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LG Optimus L5 1-Hour Sale at Php9,990

LG Mobile Philippines is doing a one-hour sale on July 14, 2012 from 4pm to 5pm for the Optimus L5 smartphone in all their Concept Stores nationwide.

The LG Optimus L5 completes the L-series smartphone of LG (L3 and L7 was released earlier).

Regular price of the Optimus L5 is Php10,990 so this one-hour sale will bring it down to Php9,990. Again — this is just a one-hour, one-day sale on all LG Concept Stores.

See full list of LG Concept Stores here.

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31 Responses

  1. Ron Moncada says:

    Whenever LG goes on sale like this. One thing comes in my mind. The Optimus One Sale…

  2. Marc de Dios says:

    parang nung last sale lang nila to. only a few will be able to purchase kasi may mga unnecessary “demo” pa sila na common knowledge naman. and others will be asked to sign-up for future promos like this.

  3. Alot Of Gadgets says:

    800 Mhz CPU at 9990 is still expensive.

  4. jhepoyski says:

    we can still remember the Sale of death by LG Last year

    • alex says:

      ano po yung tungkol sa sale of death last year? sori, wala po akong alam pagdating sa LG phones eh

  5. jhepoyski says:

    we can still remember the Sale of death by LG Last time.

  6. avaya says:

    Yes! I remember the day they launched the Optimus One on sale… it was hell… d pa nag oopen ang mall naka reserve na ang mga units! at uulitin nnman nila malamang ngayon… dont waste ur time with LG…

  7. webspinner says:

    Yeah, do not, and I say it again, do not patronize this event. Unless you camp it out outsied the venue, you won’t be able to snag one. Was one of those unfortunate who went to their infamous sale once.

  8. reader says:

    yeah..lahat ng sale.nokia sale(ubos na ang N series kahit wala ka namang nakitang bumili).smart piso sale (walang stocks ng unit).lg.laging walang unit.walang stock.wlang kwenta ang ganitong event.

  9. JKisaragi says:

    The dreaded “LG Tragedy”.

    Parang sakuna lang. O_O

  10. reader says:

    yeah..same as nokia sale and smart piso sale.hindi ko alam kng may nkabili nga ba talaga puro pakulo lng.walang kwenta ang ganitong event.

  11. rocketlog says:

    I’m never falling for this ever again. And yep. P9,990 for an 800MHz phone really is still a bit steep.

  12. vin says:

    resolution is worse than galaxy ace plus? too expensive for a resolution that crappy! older, cheaper sony ericcson phones have better specs than this…

  13. watrboy says:

    hehehe, ala na ata pumapatos sa sales nilang ganyan.. kahit i sale pa nila ng 5000 yan.. di ko bibilhin.. hehehe

  14. Bry says:

    This is a scam people, stay away. Besides it’s not that good a deal (800mhz, really?). LG is desperate to regain the goodwill that they lost last year because of the scam that was the Optimus One Sale. Sorry LG but you really made a lot of people angry and I will never buy an LG phone ever again.

    • Kendra says:

      this made me laugh… kalokang pumila tapos 20 units lang mabebenta..tanga ba sila…what happened to it’s business development people…this so ineffective gimmick…kung gusto nilang kumita pwes they must not hide the terms and condition…lagi nalang na malalaman mo on site tapos deal is over….

  15. otis says:

    Tama watrboy. Kahit Php5000 or 50% off, no way I’m going there.

    Let me take it one step further, no one I’m buying an LG phone again.

  16. porter says:

    LG (Laking Gaguhan) strikes again!

  17. pines says:

    for a phone na halos same ang chipset sa zte blade na worth 4999 lng, hmmm.. bibili nalang ako ng lenovo a65 dual sim pa, then yung natitira sa 9900 php eh iipunin nalang or buy ng murang point and shoot camera..:)

  18. unatkulotz says:

    naipit mo na ako dati.hinding hindi na iyon mauulit.hehehe,alam mo ba sa asar ko sau bumili ako ng 3 fon…dell streak 5 (13k),se neo (12,7k) at 2nd hand na htc desire.hehehe

  19. mr.sinister says:

    This is a Dead On Arrival (DOA) product, as always from LG. Good luck on your hopeless promo. Until next time.

  20. NEVER says:


  21. chrismun says:

    another “pakulo” ng LG.. hahaha waste of time ang LG..

  22. andy says:

    eto na naman ang pakulo nila. not convincing…

  23. RedSimba says:

    Epic talaga yung “sale” event nila dati.

    Buti hindi ako natuloy makipag siksikan nun.

    Pero in fairness, Epic pa rin to sa price ^_^


  24. BOOnay says:

    HA! See LG Philippines? See what happened? Your first TRAGIC SALE backfired to you, tignan niyo comments dito, not even a single praise on your damned product, not even a single person here is stating their hesitation to go to your sale.

    It’s karma for you guys.

  25. Benchmark says:

    hmmm makikisali ka pa ba sa sale na ganyan if isang libo lang ang discount? I think it’s not worth it. Siguro kung Crocs sale pa yan, baka maki join pa ako! hehehehe

  26. Impulse101 says:

    OMG! i remember that tragic day! super pumila ko but in the end… LG doesnt give a damn to their customers who wants to patronized their products! LG Philippines will soon go down!

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