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Chaos ensues at ZTE Sale, flooded with complaints

We’ve been receiving reports that customers who went to the ZTE Mobile Sale today have been enraged over limited stock availability and reservations, things that ZTE promised that would be addressed in today’s promo.

zte grand x2 l promo

ZTE Mobile kiosks were flooded with long queue of lines and mobs of people as early as mall opening hours with customers hoping to get a hold of the hugely discounted Grand X2 L phablet that would start at 2:00 pm.

Readers react to the fire sale


Reader James de Guzman sent us an image with a comment, “Crazy line here as early as 10am for the ZTE phone on sale.

Reader Jay Agonoy also noticed that the kiosk wasn’t prepared for the huge number of people lining up for the fire sale. “Here at the #ZTEGrand sale at Lucky Gold Plaza Pasig. Seems to me that the ZTE Mobile concept store here is not prepared, and from what I understand, they are pointing fingers to the marketing who spread the info that 50-100 units will be sold whereas this store only has an estimated 25-30 units available at the moment. Also, [there are] those who are cutting in the queue.

Reader Chris Gonzales shared with us a picture of a very crowded ZTE Concept store in Davao City. He says the sale ended as early as 2:45 PM.


Reader Vincent Jun Robles also shares the same experience angry customers experienced during the sale. “People here at SM North EDSA are very angry. It turns out that ZTE can only sell 100 units. Coupons were already distributed this morning. The announced 2pm to 6pm selling period was not followed. The ads didn’t say anything about limited stocks. I came all the way from San Pablo City, Laguna just for this. ZTE should be held liable for this deception!

Reader @Penny4dLiving shared with us a photo of the current situation at SM North Edsa. “Here now in SM North, walang staff at its 3pm na hnd malinaw ads na may numbering pala

Customers who went to the sale today were not appeased with what had transpired, complaining on comments and walls on their Facebook page about limited stock availability, queue cutting, and bulk product reservations, citing that the limited time given would mean all customers will be accommodated regardless of the number of people who came.

ZTE’s stand on the issue

ZTE has released a statement earlier, noting that they only have limited stocks available as much as they would want to accommodate all their customers who lined up to get the phone.


From ZTE’s Facebook page

This is a far cry from their post yesterday, announcing sufficient stocks and backup in case of shortages. See screenshot below.

While limited stocks may seem to be the case in most areas on kiosks over the metro, the Chinese mobile giant should have adhered to their word yesterday, promising sufficient stocks, a better queue management, proper time start, and a sale without any reservations for the phone available for purchase today.

Several sale fiascoes have happened before as well, such as Smart’s Freedom Sale in 2013 and LG’s Optimus L5 one hour sale in 2012.

We’ve also been receiving reports from our readers that the Grand X2 (V967S) will go on sale this Thursday at all ZTE Kiosks for Php999. Hopefully things would go smoothly this time.

How was your ZTE Grand X2 L fire sale experience? Let us know in the comments field below.

Update: ZTE’s facebook page has now disabled their wall for fan posting.

Update 10/29/14: ZTE has released a statement regarding the fire sale fiasco yesterday. Read here to learn more.

Get in touch with Carl at @lamielcarl on Twitter or visit his website for more updates!

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114 Responses

  1. itguy says:

    We’ve seen this over and over again, from Nokia to LG fail promotion few years back. I don’t get why people still fall for this marketing strategy. Anyway ZTE, customer is the king prepare for a bite back.

    • er2 says:

      Proof that a sucker is born every second.
      ZTE wouldn’t dare use this marketing gimmick in China or U.S.they’ll have a riot to stop if they do.

  2. mang kanor's ghost says:

    sabi na nga ba… (sigh) sana matuto na tayo sa nangyari sa LG and Smart(iphone 4 promo, tapos 4 lang yung stocks, lol).

  3. benchmark says:

    Hahaha hinde pa ata nila alam yun LG sale dati. Wahahaha sana nag online na lang sila. Hehehe anyway just another epic failed sale. Well lucky for the first few who were able to buy one! :-)

  4. GMA says:

    Have Filipinos forgotten that this company was part of a presidential corruption scandal a few years ago?

  5. gov.pallado says:

    Di muna kasi nagre-research mga yan sa product na pinag-kakaguluhan nila. For a low end/low specs China-phone, tama lang na 1,999 lang ang price nyan (baka nga mas mababa pa dapat). OA lang ang stated orig price na 11k daw (seriously?).

    Marketing strategy, anyone?


    • eye.bags says:

      San ka nakakita ng 2k na phone na quadcore, 1gb ram, 5mp cam, 5.5HD IPS display at 3,200 mah na battery?? Inutil amf..

      If I know, Bitter ka lang ata kasi hindi ka nakakuha :D

    • gov.pallado says:

      @eye.bags hahahah ikaw ang inutil kasi nasilaw ka naman agad sa specs na yan. tanga. porke maganda pangako nilang specs, maganda na performance?! parang eleksyon lang yan, maganda mga pangako sa una, pero kapag nasa posisyon na, BASURA! BOBO! PWE!

      PS: wala akong balak bumili ng ZTE phone. i’ll just stick to my Xperia ah ahh ahhh. U MAD?


  6. roiji says:

    They shouldn’t have promised sufficient stock available and encourage more the people to line up in their kiosks in the first place.

  7. ako natuto na ako from LG promo pa. Never na ako papaloko

  8. gov.pallado says:

    Parang yung show lang ni Wille Revillame dati sa Ultra. Nag-anyaya ng nag-anyaya sya na pumunta ang mga tao, ayun ano resulta? STAMPEDE.

  9. RaM says:

    May malaware yang mga China made phone. Yung mga contact info at identity mo sinesend sa China server. Ingat baka ma-victim ng identity theft.

  10. Observer says:

    At least this was not the case last Saturday with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch at MOA. While there was a very long line, Samsung and their event organizers were thoughtful enough to give the early bird discount of PHP4,000 to everyone in line until 12noon as posted in their mechanics.

    They also gave everyone who got the ‘bracelet’ (to indicate that you were there within the 10-12nn period) the option to go around the mall and return before 8pm and that the discounts will still be honored by then.

    Sana other companies would be considerate with their mechanics. Kakapagod tumayo last weekend but it was worth it since I got my item with discounts and freebies ‘AS ADVERTISED’.

  11. JohnQuill says:

    Virtual lanes. Simple and painless. Both for the customer and the seller.

  12. Noir says:

    I was also a part of the LG “scam” a few years back.

    I still wont buy from them due to that event

    • Synth says:

      Same here… had a traumatic experience on LG Sale at SM Megamall. Never will i suffer from that kind of experience! From that moment, all LG products are banned in our house!

    • MalNoir says:

      Ano? PART ka ng LG scam before? Aba eh isa ka pala sa dapat batuhin hanggang mamatay!

      Baka ang ibig mong sabihin eh victim… Tsk tsk tsk…

    • Noir says:

      Lol yeah i typed that wrong.

      I was part of the people who attended that event

  13. Jun says:

    People should wake up. Not too long ago, ZTE was involved in multibillion pesos scams with the Arroyo administration. Its technology is used by the PLA Navy and Airforce to steal territory from the Philippines in the South China Sea. A fraction of every peso people spend on ZTE phones goes to the Chinese government, a government which bans Philippine products in China and stops Chinese tourists from going to our country. Buy Filipino, American, Korean or Japanese, instead.

    • myreply says:

      well ganyan talaga most of the filipino, basta mura or sale, saka yung iba hindi naman nagccheck ng quality or nag ccompare ng specs sa mga websites, hindi rin sila nagbabasa ng comments or reviews about sa products, basta bili lang kung mura then pag nasira bili lang ulit, priority na kasi ngayon yung low price dahil sa hirap ng buhay, yung quality hindi na tinitignan,

    • eric jay says:

      yan ang problema, karamihan sa mga pinoy madaling makalimot, just like lang kapag eleksyon. madaling nasisilaw.

    • Ben says:

      Buy Filipino, American, Korean or Japanese, instead

      How is that possible? look in your branded or high end gadget or devices. “made in” what country your mobile phone, battery, tv, speaker, monitor, computer, dvd, bike, motorcycle etc….

      in short you cannot avoid buying china made. so you should be the one to wake up to reality…

    • fce says:

      @ Jun “Buy Filipino, American, Korean or Japanese, instead.”
      If you are talking about product ‘brand’, then I’m with you. Just avoid buying ‘Chinese Brand’ products like plague to get even with ZTE and China. NOT ALL electronic and consumer goods are made from China. Korea, Japan. America, Germany, England, France are also great makers of consumer goods.
      The ZTE phone is a Chinese Brand, and Sony,Samsung are different brands altogether. There is also a big difference between a ‘China made from sticker’ and the actual ‘Brand’. Like you can not consider the Iphone, which is an american brand, as Chinese phone because the sticker shows it’s made from China.

  14. Nin says:

    totoo po ang 11,990 po and introductory price ibigsabihin po yun po yung price nung unang labas pa yung unit. sa pagkakaalam ko last year pa yan nilabas. ako pumunta ako ng SM North kanina. tapos pag bukas ng mall para kaming tangang nagsisitakbuhan para mag unahan. tapos 100 stocks lang pala. bad trip talaga sobra. pero naaawa ako sa mga agents ng zte kanina wala naman silang kasalanan. problema talaga ng management. kaso ang mali lang nagbigay na agad ng stamp tapos ang nakakapikon ang mga nakakuha daw eh yung mga tenants or agents ng ibang kiosk, concept store tsaka iba pang shop. syempre kami 10:00 pa nakapasok tapos yung mga yun malamang 8:30 palang nasa loob na. ang mali din eh yung pag advertise kasi ang sabi limited time offer hindi naman sinabi na limited stocks o hindi rin indicated kung ilang stocks lang yung nasa mga kiosk. ayun galit na galit yung mga tao. I hope na sana sa susunod maging organize na sila. Sinayang nila ang opportunity na makabangon sa mga issues. kung naging successful lang ito hindi sana bash ang inabot nila kundi mga papuri at tutulungan pa sila ng tao through viral marketing. Sa business dapat you should DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE and DON’T STRETCH THE TRUTH. ZTE!!!! always remember na mas maganda parin ang LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP mabuild nyo with your customers.

  15. kwanabooo says:

    this seems odd meron nb cutom rom pr dyn ?

    I smell spyware galore … ^_^ better flash it asap.

  16. Pikon says:


  17. Mary says:

    I went to Lucky Gold Plaza at 11:00am it’s not as bad as the lines in other stores siguro therer were only 100 people BUT the thing is 25 units lang daw ang meron sila in short hindi ako nakabili ang nakakainis yung mga tenants don yun lang yata ang nakakuha ng 25 units o diba sabotahe..kayo na magpa promo hihihi

  18. Frustrated buyer says:

    sm southmall decided to disperse people kasi nasa 200 na ang nakapila and the admin found out there were only 30 units available. Nagkakagulo mga tao lunch time pa lang. Walang narelease coz pinasara na ng SM ung pwesto nila. Before 3pm pagdating namin may mga pulis sa area until now mag 4pm na.

    • teremmy tole says:

      Nagpunta din ako kanina dun sa SM Southmall kanina. May isang lalaki kinuha pa name ng taga ECS-MSI dahil bakit daw nagsimulang magsale eh hindi pa 2pm. Dapat panagutin ang mga opisyal ng ZTE sa Pilipinas for playing very dirty tricks on us. ZTE sucks big time!!!

  19. ZTE Management says:

    Sorry po sa mga naloko. Wag kasing shunga. Wag na magpapapatol sa mga ganitong kacheapang promo promo.

  20. Aratilis says:

    Don’t buy ZTE and other China made products. You are just helping these Chinese to fund their military to bully other nation to expand their teritory.

  21. Richard Jeturian says:

    exactly the same sentiments here. a f*ckin waste of time!

  22. unnamed says:

    buy 1 of it now, and when tomorrow comes… sira na ang unit… another queue going to the repair center…

    side-note: sana walang nawalan ng phone/other valuables habang nakikipagsiksikan sa mga pila… another modus brought to you by the corrupted tsekwa telco.

  23. hulika balbon says:

    sa sm southmall yung mga zte sales rep sa booth walang balidong maisagot sa reklamo ng mga tao na nagbuhat pa sa malalayong lugar..biruin mo kakabukas pa lang ng mall wala na raw stub. yun pala nabigay na mostly sa mga sm tenants. ang yabang pa nung 1 sales rep taas 2 kamay “cge magreklamo kayo” yun ang pagkakasabi.kayong mga “KUMAG” mga kapwa nyo Pnoy ginuguyo nyo. hindi nyo inaayos serbisyo nyo. Mag ADS ba naman kayo sa internet tapos wala naman pala kayo stocks!!!!Sino niloloko nyo???

  24. Zaldydiverson says:

    Buti tumawag muna kmi sa marketing nila, tama limited ang stocks. Pero sabi meron uli bukas thousand dw Ang dadating. Ibang model naman ata.

  25. ZTE Admin says:

    Dear all,

    It was never indicated in the announcement that the stocks will be unlimited, there was no disclosure on the number of units to be sold. The management is not obliged to provide supply to ALL buyers hence it was stated “UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST” and “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE”. It was also stated that PREFERABLY 1 unit allowed, it was not mandated.

    Selling of the units was announced to start from 2 PM until 6 PM, no where it was stated that distribution of stubs cannot be done beforehand.

    Lastly, selling of units to the so called “tenants” of the participating stores/location was never prohibited, as it will be a violation of their right to buy. It was to their own advantage that they were there “EARLIER” than the opening of the stores, again FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

    Thank you for your understanding, and oh…better luck next time. :)

    • ILoveYouGoodbye says:

      And good luck to your company here in PH ZTE. As people were so enraged to your shitty marketing strategy. Di pa nga kayo umaangat, pabagsak na agad. ???? Kahit anong palusot mo, galit na sa inyo ang mga tao. Haha

    • JohnQuill says:

      Lying by omission is still lying. I did a walk by since I was nearby. Seeing the lines, I said to myself “Screw this low res, low spec barely-smart phone.” My time would be better off earning and getting a Red Mi.

    • pasaway.kayo says:

      what a statement from ZTE admin!!!! is ds official? Saan ka makakakita ng ganito mechanics ng promo sa MALL pa naman na kahit saan at anong oras pala puwede na ipamudmod ng sales clerk ang mga stub for the supposed buyer na pupunta ng mall to avail d promo advertised world_wide_web “(no where it was stated that distribution of stubs cannot be done beforehand.)” N den y the fuck 2-6 pm timing was stated. Sa halip na mag-pabalat-bunga kayong humingi ng paumanhin sa nangyari ganito pa ang TUNE mo.

      AND BY THE WAY D 3 dots after your “oh” means YOU ARE DISGUSTING

    • HahaPhail says:

      Don’t be carried away with this statement, trolls are everywhere to feed the flame. Just saying. :)

  26. WarrenC. says:

    Wary ako sa mga Chinese phones, you don’t know where your data is going. Stick to known brands, better safe than sorry.

  27. Orange says:

    I don’t get it, bakit ba pinilahan ito? The price? Other similarly priced phones with the same specs from other similarly positioned brands madami. Seriously. Kung Experia to or Nokia – disposing of old stocks prior to the release of their new brand – maiintindihan ko pa. But ZTE? The 2k price is the appropriate price for a unit that performs as badly as this. The irony is meron ibang phones with the same specs and price that perform better. So bakit pumila mga tao? Why make the pilgrimage from some far flung province for a ZTE sale na ang sale price ang tamang price nya for its specs and quality? It doesn’t make any sense. I feel bad for those na pumila pero they reap what they sow. Parang sumali ka sa pyramid scam knowing it’s a scam pero sumali pa din kasi nagbabaka sakali.

    • iPhoneLover says:

      I don’t think you can buy a 5.5″ SmartPhone for less than 2k. Unless it’s 2nd hand and 5 years old.

    • igniculus says:

      and with a battery capacity that large for a 2k price (not sure ah but correct me if i’m wrong)

    • nokinoks says:

      Tanga ka ba? 3k+ mah na baterya appropriate for 2k? 5.5 inch na quad core kahit pa mediatek tapos 1gb ram. Kung ang flare nga 4k padin eh, inutil.

    • Red says:

      Paingles ingles pa tong si Orange eh di naman pala alam ang sinasabi. Hindi yata binasa yung specs ng ZTE Grand X2 L… Normal lang po sa tao ang gustong makuha ang “best bang for the buck.” Nakakaenganyo talaga ang ZTE phone na ito for the price of 2k.

      Baka naman kaya ka lang hindi pumila dahil walang kulay orange sa naka”sale” na phone. Aminin jokling!

    • LG_Hater says:

      nakikiuso lang kayo. pupusta ako yang knowledge nyo, lahat galing kay google.

      sasabihin nyo pa na mali ang ZTE, both sides mali. may mali din yung mga pumila na umasa. di pa kayo natuto sa mga past limited time or quantity promos.

      ako sa inyo magipon nalang kayo saka kayo bumili ng phone nyo kesihodang branded yan o hindi. wag na kayong sumapalaran sa mga limited limited sale na yan.

    • lolguy says:

      hindi porke mataas specs mganda na talaga performance, baka after one month panget na performance tapos yung battery every hour na ang charge,

      para dun sa nagsasabi na “less 2k for that spec is pipilahan talaga”

  28. oracle says:

    Moral of the story: Kung alam na limited stock, wag na magpa-advertise sa yugatech. At kayo namang mga taga-yugatech, alam nyo namang marami kayong followers, post responsibly. I doubt na wala kayong contact with ZTE, you should at least verify if sufficient nga, for the sake and welfare of your readers.

    • Carl Lamiel says:

      Hi! In our defense, we reported the complete details provided. We do report responsibly; that’s why we published this article as an update to what we have reported. It’s quite unfair to put the blame only on us because we are not the only website that reported about the fire sale. Thanks.

    • nokinoks says:

      ang pangit nung reply nung Carl. Haha Mukang kunektado at may apologetic and intelligent tone pero actually hindi apologetic at hindi din intelligent. haha

    • Ang labo naman kung kasalanan ng Yugatech ito. Parang sinabi mo na din na alam nila mangyayari dito. Nagbabalita lang sila and fair naman mga criticism nila.

      Ang hirap kasi sa mga nag-popost dito basta-basta na lang mag-react para makakuha ng atensyon. Kulang ba kayo sa pagmamahal?

      Akala ko pa naman ubos na mga cretin dito…

    • Manette says:

      Please don’t put the blame on Yugatach. They only posted the article about the sale based on the information they received. Had they known there will be limited stocks, I am sure they will definitely post about it. Pare-pareho lang tayo napaso sa “fire sale” na ito. Hindi lang ikaw, pati Yugatech and other blogs and websites that posted about the sale.

    • Daves says:

      Nokinoks, bakit “pangit” at hindi “intelligent” ang reply ni Carl? Siyempre, nagpliwanag siya. Ewan kung sapat ‘yan para sa iyo, bagamat hindi ‘yan problema ni Carl.

    • LG_Hater says:

      [ati ba naman website dinadamay pa ninyo? kasalanan ng ZTE, kasalanan nyong mga pumila tapos magagalit kaso sa site? sus…. mga natuto lang mag-internet lahat sinisi na.

  29. Boombeach says:

    from Bulacan pa kami pinaka near na store is Sm North, pag dating dun andmi dami tao maingay nag kakagulo at napag alaman ko na may nabgyan na ng number! at napag alaman ko din na bago pa daw iopen un mall nagbgay na number , npaka unfair ng gnwa nla at hnd naman malinaw doon sa ads nla na limited lang ung stock sna nlgay dn nla kng ilan tao lang ang mbbgyan ng number at sana may oras kng kelan magbbgay! worst experience at all dna ako makaka ulit sa ganun! Fail to the Managent of Zte! Take note 2 pm start mag start sa Sm North 3:45 pm na yata un! Kaya nag back out na kami! We headed to CherryMobile nlng bumili ng Cp for my Nephew CM Nova 2 1gb ram na… ???? thanks CM

  30. goodha says:

    php 11,999.00 before. then 1,999 sale. im sure may kita pa si zte diyan sa 1,999.00 na iyan. magkano kaya production cost niyan ex ZTE china plant? grabe talaga ang intsik.

  31. belako says:

    marketing strategy

  32. chinoy says:

    china will spy on you using this phone.

  33. khai says:

    I already expected what would happened earlier on ZTE stores, cause I’ve witnessed the sale on SKK mobile, so that’s why I’m aware of what would happened today. ZTE mobile was all over the internet yesterday, even on Yahoo. That’s why the stores should have expected this. I guess a better selling system, and a complete and proper information should be disseminated to the public would fix the problem. Good luck on the next phone sale. Hope this serves as a lesson to everyone. And remember that your consumers should be your top priority.

  34. ZteScandal says:

    Sabi ng intsik: naku dami tao tayo dami kita hahaha gawa pa tayo sale pra dami kita para dami pirA

  35. Apple Mac says:

    Sm Fairview Kanina Yung ZTE V967S YUng Sale nila P999.00 280 cUSTOMER ANG NAKAKUHA. dahil nag kagulo. kaya Nag sale sila nang ibang unit.

  36. VInce says:

    Palusot pa si @Carl Lamiel! Yugatech should also partly blamed for the much-hyped — but very huge failure — Xiaomi powerbank sale. Yun bang nagpa-sale, lagi namang out of stock. Sa totoo lang, starting to lose interest in this blog. Naging gahaman na sa advertising revenues — at the expense of readers/potential consumers. Sorry but very true,

    • fce says:

      I commented on a ‘limited stock’ trick/scam in the previous article about this Promo Sale. This world is full of scams. hypes, and tricks.
      Rule of Thumb: ‘Nobody gives away anything for nothing, or at a loss, and if it is too good to be true, it’s not true.”
      The blame is on ZTE and our Gov’t Agency should go after this company for false or misleading Ad.
      Yuga Tech and perhaps other Ad Sites, and the thousands of people that flocked the stores have been screwed and f*cked up by ZTE
      An interesting read on how to become street savvy customer…

    • Daves says:

      Then, read elsewhere.

      Problem solved.

    • Vince says:

      Hey, Daves, Si Carl Lamiel ka ba? Meme na! Liking another blog more. Just came back to see “fantard”-like comments like yours to my post. hahaha

  37. Ryan says:

    Pag nag sale ba sa grocery expect nyo din hindi maubusan? Kaya nga Promo,

    • VInce says:

      The point is hindi naging maayos ang sistema ng sale — for a very glaring reason: HINDI SILA HANDA SA KALOKOHAN NILA. Getz?

  38. Alvin says:

    See, hindi ako nagkamali. Nangyari nga yung comment ko sa previous article

  39. Jones Lee says:

    DTI should step in and stop this kind of promotion. Deceiving sya. Bawal and limited stocks only sa DTI. They should have ZTE suspended here in the Philippines

  40. Androidfreak says:

    Hajaja!parang wowowie 2004 stampede…Galing ng ZTE publicity..buti na lang sa mall nagsale hindi sa gitna ng kalsada.

  41. Yuj says:

    Kawawa naman yung mga naaksaya oras at pera sa sale na yan. napaka walang kwenta naman nung phone.
    @Yugatech, sana po nireview nyo muna yung phone and published it with the article about the sale (kung meron na sana naka link din). I’m sure if you run that phone through professional testing sasabihin nyong di worth sa pagpila at 2k yan.

  42. eye.bags says:

    Sa sta mesa kanina 15 units lang meron ng X2L un lng daw tlaga meron sila pero dhl andami nagwala umiiyak na inoffer na lng nun tindera na isali na lng ung mga X2 units nila na ise-sale pa sana sa huwebes sa mga ibbgay. All in all sa daan daan na nagpunta, 45 lng na tao ang nakakuha ng tag isa isang unit

  43. Jb says:

    Ang explanation kanina kaya daw kaunti ang dinala sa mga kiosks kasi nationwide sale daw, come on you even put the names of the few stores who will sell it lang sa metro manila how come nationwide?

    people who were there have jobs naabala sila, the advertisement could have stated that there are only LIMITED UNITS FOR SALE AS PROMO, wala naman oras ang nandun 2-6pm. so as long as nandun ka ng 2-6pm dapat may maiserve. i urge all who felt VIOLATED OR DECIEVED TO FILE A COMPLAINT TO DTI.


  44. robyn says:

    Someone should initiate a “boycott all ZTE products” movement in the Philippines. I am not a bigot, but the Chinese have the gall to make fools of us Filipinos, in our own country at that!

    By placing advertisements in the major daily newspapers and posting online, and having the gall to claim (online) that there will be sufficient stocks but in the end releasing a limited quantity is clearly deceitful.

    I pray that a consumer rights advocate takes the time to file the appropriate complaint with the concerned authorities regarding this scam.

  45. JB says:

    in all fairness to yugatech wala naman sila kasalanan, cguro next time piliin mabuti yung iaadvertise, to Carl, i am a fan, but please next time before you post, please do check the validity and credibility of your client.

    ZTE and dapat sisishin, or may i say MemoExpress, kasi sila ang franchise owner ng ZTE sa pinas, ung nasa sm north

  46. SKAPUYANIH says:

    @JB In Fairness para sa MemoExpress wala sila kinalaman dyan.. sila outlet lang lahat ng Products instructions galing din sa mismong marketing ng product… Yes Franchise pero ang Markdown or Markup is From Product Manager parin Like ZTE or Samsung.

    Eversince may mali na talaga sa marketing strategy ng ZTE. Bakit Nila inabot to?

    1. More Or less Desperate Move para makilala ang brand ng ZTE.

    2. Advertising Materials! Ni Maliit na Billboards na nakaparada sa kahabaan ng edsa wala sila eh. Ni Kahit 10Seconds Commercial sa TV wala ata eh.

    Yan more or less ang cause.
    Effective Marketing kasi dapat meron silang kahit sariling gawang Review ng mga Units or mag hire sila ng isang taga Review at i build up ang Brand

    And F.Y.I. Branded ang ZTE hindi sya basta gawang tabi tabi ng china. Malakas ang ZTE sa Australia or may i say International Brand.. Mahina lang talaga ang Marketing Management ng ZTE dito sa Pilipinas padalos dalos sa mga decision so Imbis na Pomogi masisira pa ata sila…

    And Also In fairness naman para sa YugaTech wala rin silang kinalaman dito Pure Biz ika nga. dnaman cguro nila expect na magkakaganon kahapon. at hindi lang YugaTech ang nag Ads ng Promo ng ZTE ang dami… Pati nga Facebook eh nagamit bakit d nyo sisihin ang Facebook management bakit nila pinayagan ang ganong post? isama narin natin ang Yahoo at iba pa? dba? LOL

    • I agree on all your points.

    • Daves says:

      Agree with you as well. Too bad some people commented here without knowing any better, more so looked for more convenient targets for criticism instead of going at the source.

    • LG_Hater says:

      what do you expect. yung iba na nagcocomment dito eh is natuto lang mag-internet, kung makacomment akala mo alam na lahat. plus the fact na naghahanap ng babalingan ng galit. stupid ng mga to

  47. renzguby says:

    History repeats its self… Those who complain are obviously those who were so excited to grab one but unfortunately tells a series of unfortunate events after going through all the troubles and ended up empty handed… I just hope they will understand what happened to them that day… On the brighter side, obviously the lucky ones who were able to grabbed a unit were quietly enjoying the hugely discounted device… You know there’s a saying, “better luck next time”…

  48. nikolait22 says:

    First come, frist served ba ang sabi mo dito.. Sa totoo lang naipamigay na yan mga stubs nyo before the event of sept. 28, kanino nyo ba naipamigay sa kamag-anak nyo at mga tropa. Sana man lang nagsabi na lang kayo kung ilan units talaga ang ibenta nyo. Hopefully makaisep kayo kung paano kayo makakabawi sa mga taong naghirap pumunta ng maaga na walang napala.. tsk tsk tsk

  49. EWW says:


  50. ands says:

    nangyari na to nun LG promo. hehe. mas maniniwala pa ko pag may registration tapos kung sino mabunot, sya may right na bumili.

  51. will NOT be Scammed says:

    Maswerte talaga ang mga nauna sa pila pero hindi ibig sabihin ay nauna silang dumating kasi maraming mga sumingit. Sa Tutuban ang nangyari ay isang classic bait and switch tactic. Dahil naubusan na ng units, ang ginawa ng ZTE kiosk doon ay ibang phone ang binigay sa mga naubusan. Ok sana kung sinabi nila ng maaga na ganun ang gagawin nila pero sinabi nila yun mga 2pm na. Hindi ko binili yung inoffer nilang phone dahil di naman yun ang pinunta ko dun. Wala nga ako kaalam alam sa phone na yun. Sirang sira talaga tong ZTE na to sa mga tao. Ngayon ko lang naisipang bumili ng ZTE product dahil sa sale na to pero hinding hindi na ulit magiging option para sa akin ang bumili ng produkto nila at ididiscourage ko rin ang mga kakilala ko na bumili ng brand na to.

  52. LG_Hater says:

    hirap kasi alam nang malaki ang markdown price, alam nanag may window time yung pagbili, sumugod parin.

    cellphone lang yan, not worth na pilahan at pag-awayan… magantay kayo ng ilang buwan, ganyan na rin ang presyo nyan kaso palaos na.

    hirap kasi sa iba nakikiuso, di naman alam ang binibili… pftt…

    • Common Sense says:

      Do you even know the concept of a sale?

    • LG_Hater says:

      Oo alam ko di lang ako click ng click or comment ng comment kagaya mo

    • Common Sense says:

      Kung alam mo ang concept ng sale e di alam mo rin sana kung bakit pinilahan ng tao ang sale na yan.

    • archie says:

      @Common Sense
      At alam mo rin ba na malapit na ang December kaya clearance sale na lang ang ginawa ng ZTE?

    • Common Sense says:

      Anong koneksyon ng clearance sale sa sinabi ko? Ang sinasabi ko ay may sale kaya pumila ang mga tao kasi yun ang sinasabi ng TS na kung bakit pumila e alam nang marked down prices. Walang kinalaman kung clearance sale man o hinde.

  53. Gelo says:

    Hindi pa rin ba tayo natutu sa LG Optimus One Sale?

  54. Sure po kaya ito aagahan ko na talaga bukas (We’ve also been receiving reports from our readers that the Grand X2 (V967S) will go on sale this Thursday at all ZTE Kiosks for Php999. Hopefully things would go smoothly this time.)

    • eye.bags says:

      Sabi nun tindera sa SM Sta.Mesa tommorow daw meron pa silang sale, ung Grand X2. Almost same specs kay X2L difference lang is ung inches ng display at battery size. Aagahan ko to ulit bukas kasi 999php lang ang benta nila at mas marami daw silang stocks nun compared sa X2L

  55. Easy E says:

    they should have sold this online. Poor zte.

  56. MARK says:

    grabe panloloko ginawa nila sa tao..
    yung iba galing pang ibang lugar para lang sa phone.
    sinabi Limited time lang at hindi limited stock.
    at makaka avail daw kahit gaano karami ang pumunta..

    grabe talaga strategy nila na panloloko..
    iba talga utak ng mga to..

  57. onz! says:

    ZTE sucks!!! Falls advertisment! If they only include sa adv. Na this is for limited stocks only we wont waist time and effort. And sa bushers jan. Di kami mangmang knowing na chinese made to. pumila kami out of curiosity they offer good specs at cheaper/promo price. and we just want to try diff. Brand which we think na for 2k only not really a big loss just incase di maganda ang performance. At hindi kami makikipag sisikan at magtyatyaga pumila if maayos and detailed ung adverticement nila if we only new na limited stocks lang then why waist our time diba. Anyway lesson learned.

    • gov.EgayPallado says:

      “Falls advertisment” “bushers” “waist time” ” adverticement”

      At isa pa, hindi ka dapat pipila at makikigulo “out of curiosity” lamang, kung may utak talaga kayo, nag-research muna kayo ng specs at pricing, readily available sa internet! Biktima kayo ng sariling katangahan! PWE!

      -Gov.Egay Pallado (Ika-anim na Hokage Ninja)

  58. archie says:

    Ambobo ng mga nagsasabi na dapat sisihin ang techblog sites. Neutral reporting lang ang ginagawa ng blogs. Kasalanan nyo din kung naloko kayo.

  59. zhaammm says:

    I have an inkling that this will be a repeat of what happened before in the sale ng globe or smart yata yon ng iphone. Ganito sobra ang dami gusto bumili d pa bukas mall andun na entrance at ng galing sa provins yong iba, tapos konti lang yong stock at ni reserve pa mismo ng sales lady. Kaya d na ako pumunta it would be a waste of time.

  60. nauto dati sa LG O1 says:

    Ako natuto na..hahahaha..Hindi na Ako sumusugod pag may ganyang sale..palipas na Lang Ako ng ilang buwan saka Ako bibili..dell streak 5 at Nokia PUREVIEW 808 at lumia 1520 nakuha ko sa pag aantay..

  61. researcher says:

    To appease your mind. check the site for complete review.

    ZTE V969 review from PCWORLD.IDG.COM


    Outdated Android
    Poor Camera

    The ZTE V969 is sluggish, has a low resolution screen and a sub-par camera

    the camera is just awful. Its okay if you and the subject are completely still, but if either one moves then you have a guaranteed blurry image. Don’t get this phone if camera quality is important to you.

  62. as per DTI’s website:

    *In a price reduction promotions with a period, is the use of the phrase “while supply lasts” allowed?
    No. The sponsor shall be liable throughout the promotion to ensure the supply is sufficient until the end of the promotion period.

    *What is the rule in disseminating / advertising information regarding sales promotions campaign?
    All advertising / information materials indicating or describing the mechanics of the promotion shall conform with the mechanics approved by DTI. Sales promo campaigns shall include in their advertisement, publication, or announcement the phrase “Per DTI-NCR Permit No. ___, Series of (Year)” with the corresponding control number provided by the DTI.

    dapat pakasuhan to sa DTI ng mga nagpunta!

  63. Vince says:

    Kasapakat din yata itong Yugatech sa fiasco ng Xiaomi powerbank sale. Advertiser nila yun.

  64. Yuri Volte Hyuga says:

    Ah yes, ZTE. The same company whose sole authorized service center here in the Philippines refused to service my one-month old V970’s faulty LED camera flash because – get THIS – the handset’s original MANUFACTURING date was supposedly more than a year ago to the day, thus VOIDING my warranty. Only when I threatened them with fire and brimstone did they relent.

    Suffice it to say that ZTE’s Philippine operations are being managed by a bunch of inbred, lobotomized buffoons. Barf.

  65. glen says:

    mahiya kayo ZTE, ang wish ko lang bumagsak lalo yang company nyo dahil mas marami nairita kesa sa sumaya.

  66. Dina Nadala says:

    mag ready na ako?
    Kelan ulit ang sale ng zte?

  67. jett says:

    Nokia/Electroworld/Abenson has better way of implementing a gadget sale. 70% off but everything is smooth, no ads, no promo, only FB posts about the announcement.

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