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Facebook launches mobile app for gaming

Facebook officially rolls out a new mobile app dedicated to gaming. Dubbed as Facebook Gaming, the app focuses more on watching and creating live stream videos on gaming.

Urging users to stay at home, the app also features casual games, including Everwing. The app now allows users to catch up with their favorite streamer and stream mobile games directly to their personal Facebook page through the Go Live function. For now, the app won’t have any advertisements available on the uploaded videos as it aims to build its gaming audience first. According to the report from the New York Times, the app is scheduled for release in June but was moved earlier due to the public’s growing demand for entertainment amid the pandemic.


Facebook Gaming previously had its beta testing over the last 18 months in Southeast Asia and Latin America. It is currently available for download on Android devices through the Google Play Store. However, its iOS version will be available once Facebook receives the seal of approval from Apple.

Sources: The New York Times, Engadget



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