DOH collaborates with Google and Senti AI for COVID-19 communications

DOH collaborates with Google and Senti AI for COVID-19 communications

The Department of Health (DOH) has partnered with Google and Senti AI to centralize its COVID-19 communications nationwide through an AI-based knowledge management tool.

The Senti-developed and Google-powered tool keeps and improves the centralization of the information communicated by all DOH partners, making it updated and consistent across all channels. Through a secure API, the health agency will be able to integrate this to various partners.  It will be filled with FAQs, public and health worker inquiries, and the latest government guidelines for easier editing and verification, giving real-time updates to communication partners and LGUs connected to the system. The solution is hosted on Google Cloud which employs Natural Language Understanding, Intent Detection, and Entity Detection. When worked together, these technologies provide the most relevant and up-to-date results from DOH’s official knowledge source.


DOH has initially teamed up with numerous communication partners such as chatbots and call centers to disseminate critical COVID-19 information to citizens and LGUs. But due to rapidly evolving developments surrounding the crisis, it increases update delays across channels. This means that a citizen or LGU based in the province may receive different versions of the same information from a chatbot or a call center partner.



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