a motorola phone but it’s for calls only. Forgot the model, but it’s the slim one with the uber huge font =(

  38. Avatar for Ederic Ederic says:

    I have a Palm Treo 650 and a Nokia 7110. :)

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