DOTr issues statement regarding PNR stone-throwing incidents

DOTr issues statement regarding PNR stone-throwing incidents

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Philippine National Railways (PNR) have issued a statement against the stone-throwing incidents that have damaged several PNR trains.

The agency divulged that about 14 stone-throwing incidents have occurred from December 2 to 21 alone. In the statement, DOTr expressed that the PNR trains are owned by the Filipino people. The agency has appealed to the public, stating that:


“We all should do our part in helping their maintenance and upkeep, and help ensure that we protect these infrastructure investments so that the majority of our fellow citizens may enjoy their long term use.”

While DOTr has coordinated with the proper law enforcement, the agency also asked for the public’s cooperation in reporting the incidents.

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    Good time as any to napalm the squatter’s houses

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