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Globe GCash to start charging Php50/month maintenance fee

Globe has started sending notifications to GCash users that starting March 15 this year, they will be charging Php50 as monthly fee if they become inactive for over 6 months.

A copy of the text message notification is shown below.

The charges will continue to be deducted each month until the balance is zero. After that the GCash account will be deactivated.

Globe encourages GCash subscribers to regularly use their account for transactions.

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18 Responses

  1. The title is a bit misleading. If you are regular user there is no need to worry.

  2. Easy E says:

    You want to lose customers? Because that is how you lose customers. Btw, i really don’t know anyone who use their GCash on a regular basis.

  3. zoelski says:

    I don’t use G-cash for regular basis. I don’t know trying to convince to use g-cash for daily just to keep active. You convince us much more to lose your loyal customer.

  4. loadex says:

    Baka naman talagang gusto ni Globe na alisin na yun mga inactive. And the P50 charge is their way of “eating” your balance until such time na zero na siya, Pag zero na puwede na siya deactivate.
    Nakuha na ni Globe pera mo, nalinis pa nila data base ng mga gcash user.

  5. JM says:

    For those, who are asking does anyone use this on a regular basis. I am. use this service to load up my SIMs and to purchase something online via Globe beep card with Master Card.

    • Same here.

      OTOH, even if I had a postpaid SIM, I may still use my GCash, not just the MC Beep Card, but also the AmEx (?) card, which gives you a US address. That card has a monthly fee far as I can tell, so no inactivity :) And I ‘ve been thinking of that for some time, even if I’m on prepaid

    • Correction: it’s an annual fee, P250, not monthly.

      In any case, there are so many ways to use GCash, dunno what people are in such a hissy fit over.

      As an aside, I haven’t gotten that message yet from GCash. Maybe because I use it regularly?

  6. Mariah Carey says:

    So dyan nga nakuha yung bilyung kinita nila last year. Galing sa NAKAW! -_-

  7. garz says:

    how to unregister?

  8. Danna Rodriguez says:

    How to deactivate gcash?

  9. Jaymee says:

    Same here. I want to deactivate my gcash account because of maintenance fee!

  10. Jjjjj says:

    Cant unsubscribe to gcash.anyone have tried to deactivate gcash account?

  11. Beartech says:

    The comment before is correct title is misleading and i dont blame them after all even if account is not used at all it still continues to use the resources (servers, electricty etc) of the company. If your in the IT industry it is understable.

  12. Got says:

    I dont use my gcash account for a simple reason.. Because where I live there’s no machine where I can reload my gcash account. I don’t go out much, I’m not the one who pays our bills, I don’t usually text nor call, I don’t order online either.. That’s why after receiving that text and they deducted from me, I was a bit confused because I wasn’t able to use my gcash before except the points it gave me once to try using it for loading my phone. Other than that, there’s nothing more.

  13. BruhMoment says:

    BRUH, just have a single activity every 6 month like loading your phone for 10 pesos. whats the big deal. what kind of DEBIT/CREDIT card that does not have an inactivity penalty? If you cant afford it, withdraw all your money in your gcash account and uninstall it. easy.

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