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White Nexus 4 announced, no LG Nexus 5

The LG Nexus 4, Android’s flagship phone, is going to get a white paint job this week, starting with Hong Kong on the 29th. The new color option will slowly roll out in select markets worldwide, and the price is expected to be the same.

Too bad, the refresh that we were expecting is no where in sight — the 4G LTE and 32GB variants.

Nexus 4

On the other side of things, LG closes the idea of having to make future Nexuses, stating that ‘it added no value to them’. That basically says that there will be no LG Nexus 5 or whatsoever.

With LG crossed out of the list, the candidate for the next Nexus manufacturer is still blurry. We have a discussion here on who should make the next Google Nexus if you want to check it out.

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7 Responses

  1. they are focusing on their own LG OPTIMUS G2!


  2. Ernest says:

    Sony, perhaps? Hmm “Xperia Nexus” is quite catchy.

  3. OptimuPrime says:

    LG’s European VP has confirmed that it is planning to roll-out its 2013 flagship model globally upon announcement

    Earlier LG’s chief of mobile Won Kim had confirmed the launch of the flagship device in the third quarter adding further that the device will be an answer to both Galaxy S4 and Apple’s next offering.

    He said, ‘the LG Optimus G2 is coming in Q3, yes. We don’t want to hide everything but similarly we don’t want to promote everything about the G2 in advance. To some extent we have to tease the features and specifications through channels, it is somewhat premature for me to talk about the G2 in terms of specifications. G2 is going to be something different, something unique and we have needed to be very creative… There is something unnamed that is a G2.’

  4. OptimuPrime says:

    LG is planning to release a phone with a different operating system than Android, as he sees a veritable duopoly forming with Apple and Google cornering the vast majority of the smartphone market. It is more than likely he means basic Firefox OS handsets, as Mozilla listed LG as one of its partners upon announcement of its new mobile OS.

  5. mecuetksk says:

    In my opinion other than launching the white version, it will be better to move forward with the launch of Nexus 5


  6. about the new directions that lg is planning:

    very good, my hope they do a quite good chipset and decide for a Ubuntu OS on your devices.

    Great LG!

  7. lolwut says:

    This site is getting ad infested… it hurts my eyes now. Time to switch to the eal tech blogs bbye yugatech

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