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EastWest launches EasyWay service for bank transactions

EastWest has recently launched the new EasyWay services, allowing account holders to process bank transactions faster.

EastWest account holders may now pre-process essential bank transactions like cash and checks deposits, cash withdrawals, check encashments, loan payments, fund transfers, and more through the EasyWay services via SMS, Viber, e-mail, or Facebook Messenger. The expanded transaction channel supports the bridge of the current gap between digital and in-store transactions, letting customers pre-process their transactions without filling out any form at the store. With this channel, banking can be done as quickly as possible.


EastWest account holders may book their in-store transactions using EasyWay. They have to send a message containing the required transaction information through any of the following channels:
• SMS & Viber: +639479941880
• Facebook Messenger: m.me/EastWestEasyWay
• E-mail: [email protected]

Watch the video below on how to use EasyWay:

The available transactions for EasyWay include cash deposit, check deposit, cash withdrawal, check encashment, prepaid card reload via cash or EastWest check, EastWest-to-EastWest fund transfer, and loan payment. After booking a bank transaction through EasyWay, the customer will receive a reference number, which can be presented at any EastWest store nationwide. Once at the store, the customer may transact on EasyWay lane for faster service.

You may visit the official EastWest Facebook page for more information.

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