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When’s the last time you used the front-facing camera?

I thought 3G video is calling has died several years ago until Apple tried to resurrect it with FaceTime; though I still doubt a lot of people use it regularly even if you can do it over WiFi. But going back to smartphones — when was the last time you used the front-facing camera?


Is 3G video calling really something that’s important for the front-facing camera to be a deal-breaker? It’s just that for every review of a handset that I do here, I always get comments from readers that a front-facing camera is a must.

As for me, the last time I used the front-facing camera for 3G video calling was back in 2007. I’ve also tried Face Time earlier this year but that’s using an iPad 2.

So how about you guys?

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35 Responses

  1. Name: neis says:

    I always use it as a mirror to check my face and hair hehehehe

    for actual calls i only tried it once on facetime last year

    • dano says:

      oo nga. dapat meron. ung classmate ko may front facing camera at nasosyalan ako sa salamin na camera. haha at least may choice ka if gusto mo, future-proof pa. ahaha

    • Calvin says:

      haha ako rin para sa mirror lang.

  2. Klyner says:

    I use mine alot now with the ooVoo app on my sgs. I deleted the crap skype app altogether. the oovoo app works great with both front and back cameras being able to switch. Before that though i used video calling maybe 5 times. Still waiting for google to release gtalk video chat

  3. domz says:

    I use my glaxy tab everyday for video calling with my gf who is in canada.

    I use the clear sea application which i got from the android market.

  4. Messie says:

    Hmmmm… tough one. Since I’m on blackberry now, and blackberry is not very keen on placing front cams on their phones, I guess the last time I used
    a front facing camera for a 3G call is last 2008 pa when I’m on SE P990i and my GF is on SE P1i.
    However, when I do get an Iphone, I will definitely try using facetime. =)

  5. Nick says:

    I only use the front-facing cam to take pics of my self (ang vain!) and use it as a mirror.

  6. e30ernest says:

    I use my Nexus S’ front camera everytime I make a GTalk call with my fiancee or relatives in the states. GTalk works over mobile broadband too so there’s no issues there for me.

    Since I am on a mobile device, 3G internet video call capability is pretty important to me.

  7. nostrilcheck says:

    i use the front camera to check on my nostrils if there is something that shouldnt be there hehe

  8. onggp says:

    I used it once, when my friend was in Baguio and I was in Manila. I had a Nokia N80 way back then.

  9. Sun Worshipper says:

    eh kung kasing ganda naman ni leelee sobieski ang syota ko sigurado mayat maya video call ko sya :)

  10. Jim Lim says:

    just this morning with skype. i practically use it everyday when i’m in the office to check my family in the philippines.

  11. rabid frog says:

    a must for millenials who always need to get a photo of themselves on a regular basis.

    so it’s a self-esteem thingy. whereas 300 years ago, tweeners needed pocket mirrors, these days, it’s the front-facing camera. stealthy, too.

  12. 21 says:

    Still it’s very convenient to have the front facing camera as an alternative.

  13. steel_icon says:

    Always used it with our Sony Ericsson G700s, Nokia N82, E72, 3120, 6267, 6120. When we got these Samsung GT- S5830s, we’ll surely miss it, maybe use with a mirror, LOL! :-P

  14. Kira says:

    To be honest I never used it.

  15. razorous says:

    Yesterday…I use to it to video call my wife which is in the province. I occasionally use it to video call my parents/oldies which always amazes them a lot! Super Hi-tech daw ako at nakikita ako even when I’m in the mall or in my car… Kung pano ko daw nadadala computer ko lagi…Lol!

  16. Mat says:

    A few years ago with my Nokia E71. It was ok, but I only used it a few times. Its rather akward to put the phone in front of your face while moving around and it has the nasty habit of blocking your view of the road/path. I tried it while driving and I wouldnt recommend or repeat it unless one has a good car mount.

    I think its a good thing to have, just in case, but not a deal breaker if its left out.

  17. eRvN says:

    Last time i used it was also as a mirror to check my hair.

  18. adam says:

    Di ko po sya ginagamit. Even my wife di rin nya ginagamit yung front-facing camera nya.

  19. Rainluvs says:

    Just about now. I use it everyday since my family is abroad.Facetime change the way people communicate. I am just hoping that wifi and 3g services would readily be available and more people will use iphones and ipads.

  20. ado says:

    I recently downloaded an app called visidon applock… its an application lock wherein your face is the key to access the app. (the front face camera searches for your face and if recognized, opens up your app).


  21. JKisaragi says:

    TBH, I’ve never really used it, ever.

    Should’ve just bought me a Blackberry. :))

  22. duanearmix007 says:

    the last time i used my front facing cam was back in 2007 when it was first introduced by globe as a new service. my mobile back then was a trusty Nokia N70. used to video call my gf back then

  23. BertSingson says:

    The only time I used the front facing camera of my other phone was on the day I bought it, just to check if it was working. I never used it, never needed to.

  24. karl says:

    *what if in the next few months someone will make a very cool application that needs a FFC?

    *It would be better to have an FFC without any use today than to have none and regret in the future.

    *deal breaker for me

  25. itsme says:

    A useless feature for phones.

  26. i have used on my iphone 4 it two weeks ago to facetime test my brother’s ipad. prior to that, it has been several years back since i used samsung i780 front facing camera to do 3g video call. i see it to be a feature i kind of seldom use, except as an emergency mirror.

  27. bart says:

    back then when my flip top Samsung phone was still alive… i’d love to take a video, watching my face posing on any “angle” and lip synching over the music… its like… i was addicted by the technology that you can record your self and watch it again and then realized that you were so awkward doing those routines… lol..

  28. Jeyem says:

    Used it when I need to use Skype thru my iphone4

  29. roiji says:

    the last time i used that was on nov 2006 with my k600i for just a minute or two.. not to see who i was talking to but to show where i am o_O

  30. Boffill says:

    The last time I tried using the front-facing camera was when my N82 was still alive. That was 2009 I suppose.

  31. Earl says:

    I use it regularly thru skype app, for video calls with love ones abroad, and for video conf. calls at work.

  32. MyMaria says:

    I use it almost everyday. With Facetime. :)

  33. When I still have my Nokia N97 mini, I used it with Fring… Pero, inaway sila ng Skype kaya nawala yung feature na yun… Science! Tsk, tsk, tsk…


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