Globe Telecom silently upgrades wireless LTE Broadband Plans

Globe Telecom silently upgrades wireless LTE Broadband Plans

Globe Telecom has silently revamped its wireless LTE Broadband plans and upgraded available data allocations, according to several sources who tipped our page and our own conversations with Globe Telecom.

Here are the new available plans for wireless LTE subscribers:


New Globe LTE Broadband PlansSpeedMonthly Data
Broadband Plan 11995Mbps50GB
GoFast Plan 129910Mbps150GB
GoFast Plan 159920Mbps150GB
GoBig Plan 12995Mbps300GB100GB
GoBig Plan 159910Mbps400GB100GB
GoBig Plan 189920Mbps500GB100GB

Several sources and our own conversation with Globe’s representatives have confirmed that these are now in effect. While these are also the same as the currently offered plans for wired DSL subscribers (except for GoFast Plan 1299), Globe has not yet formally announced the inclusion of wireless LTE broadband and only made these plans available to inquiring customers as early as last week.

The blue telco last updated their LTE plans in 2015 when it was still branded as Globe Tattoo, with the highest capped plan at Plan 2999 with a 15Mbps maximum speed and a 70GB data allocation. These new plans are subject to approval by Globe as they will determine if your area is available for these.

With reports from Zen Estacio

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29 Responses

  1. Day Cody says:

    I called the representative, but still doesnt know about these plans hehe

  2. ronelm2000 says:

    +50 GB sounds pretty big. Do you have to “upgrade” your current 1299 plan (and subject yourself again to 24month lock-in) to get it?

  3. demerock says:

    The data posted on new plans was inaccurate, new Plan named project mimo has more data allocation than what is indicated here, The details posted here is Project KMU. please revalidated your data. project mimo has plan 1299 with 300gig data + 100gig youtube access while plan 1599 has 400gig data and 100 youtube access.

  4. jet says:

    I hope Filipinos would raise net neutrality here. Why would telcos favor certain sites i. e. YouTube, Facebook etc on their network

  5. HateisGreat says:

    Do take note that the plans are only available to a very limited number of areas just like their Fiber lines. For example in Caloocan both North and South, only 1 in South is available for all Caloocan.

    • Wireless LTE and even wired DSL connectivity have always been area-dependent since day one. Not everyone can get approved even at the wireless LTE plans. We’ll add this to the article for clarification, thank you.

    • el gato says:

      sana may “map” ang globe updated plan rollout availability. mahirap na ang umasa sa wala.

      sa mga malapit kay DU30 diyan, makakaasa ba kaming nasa probinsya sa mga salitang ito:
      “those who have less in life should have more in law.”
      which when translated into tagalog:
      “kaming mga barat sa gastusin pero mahilig sa download…” ;)

  6. Gary says:

    The new plans for LTE are called project MIMO of Globe

  7. 1,299 globe broadband slow connection and phone cellular they give me not working simcard

  8. Knumskull says:

    1799 not 1899 for 20mbps @ 500gb, called globe awhile ago.

  9. Killua says:

    I have a globe LTE plan 1299 with 50GB (+100 GB free for the first six months) data allocation.. I called Globe to have my plan adjusted to this “latest” plan (150GB), however, they told me that this “latest” plan doesn’t exist. They keep on insisting that for 1299 Go Fast – the 150GB already includes the free* 100GB (for 6 months) – thus shows total 150GB in their website. I even spoke to the manager’s manager and they stood firm in telling me that there is no such plan as 1299 LTE with base plan allocation of 150gb. Yugatech, can you pls confirm if this information is accurate? Apparently, Globe doesn’t accept ‘yugatech’ as a valid source of info when we tell them about this so called “revamped plans”.. Globe is fine – until you call their customer service, you know! :)

    • The plans are already shown as available for LTE postpaid at the Globe Online Shop, and has been verified with several Globe representatives. You may show them this link instead because it clearly states it’s available for LTE broadband as well:

      Plans, however, still depend on availability per location as per Globe.

    • Killua says:

      right, i saw it too.. but looking at the lower portion of the page, they reminded me of the contents where it states the following:

      What’s in this Plan?

      10Mbps Maximum Speed
      100GB (DSL) Monthly Data Allocation
      **50GB (LTE) Monthly Data Allocation + 100GB Monthly Data Allocation for YouTube for 6 Months

      so basically, they’re saying it’s not a 150GB base plan per se, instead, it’s just free 100GB on top of 50GB for 6 months. your thoughts?

  10. el gato says:

    may tumawag sa akin, nagpakilalang taga globe:
    sabi niya, wala na daw yung x3 data sa dating 50GB (total 150GB), 1299php/month
    nag-expire na daw ang offer noong august 31, 2017.

    nagsisinungaling ba ang globe agent dahil sept 1, 2017 yung news?

    ito ang offer ng globe agent:
    +299php for additional 60GB data so maggiging bayad ko sa 10mbps plan ay 1299php+299php=1599php for a total data of 110GB (50GB orig data allocation + 60GB offer)

    mukhang binabarat na naman ng globe ang mga taga probinsiya.

    bakit 150GB at the same 1299php monthly fee yung iba samantalang kami na nasa probinsiya at lampas 5 taon na ay may offer na dagdag na +299php for 60GB data ???

    globe, mukhang mali po ito!

    DU30, tulungan nyo po kami!

  11. el gato says:

    para mapakinggan ang ibang source, gumamit ako ng @talk2globe.
    sabi niya, yung plan 1299php ay may 150GB data (50GB monthly data + 100GB monthly data for youtube for 6 months). after 6 months, regular 50GB data na lang.

    hindi pa nasagot direkta yung tanong ko na regarding availabity ng gofast 1299 with 150GB data at gobig 1299 with 300GB data.
    sa pagkakaintindi ko, yung plan1299, 10mbps, 50GB+ free youtube 100GB 6 months lang ang available sa probinsiya namin.

  12. Rudz says:

    Globe is a real crocs company I have sim only plan 999 and a cap 1500 they called this anti shock bill but recently it made me supershock because I got my bill for 2500 and I called Globe how this happened they said the plan was updated plan 999 + 1500 cap grabi naman and I’m not notified that they updated this basta nalang mag charge hindi na nahiya yung internet hindi pa magamit pag daytime sobrang bagal tapos mag bill ka nang maximum talaga kung anung maximum fee yun na yun. At ito yung bago nilang plans isang download lang ng files ubos na ang 1 month mo. WTF!

  13. marjorie says:

    i just talked to a globe representative, the plan 1299 has data allocation of only 50GB the extra 100GB is valid only for 6 months

    • Vivone says:

      what do you mean valid for 6 months? ano mang yayari after 6 month maging 50gb na lang monthly mo?

  14. Nise says:

    Im currently in plan 1299 gobig, is it possible i can add mobile phone plan?

  15. alam niyo kasi, the philippines is still a 3rd world country. remember, we still dont have the technology to cater “REAL” unli bandwidth kaya data capping exists to maintain fair use among subscribers. even in the U.S. , some telcos already enforce data capping due to the extreme number of users who compete for the bandwidth. i know this, because as a BPO worker, our account has data capping set for customers, and customers understand. oo nga, sabihin natin that 50gb is too small. but it is all that the ISP can provide. maybe that’s just for now, but who knows? wait lang po tayo. being connected to the internet for long periods of time is not good for both psychological and physical health anyway. the best way to exceed your cap very early in your billing cycle, is find more productive things to do. wag puro social media and video streaming. there is more to life than that.

  16. Bronze says:

    Meron bago silently upgrade nanaman 1599/mo 300gb+100gb youtube 15mbps ung globe broadband… mismong system nag upgrade kahit walang consent ng user.. kaya biglang lumaki babayaran ko this month…2k pero afterdaw nun balik mrf s 1599

  17. Mylene Lucero says:

    Meron na bang linya yung wireless dito sa Sta.Quiteria Caloocan City?

  18. mai paden says:

    just want to know if ok lng ba gamitin tong prepaid wireless wifi for online job ?

  19. Rodelio Talacay says:

    ang bagal ng upgarade dito sa aming Lugar hindi pa nakarating si globe sa Brgy. Borseth Alangalang , Leyte. may elementary at high school na pero di pa nakarating si globe. napapatunay lang na mabagal ang internet sa pilipinas

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